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Sewing 101 is a modern-day primer on the basic skills and techniques of sewing.

Sewing 101 is a modern-day primer on the basic skills and techniques of sewing. This book is geared toward the absolute novice and assumes you know little or nothing about the craft. Filled with lots of step-by-step photos, useful sewing tip sidebars, and a painstakingly detailed glossary, Sewing 101 teaches you how to sew successfully.

This sewing 101 article will help point you in the right direction and get you sewing with ease in no time. Look for popular brands such as Singer, Brother, and Janome. The first thing you need for your sewing 101 introduction is a machine. You don’t need a lot of fancy stitches when starting so even a second-hand machine will do the trick if it does a basic straight stitch and zig-zag.

Sewing 101 – Guide for beginners, like m. efore we can actually start sewing, I believe it’s important to know all the necessary sewing terms. Amber from Crazy Little Projects created an AMAZING Sewing Dictionary with Pictures. Now that we have a useful dictionary to refer to, we should probably get to know our sewing machines. Bookmarked this page. I’m going to attempt sewing drapes for my kid’s basement playroo. aven’t touched a machine since middle school–yikes. Thanks so much for putting this list together! Lisa lapalooza.

Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One Find . This comprehensive guide explores the fundamental sewing methods fashion designers need and teaches. How to Make Sewing Patterns.

Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One Find thousands of free sewing. Super Stitches Sewing A Complete Guide to Machine-Sewing and Hand-Stitching Techniques. Sewing is as easy as 1-2-3! In this creative teaching book, craft blogger Ellen Luckett Baker. Simple Sewing Projects: 16 Easy Sewing - All Free Sewing. 95 MB·2,490 Downloads. 17 MB·7,648 Downloads·New!

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Basic Sewing Stitches A Beginner’s Guide. Trust me, I know how it feels to be a beginner in sewing. But for me to gain more confidence in learning how to sew, I had to go back to the basics. I can still recall how excited I was to start on my beginner sewing projects, only to find myself confused and disheartened in the process. That’s when I realized I constantly need to brush up on my knowledge of the basic sewing stitches and put that into practice. A big thank you to our friends from Take Lessons for their awesome and very helpful infographic. Now, we have a better guide to basic sewing.

Home DIY Tutorials DIY Sewing Learn To Sew Sewing Tips Sewing Terms 101 . beginner’s sewing . You can use these grain lines in the fabric as a guide, to create straight lines that are either perpendicular or parallel to the selvage. beginner’s sewing glossary). Sewing Terms 101 . In fact, sometimes the print on the fabric (like stripes) may be a little off, so don’t always rely on the print do give you an exact line along the grain of the fabric. Always looks a little closer at the actual grain, to get the best results with your sewing projects! (The fabric image below is a woven fabri. .but knit fabrics also have a grain.

Comprehensive guide to sewing for beginners ; Learn How to sew your own clothes; Enter the delightful world of fashion . Check out the many different posts on sewing tips and techniques on sewguide.

Comprehensive guide to sewing for beginners ; Learn How to sew your own clothes; Enter the delightful world of fashion with clothes you have made yourself.

Sewing 101 Essential Sewing Terms and Phrases. New to sewing? Learn these fundamental sewing terms and phrases to get you started. Learn the most basic sewing terms and phrases that will help you build confidence in tackling more sewing projects. look at this and you wont be sorry you did. Sewing 101 Essential Sewing Terms and Phrases. How to Bind a Quilt: The Complete Guide.

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I checked this manual out of the local library because I needed a refresher course, and liked it so much that I ordered my own. The book exceeded my hopes. It's extremely user-friendly and leaves out no details a seamstress needs to know, from machine parts, other sewing equipment, mechanics of patterns and fun details to add an extra personal touch to your work.

"Sewing 101" is exactly that. The manual assumes the reader is a new sewing student - a refreshing change from books that assume you've been exposed to the craft and have an idea of what to do. Anyone who has never laid eyes on a sewing machine will find their first aid course in these pages. I've been sewing since middle school, yet found myself learning valuable tips and tricks as I read. You'll learn what equipment to buy, how to select a pattern and an invaluable course on fabric types and how to choose them.

The book acts as your private sewing class teacher, offering projects of increasing difficulty so you can gain hands-on experience. You'll choose your pattern and materials, then follow along with the book and your pattern's guide sheet to complete your project. Projects offered include home decor items such as throw pillows and tablecloths to ever-more complicated garments from T-shirts to jackets.

This book is a sewer's bible and fun to read, instead of a dry "do this, do that" textbook. I highly recommend it.
I ordered the Sewing 101 and Home Decor Sewing 101, and highly recommend both. I received a sewing machine for my birthday, had no idea how to use it, but really wanted to learn to sew. So, I ordered these two books, and let me tell you, they are wonderful! I read both books the day I received them, went and purchased fabric and notions the next day, and thanks to these books, was sewing in no time. These are great for the person who has never sewn or even seen a sewing machine up close before receiving one. I am so glad I purchased these. There are great practical home decor items in both books, which is exactly what I was wanting to learn how to make since the selection in stores is so poor. Now I can make my own custom items, and they will be much better quality than the overpriced, unattractive items I always find in the stores. If you know someone who wants to learn how to sew, but doesn't have the time to go to a store for lessons, or they don't have anyone to teach them, these would be the perfect gift!
I've purchased this book as it was required for a sewing class I've taken recently. It's a really good guide for beginners. It is full of pictures and there's a glossary at the end of the book. The only thing is, the pictures, the models are a bit old, so they might not inspire you enough for sewing. But don't care about that part, you'll sew the patterns you buy, anyway. :) The book is spiral-binded, which makes it easy to use when you work from it. I recommend this book for anyone who is new to sewing, this book is really helpful.
Great book for beginners and the spiral bound is a must have for easy reference in work space areas. Love It!
As a seamstress, I was looking for a new innovative book to brush up on some basics. This is the book just for that! I loved the design format and pictures. It gives you a list of the items you might want to invest in, and distinguishes between different types of fabric.
The only thing I dislike about it is you can't fold the spiral binding all the way back. A bit of a design flaw, but the book itself is WONDERFUL.
Highly recommend to those in my sewing club who teach!
Worth every penny.
It does have several projects as several other reviewers have stated. For some this may be an issue, but if you have the time you can go through the projects in a day.
It's a nice book, with fairly complete instructions and pictures, for all of the projects it has in it... As some other reviewers have said "You need to start somewhere..." This book is pretty good for starting out, but don't expect to get too far with it. It has nice basic instruction, but it's weak on some more intermediate skills such as additional types of seaming, etc. I also purchased Home Decor Sewing 101. Be prepared that the first 40 pages or so, containing the essentials of sewing, are identical in both books. Therefore if your interest is just Home Decor, it will stand-alone and there's no need to purchase this book as well.
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This was one of the first sewing books I bought when I started sewing in Oct. 2008 and it's been my main guide ever since. In addition to techniques, it has simple projects one can do without a pattern such as a tablecloth and baby blanket that I've done and given away to rave reviews. Among the dozens and dozens of techniques, it covers mitered corners, cutting lengths and zippers - which I've found essential. I recommend it for sewers of all levels.
Sewing 101 starts off introducing the basics of a sewing machine-the parts and its functions with large illustrations. It then goes on explaining various tools used for cutting and sewing with along with how patterns are made and different fabrics used to make a garment. What kind of left me feeling weary was the remainder of the book which goes into designing shirts, skirts, vests, and pants;the middle half to the end of the book deals with home decor. The steps given for making shirts, vests, etc., did not seem so simple. Certain vocabulary is given that is not even listed in the book's glossary and instead of a clear and large illustration, which is prominent throughout the entire book on every page, a rather small illustration is given. I feel that the instructions that are given are directed towards those who are "second-level" beginners, which I'm clearly not. Futhermore this book gets three stars.
Sewing 101: A Beginners Guide to Sewing download epub
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