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by Coleen Paratore

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Wedding Planner's Daughter Series. 6 primary works, 6 total works. Book 2. The Cupid Chronicles. by Coleen Murtagh Paratore.

Wedding Planner's Daughter Series. Book 1. The Wedding Planner's Daughter. Twelve-year-old Willa Havisham is a classic. ore. Shelve The Wedding Planner's Daughter. When the only library in Bramble, Cape Cod.

Title: The Wedding Planner& Daughter. Catalogue Number: 9781416918547. Additional Product Features. Coleen Murtagh Paratore. Missing Information?. Read full description. See details and exclusions. See all 2 brand new listings. 200 Pp. Illustrator(s).

The Wedding Planner's Daughter. honestly the book was way way slow. Diavoletto, June 12, 2013.

Coleen Murtagh Paratore is the author of the acclaimed The Wedding Planner's Daughter and its brand-new .

Coleen Murtagh Paratore is the author of the acclaimed The Wedding Planner's Daughter and its brand-new sequel The Cupid Chronicles. For younger readers, she has also written How Prudence Proovit Proved the Truth About Fairy Tales. Following in the footsteps of the first book in the series, THE WEDDING PLANNER'S DAUGHTER, THE CUPID CHRONICLES includes the perfect amount of humor to make a laugh-out-loud funny book, without overdoing it. The writing style keeps the reader intrigued throughout the entire story, and the characters are so easy to relate to that you feel as if you're really inside their heads.

Wedding Planner's Daughter. A series by Coleen Murtagh Paratore. Wedding Planner's Daughter. 1. The Wedding Planner's Daughter (2005) 2. The Cupid Chronicles (2006) 3. Willa By Heart (2008) 4. Forget Me Not (2009) 5. Wish I Might (2010) 6. From Willa, With Love (2011) From the Heart (2009).

A promising love interest, a celebrity wedding and dozens of cherry . Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2005.

A promising love interest, a celebrity wedding and dozens of cherry cordials keep Willa hopeful that her mother might finally find love. This smart and funny fairy tale stays hopeful and enchanting, even as it touches on the more difficult aspects of love. Willa Havisham has always wanted a father, but her mother, Stella, seems destined to always be the wedding planner and never the bride. As Cape Cod’s most sought-after expert on The Big Day, Stella has devised a 12-point plan for assuring a perfect wedding, but something seems to be missing.

From Willa, With Love (The Wedding Planner's Daughter). I absolutely LOVE this book! Fantastic! I would reccomend this to anyone!

Wedding Planners Daughte Paratore Simon & Schuster 9780689873409 : Twelve-year-old Willa Havisham is a. .Find out as Coleen Murtagh Paratore unveils humor, hope, and lots of love in one hopelessly romantic modern fairy tale

Wedding Planners Daughte Paratore Simon & Schuster 9780689873409 : Twelve-year-old Willa Havisham is a classics reader, a cherry-cordial eater, and quite possibly the worlds worst wisher. Find out as Coleen Murtagh Paratore unveils humor, hope, and lots of love in one hopelessly romantic modern fairy tale. She's a believer in community rent, Cupid, and the magic of Cape Cod.

Twelve-year-old Willa Havisham is a classics reader, a cherry-cordial eater, and quite possibly the world's worst wisher. But when she and her glamorous single mother, Stella, move to Bramble, Cape Cod, Willa's wishes are beginning to come true: She makes her first-ever best friend, Tina. She bonds with her hip, candy-making nana. And best of all, steely Stella is falling for Willa's English teacher, Sam -- he's perfect dad material! But before Willa can marry off her mother, or dance with her adorable crush, Joseph, a pit gets stuck in the wishing well.... Can Willa undo the damage before Stella misses her chance to say "I do"? Find out as Coleen Murtagh Paratore unveils humor, hope, and lots of love in one hopelessly romantic modern fairy tale!

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pre-teens will love it
This charming story is well told complete with the emotions, excitement,
and perspective of a "tween" whose single mother, is totally against
any kind of romance. Yet the mother, a wedding planner by trade, is a perfectionist
when it comes to planning the perfect day for others! The accompanying characters add
to the warmth of the story as the wedding planner's daughter plays match maker and tries to recruit
a father she never had...Booklore.
My daughter absolutely loves this series of books. Every time a new one is published she can't wait to get it.
They didn't give me feedback good or bad???? That is all I have to say at this time. I don't think I even got a thank you.
My daughter and I just finished reading this entire series together at night. We had just finished reading Anne of Green Gables and The Boy in Striped Pajamas, so I was not excited when she chose this seemingly "chickflick" book (as expected by the title) as our next read. However, it turned out to be a great text to explore between mother and daughter.

The author does an amazing job of telling the story through the eyes of the young girl. I must add that we do not use two copies of the text to read separately then discuss. Instead, we read from the same copy aloud to each other. This to me is important because we can talk, react to, question, and make connections to the text as comes natural throughout reading. And, we are always at the same point and looking forward to the next chapters together.

Willa, the main character, is a dynamic young girl who reveals small struggles with her own image, confidence, and relationships throughout the text. The self-image struggles are always explored in a very innocent manner by the way she describes herself usually in comparison to others (as most girls tend to do especially when they are young). It gave us little talking points to discuss how Willa sees herself at times and how she should look at all the wonderful things she does (especially starting in the 2nd book).

The first book really explores the relationship between Willa and her mom throughout the plot. After losing Willa's father very early in their marriage, Willa's mother has sworn off love because of her broken heart. She has become strong and independent, and wants Willa to be the same. You read Willa's struggle as she is becoming strong, independent, and intelligent just like her mom wanted, but she knows there is something missing- love. There broken relationship gave us lots of opportunities to reflect and talk about how a mother-daughter relationship should look as well as how and why parents make mistakes too.

Throughout the series, their relationship grows stronger as they deal with life through joys and struggles. It also innocently explores Willa's interactions with and feelings towards friends, friends of friends (which can be difficult for girls), and even boys.

If you are reading these together, it gives you great opportunities to talk about natural feelings your daughter will go through.

The fourth book was written in a way that you wouldn't necessarily have to read the first 3 to understand it. This, to us, was the biggest flaw in the series. We had read the first three, so there were parts of the fourth book we had to endure as Willa fills in the gaps for new readers (from the first 3 texts). It wasn't enough to keep us from reading and enjoying, but there were many points of sighing and, "We already know this!" comments as we were reading. Naturally, the fourth text, although it did bring some interesting elements to the text, was one we had to sort of endure to make it to the fifth. If we had started at the fourth, I do not believe we would have become as engaged in the series. That first text was truly a crucial piece in understanding the dynamics of Willa's home life and relationship with family, which plays a vital role throughout the series.
Willa Havisham may be the only twelve-year-old who reads classics, eats cherry cordials, and just so happens to be the worst wisher in the world.

Her glamorous single mother, Stella, plans the most beautiful weddings and is constantly moving the two of them around. When they finally move back to Stella's childhood hometown of Bramble, Cape Cod, Willa begins to think her wishes are coming true. She's made her first-ever best friend, is bonding with her crazy Nana, and, best of all, Stella seems to be falling for Willa's English teacher -- who just happens to be perfect dad material.

But when, after a wedding disaster, Stella is ready to pack up and throw everyone out, how can Willa stop everything from going back to the way it was?

THE WEDDING PLANNER'S DAUGHTER was a book I'd been hearing about for awhile, so when the chance came up to review it, I was excited. It ended up being one of the most hilarious books I've read in quite some time. The characters, Willa especially, were so well-developed and real. I could understand Stella's hesitation but also Willa's determination. Everything in the book was well-thought out and easy to relate to.

I'll definitely be recommending this to my librarian and friends. Now I can't wait to read the sequel!

Reviewed by: Harmony
The Wedding Planners Daughter

Colleen Murtagh Paratore

12 years old, likes eating cherry cordials, reading classics, and doesn't have a father. That describes Willafred Havisham, but there is one thing she wants to change. Her mother Stella has dragged Willa to seven different towns, because she is afraid of falling in love, and getting her heart broken again. This time, Willa and her mother are in Bramble, Cape Cod. This is where she meets her first best friend Tina, spends time with her cool nana, and she and her mother meet Sam, who is Willa's English teacher and her neighbor. The best part is that Stella is slowly falling for Sam. Will this be the end of Willa's search for a father? Or will Stella pack her bags and drag Willa to a new town?

In my opinion, this is an outstanding book. The Wedding Planners Daughter is now one of my very favorites and this I've read it about three times. As I read farther into it, the more I got into the story. This is something that I am glad that I didn't miss.

I would recommend this book to all girls who are in their preteens or even teens. Trust me you will LOVE this book and you might even read it again more than I did. When you read it, you will be glad that you didn't miss it either!
The Wedding Planner's Daughter (2005) download epub
Author: Coleen Paratore
ISBN: 0439799260
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Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.; First Edition edition (2005)
Pages: 200 pages