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The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection (Third Edition) download epub

by Janet Chen,Pei-kai Cheng,Michael Lestz,Jonathan D. Spence

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Janet Chen is an assistant professor of history at Princeton University.

Janet Chen is an assistant professor of history at Princeton University. Paperback: 656 pages.

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Jonathan D. Spence, Janet Chen, Pei-Kai Cheng. Informative headnotes accompany the selections, providing context and helping students with unfamiliar names, places, and events

Pei-kai Cheng, Michael Lestz. Spence asks this question time and again.

Pei-kai Cheng, Michael Lestz. Through supplying ample historical and textual evidence, he forces the reader to come up with an answer - one that is never completely a yes or no, for each of the different stages he explores in this work. Also, the professor teaching the course could have something to do with this feeling.

Authors: Janet Chen Jonathan D Spence Jonathon Spence Pei-kai Cheng. Informative headnotes accompany the selections, providing context and helping students with unfamiliar names, places, and events.

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by Jonathan D. Spence, Michael Lestz, Pei-kai Cheng. It really makes the textbook come alive, transforming otherwise bland characters into real people. It was indispensible for really understanding the main text.

Authors: Janet Chen, Pei-Kai-Cheng and Michael Lestz. Publisher: New York: W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN: 978-0393920857.

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Pei-Kai Cheng is professor of history at City University of Hong Kong. Michael Lestz is professor of history and chairperson of the history department at Trinity College. Jonathan D. Spence is Sterling Professor of History at Yale University, where he has taught for thirty years. He has been awarded MacArthur and Guggenheim Fellowships, and the Los Angeles Times Book Award.

The most widely used primary-source reader for the modern China course, thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the new edition of Spence, The Search for Modern China.

The new edition of this outstanding documents collection displays a stronger blend of social history―pieces reflecting everyday life, family, social networks, and culture―and political history―critical proclamations, treaties, laws, and other public acts. Many of the documents are translated into English for the first time and available only in this book.

Informative headnotes accompany the selections, providing context and helping students with unfamiliar names, places, and events. This collection is the perfect source for a firsthand look at modern Chinese history.  

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Just a fantastic record of Chinese history for English language readers. Whether you are a student just learning about China for the first time, someone professionally working in China who would like to learn more of the history, or a scholar of another area seeking context for the region, I can't recommend Spence highly enough. Readable, grounded, and scholarly.
Spence covers the centuries of China's last dynasty, the Qing (Ch'ing), the efforts to establish republican government, the warlord era, and the rise of the Communist movement.

The combination of narrative and analysis reminds me of the volumes in the Oxford History of the United States series. Spence provides not only a comprehensive account of historic events, but he pauses at each juncture to introduce us to prominent individuals and explain how events were experienced by peasants, merchants, warlords, officials, and reformers.
I took a Modern Chinese History course with Professor Yeh at UC Berkeley. A large portion of her class is based around this book. The book does a wonderful job of explaining the timeline of modern Chinese history and all the major events. It describes and analyzes all the big major events such as end of the Ming Dynasty, Opium Wars, The Boxer Uprising, arrival of communism in China and Soviet influence. I especially liked the later chapters about the Cultural Revolution, the behind the curtain workings of the Mao regime and the rise of the free market economy with the resurrection of Deng Xiaoping. I definitely learned a lot from this book and will not be reselling my copy.
A comprehensive treatment of the history it covers. A textbook that reads like a novel. A great read.
I used Spence to help me build a lecture quickly for my World History class. The prose is very readable and provides interesting information and "flavor."

My colleague recommends it as a good introductory text for a specialized class on Chinese history as well but I have not used this text in that capacity.
Incredible wealth of knowledge. Spence's writing is impeccably clear and never dry. He doesn't provide much narrative but it's understandable due to the sheer amount of material he covers.
Very interesting book. If you want to learn about history of china since the end of Ming dynasty, this book is excellent. Very well written, even though it is a test book, it is still read as novel. I'm still reading it and enjoying it 100 percent
So many people have said generally true and good things about this book that it would be foolish for me to repeat it all here. When I was living in China in a place where I had no access to English books I asked a friend to send me books about China, and I got three "survey" type books--two were quite superficial and one was extremely eccentric. Compared to them this is the gold standard. It is still a survey, with all the faults of the genre, and a very-indepth survey which sometimes seems to ask for complaints from both sides: too much information about something that doesn't interest you and not enough information about what does. And I agree: although the book is divided into three almost equal parts, covering respectively the whole Ch'ing dynasty, the ROC period, and the People's Republic, in the last third, despite having the smallest amount of time to cover, he does seem to skip lightly over things like the cultural revolution that should have recieved more detailed attention. But I suppose the Cultural Revolution was a little world in itself--to do it justice as a topic would have required a seperate book.

Important note: the first and second editions differ substantially. I read the first, which was written shortly after the Tiananmen Square massacre, and I think this distorts the perspective a bit. The last section of the book is all written as a prelude to that event, and that event ends the book, with an ominous note that the CCP may not be able to control the country much longer. The event is described in tremendous detail, and a whole section of photographs is devoted to it. I was a high school student in 1989, and I remember very well how huge the event seemed to us at the time--and in fact was. But from the perspective of today all of this seems quite off-balance. Therefore I would very much recommend the first edition if you are interested in Tiananmen Square: as a document of that event and the way it was viewed from abroad, it is valuable. But if you are looking for a more balanced view of the modern period I imagine the second edition would be better. Having said that, I get the impression that the first two-thirds of this book are really where its strengths lie.
The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection (Third Edition) download epub
Author: Janet Chen,Pei-kai Cheng,Michael Lestz,Jonathan D. Spence
ISBN: 0393920852
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
Language: English
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company; Third edition (June 26, 2013)
Pages: 656 pages