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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A beautiful and mesmerizing debut, Coldwater is the tale of three sisters, the dangers of isolation.

Mardi McConnochie’s first novel, told through the eyes of the Wolf sisters, is an unforgettable portrait of the love and fear, the trust and betrayal, and the potential for freedom in one extraordinary family. Mardi McConnochie. Fathers and daughters - Fiction. Women novelists - Fiction. Prison wardens - Fiction. Australia - Fiction. Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on October 21, 2014. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

Once more, Annalie, Will, Essie and Pod set out on the Sunfish to look for Spinner - their only clue a coded list Spinner left behind, naming four scientists who were once his colleagues on a top-secret project. When a terrible storm separates the crew and almost wrecks the boat, Will and Essie must use all their courage and ingenuity to try and make their way back to the others. When Will and Annalie's father disappears, they set out on a perilous sea voyage to find him. The motley crew of runaways put their faith in each other, and in a small sailing boat called the Sunfish.

Mardi McConnochie (born 2 February 1971) is an Australian author and playwright. Born in Armidale, New South Wales, McConnochie was raised in Adelaide, South Australia. She is the author of three novels, Coldwater (2001), The Snow Queen (2003), Fivestar (2005), several plays and two books for children, Melissa, Queen of Evil (2006) and Dangerous Games (2007). She has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Sydney. McConnochie's novels have grappled with questions about celebrity and the possibilities open to women and women artists.

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Coldwater or Cold Water may refer to: In Canada: Coldwater, Ontario. Coldwater First Nation, a Nlaka'pamux First Nations government in British Columbia. Coldwater Indian Reserve No. 1, the main reserve of that First Nation, near Merritt, British Columbia. Coldwater River (British Columbia), a tributary of the Nicola River in British Columbia. Coldwater River Provincial Park, British Columbia. In the United States: Coldwater, Georgia.

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Set in the mid 1800's, this story portrays the austere existence of three sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, with their father, Captain Wolf, on a desolate, windswept island penal colony across the harbor from Sydney. The author patterns the personalities of the three sisters after the Bronte sisters, imbuing them with Puritan sensibilities and a desire to become published authors. Wolf believes himself to be an enlightened, well-read governor of the colony, wielding a firm but fair discipline over the convicts on the island; but the sisters gradually are exposed to the crueler, despotic and controlling aspects of his regime and begin to plot against him to wrest from him some control of their own lives.
The Wolf sisters are in their 20's and 30's, however the Captain will not consider allowing any of them to leave the island, and they fear they have no marketable skills or way of supporting themselves in the real world. Of course, their prospects for snaring husbands are limited to the officers on the island, none of whom have been particularly interesting or presentable, except for one who turned out to be already married. Fearful of their fate if their father is killed in the line of duty, they vow to write novels and achieve some notoriety and income.
Emily falls desperately in love with one of the Irish convicts who had been assigned to be her father's valet. When this infatuation is discovered, Wolf throws the main into solitary confinement. Wolf becomes increasingly paranoid and depressed and settles into a blight and malaise that prevents him from doing his job. The girls are fearful for their future, and Charlotte, the strong-headed leader of the group, works behind the scenes to get her father reassigned away from the island.
The pace of the action in the last chapters of the novel increase as the sisters are involved in an escape attempt and are caught in the violence of a prison uprising in which their home and many of their possessions are destroyed. The struggle of the sisters to thrive in the narrow confines of the life imposed on them by their father is commendable. In spite of their surroundings and limitations, they each become strong-willed, competent, educated young women, much like the Bronte sisters. Coldwater is an interesting, complex historical romance novel, but it certainly makes me thankful to be a woman in the 20th and 21st centuries, rather than the 19th century!
Some of the greatest fiction written has come from small, unheralded writers far from the maddening crowds of New York. Read this fine novel and learn that truth.
Coldwater is an Australian penal colony in the 1840s, a time when the prison trade was one of Australia's most important businesses. But Coldwater is more than the average prison. It is the equivalent of America's Alcatraz Island ; a cold barren rock of an island separated from the mainland and without a successful escape attempt. The credit for its impermeability is given to the prison's governor, Captain Wolf, seen here mostly through the eyes of his three single adult daughters.
Life on a penal island is short on oppurtunity for women. Love prospects are few and, short of domestic chores, there is little to occupy their lives. Lack of intellectual oppurtunity, lack of romance and a lack of consideration from a career-obessed father create the perfect recipe for depression, rebellion and the familial breakdown that fuels the page-turning drama in this book. The drama builds and builds into a tremendous climax of destruction, loss and conflagration. And yet magically McConnochie ends this story of disturbance with a sweet romanitc ending.
The author, Mardi McConnochie, admits a fascination with the Bronte sisters and weaves that fascination heavily into her plot, even naming her three female characters Charlotte, Emily and Anne. McConnochie has done copious historical research for her novel and capsulizes her learning in a historic note at the end of the story. Her historic setting is true, the atmospheric essence is powerful. And despite the use of viewpoint that hops between the main characters(from 1st to 3rd person), diaries and snippets of textbooks, the author keeps the storyline free of confusion and wastes no words. I have never seen an author who handles changing viewpoints so deftly.
This a gem. It is a tremendous book. Written by a more recognized author it might be deemed a classic. Having been authored by this Aussie, it is sad that it may well be forgotten. I heartily recommend this novel for all readers.
What I didn't realize immediately when I began to read Coldwater, is that it is a combination of two stories - an imagined life of the famous Bronte sisters with a reordering of known facts including the setting - an Australian penal colony in the 1840s. The Bronte sisters' life admittedly had an early appeal for the author. Why an Australian penal colony she doesn't say, although she does add a historical note about a penal colony administrator with the name McConnochie: an ancestor, perhaps?
Author's motivations aside, she does make the effort to combine historical fact with a psychological portrait by dividing the story into a series of journal entries by and about the sisters and about convict life, as well as journal and incident reports by the father, who is the commanding officer. While the characters and relationships in the family are believably drawn, the plot drags at times and barely sustains our interest. The family is given most of the attention. The officers and convicts are given little space, except as a historical focal point. The psychology of this writerly family tyrannized by their mad father, and the examination of the cruelty with which he administers the penal colony lie at the heart of the novel. We are meant to come to the conclusion that the sisters are as much prisoners as the prisoners themselves on this remote island. However, it seems to me that tackling either the Bronte sisters in their original setting in Yorkshire, England or an Australian penal colony with a different cast of characters instead of throwing together such disparate topics would make a more cohesive book. Each is certainly worthy of its own study.
Coldwater download epub
Author: Mardi McConnochie
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Publisher: Doubleday (January 1, 2000)