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by Charles W Eagles,Thomas S. Morgan

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by Charles W. Eagles (Author), Thomas S. Morgan (Author), George Brown Tindall (Author) & 0 more. America a narrative History.

by Charles W.

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Eagles, Charles W; Tindall, George Brown. America : a narrative history; Charles W. New York, N. Y. : Norton. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Eagles, Charles W. Publication date. Morgan, Thomas S; Tindall, George Brown. United States - History, United States, United States, history. New York ; London : Norton. Sony Alpha-A6300 (Control).

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Tindall & Shi – America – A Narrative History Chapter 2 Britain and Its Colonies Mrs. Laura Whisler STUDY GUIDE 1. The Indian leader Powhatan was associated with the early history of which colony?

Tindall & Shi – America – A Narrative History Chapter 2 Britain and Its Colonies Mrs. The Indian leader Powhatan was associated with the early history of which colony? 2. The most important cash crop in 17th century Virginia was: 3. Explain the headright system adopted for the Virginia colony. What did it Consist of? 4. In 1624, a British court dissolved the struggling Virginia Company. What was its Status now? 5. What did Bacon’s Rebellion do?

J Pierpont Morgan(Financier).

J Pierpont Morgan(Financier). Homestead steel strike.

Find nearly any book by Thomas S. Morgan by Charles W. Eagles, Thomas S. Morgan, George Brown Tindall. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. by Charles W. ISBN 9780393964202 (978-0-393-96420-2) Softcover, W W Norton & Co Ltd, 1994. Find signed collectible books: 'America'. Study Guide for Tindall's America: A Narrative History Volume 2. by Thomas S.

Comments: (7)

This book is actually the most enjoyable history book I've ever read. Being assigned pages to read is honestly not even a chore, which is so weird. I think it's because of how the author words things- not afraid to say when something is obviously wrong, keeping a continuous 'joke' going, and just really explaining all of the subjects in a way that isn't droning. I feel like the author is someone I would love to have coffee conversations with. It's worth buying the book for the class especially if you need to read it and happen to enjoy history.
Although, even though I rented the book as 'used' it came in a brand new packaging. Which is really cool, but also sort of awkward since the binding said 'This book is not returnable if the seal is broken' but you kinda can't read the book without breaking the seal and I'm renting it, so... Awkward. Super awesome that I got it new though!
I originally rented this book. The book came brand new and looked very nice. I take very good care of all of my books, and this was no different. But only weeks after using the book for class large sections of pages began to detach from the binding glue and fall out. By the time the semester was over, 100+ pages had fallen out. I was forced to remove all of the pages from the binding to keep them safe. I then purchased the book because I could not return the rental with that amount of damage.
I do enjoy this book, and it's very informative for my history course I am taking. However, I have just noticed that I am missing 30+ pages from the middle of the textbook. All of chapter 9 and parts of chapter 10 are missing, and there is no obvious signs of damage to the binding. It may just be my copy, but it seems that the pages falling out isn't uncommon in this book.
I bought this book for my introduction to history college class.

The book came within a weeks time with literally no damage to it whatsoever. The book is pretty hefty but it organizes all the content in an easy to read way. It’s literally like reading a story book... for grown-ups of course.

At the beginning of each chapter it gives you an overview to ease you into what’s gonna be covered in the chapter. The sections are nicely divided so it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a huge book, rather small snippets of stories/historical content. The book has bolded important words, historical dates, and people. Pretty much the whole shebang.

At the end of each chapter is a concise chapter summary, a chronology (timeline) to help you see the events in the succession they took place in, a key words list, and other tidbits here and there. I found this super helpful to review my notes and make sure I got all the important information down.

I haven’t used the online content at all.. mainly because I just haven’t had the time or curiosity to see what it has. But I’m assuming it’s pretty good too just like the book.

All that aside, if you like history or you don’t, this isn’t a bad book to get. Yeah history can get dull at times but you just gotta keep going and pull through, in the end it’ll be worth it. Recommend!
Half way through the book the "glue" on spine is coming off. A good chapter & a half is almost disconnected from book. Also some pages were stuck together. I can't find who I need to report this to so I'm not responsible for it.
All in all the book was very useable and got the job done! Received on time & will be reordering books for fall semester.
Honestly, I haven't read this second volume in some time, but I am a great fan of the first volume, which I use for background and edification as I prepare lessons for my high school class. Some years ago I used the full book with students, and again, I was very pleased with it. It goes beyond mere narrative to offer insightful commentary, but it never feels merely opinionated. If my school can summon the funds, I will suggest this for student use, both for the clarity of the exposition and as a good model of subtly artful historical writing.
Loved the book as mandatory study material for my history college course, however, the book fell apart after only two months of light use. I purchased it intentionally for future reference but now I'll have to try to glue it back together.
I learned a ton of information in using this book for my history class. It was not always the most exciting read, but all of my friends now hail me as a U.S. history buff. There were many things in here that I had never even heard about previous to reading it, and it was worth the read.
America a Narrative History (Study Guide) (Volume II) download epub
Author: Charles W Eagles,Thomas S. Morgan
ISBN: 0393963721
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
Language: English
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.; Brief 3rd edition (March 1992)
Pages: 295 pages