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by Walter T. Rea

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Walter Rea discovered that she had plagiarized from them (rather A polemic against Ellen White by an erstwhile devoté, who had seen her as a prophetess of nearly canonical proportions; to the point that he had committed her works to memory, much as one might do with the Scriptures - until, after having exhausted all of her printed works, he resorted to study of.

Walter Rea, The White Lie. - Turlock: M & R Publications, 1982: 40. - Turlock: M & R Publications, 1982: 409. Contents: Foreword, Prologue, How to change History, Go Shut the Door, Say It Isn't So. .We’re dedicated to reader privacy so we never track you.

His findings created turmoil in the Adventist Church regarding the inspiration and authority of White, who is believed to have had a unique spiritual gift of prophecy.

THE WHITE LIE by Walter Rea. (M. & R. Publications, Turlock, California 1981). Against the emotionally charged backdrop of this theological rift, Walter Rea’s book, The White Lie, makes its volatile debut. Since its inception through the influence of its visionary founder Ellen G. White, Seventh-Day Adventism has been fraught with dissension and controversy.

The White Lie reveals a portion of Walter Rea's evidence that much of what several generations have been .

The White Lie reveals a portion of Walter Rea's evidence that much of what several generations have been taught concerning Ellen White's writings simply is not true - or at the minimum, it is enormously overstated. I personally have great respect and gratitude to Walter Rea for exposing the "prophetess" for what she really was.

Walter Rea -The White Lie. Walter Re. As he wrote in his 1982 book, The White Lie, Used in all Seventh-day Adventist schools and colleges as authoritative on Old Testament matters, Patriarchs and Prophets has been accepted by Adventists as the final word. Walter Rea. We first had occasion to speak with Walter Rea, the author of The White Lie, around January of 2000. No deviation from this norm is accepted in matters of ideas concerning Creation, geology, theology, or Christology.

Ellen White forgot about the conversation, but a few days later Elder Andrews came to the home with a copy of Paradise Lost and offered it to her.

by Walter Rea. With the turn of the century to the 1800s the world had a lot of patching up to do. America had had her contest with Britain and was on the doorstep of becoming a nation. The European continent was staggering to its feet after another bruising and exhausting fight with itself, not unlike what had been going on for centuries. Ellen White forgot about the conversation, but a few days later Elder Andrews came to the home with a copy of Paradise Lost and offered it to her. She was busily engaged in writing the Great Controversy vision as ~t had been shown her. She took the book, hardly knowing just what to do with it.

Rea's findings are pretty irrefutable. However, the Seventh-day Adventist church has spent decades refuting them in defense of the "prophetess" upon whose plagiarized writings the church's doctrine is entirely based.

The White Lie. Walter T. Rea, 1982. New York Times - "Walter Rea has inflamed the issues confronting the cult with incontrovertible evidence he provides in The White Li. (p. 1, 1982). Chapter 1 How to Change History. Chapter 2 Go Shut the Door. Chapter 3 The early development of how Ellen White became known as a prophet! Chapter 4 Gone - but Not Forgotten. Chapter 5 That High shelf - Patriarchs and Prophets. Time Magazine - "The White Lie is a bomb shell which has shocked the church.

Ground-breaking book that has shaken the foundations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. "Ellen Gould White in the mid 1800s began a career that led to her becoming the acknowledged "personage" of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A century and a quarter afterward, in the mid-1970s, one of her longtime devotees began to disclose evidence from his research that raised sobering questions as to the official church position on Ellen White.... This book grew out of the author's own quest for answers to compelling questions concerning this woman.... The White Lie reveals a portion of Walter Rea's evidence that much of what several generations have been taught concerning Ellen White's writings simply is not true -- or at the minimum, it is enormously overstated. The books of numerous writers of her time, and earlier, are known to have been accessible to her. The large number of them that were in personal collection at her death in 1915 were inventoried and have been available to the White Estate Staff. " -- From the Foreward "This book seeks to trace the birth, growth, and full bloom of the white lie in Adventism. It cannot explain all the strings that bind us, Gulliver-like, on our travel -- because access is thus far denied to many sources of the facts. It can only point the reader to certain sources so that he can see for himself what is there to be seen." --From the Prologue

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Well here goes for the umteenth time. It seems everytime I try to edit my review of this book, Amazon pulls it completely. Even after it has been accepted. Is the review board biased? What do you think? Let's see if I make it this time.

Being a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church since the age of 19(1974), I have read many books attacking our beliefs, and probably most negative web sites too. When Walter Rea published his very bitter "The White Lie" in 1982, it caused a

lot of discussion on the validity of Ellen G. White's writings. Soon after its publication, I read it for myself. And yes, as an Adventist, I too was troubled. And therein lies the difference between I and some of my "less informed brethren." While some may allow their beliefs to be totally shattered, I on-the-other-hand through prayerful study, seek a reasonable rebuttal to accusations made. Was my own faith shaken? Certainly. But through much study and prayer, I was led into this movement. And that, after my much criticism of my eldest brother, when he first decided to join this church. A church I had previously never heard of till the age of 18.

And where did my research lead me after reading "The White Lie?" I discovered and read for myself, that a year before the release of Mr. Rea's book, the Adventist Church hired copyright attorney Vincent L. Ramik of the law firm Diller, Ramik and Wight to do a thorough examination of Ellen G. White's writings, and present them with the conclusions. Being that he was raised a Roman Catholic, though not a practicing member at the time, neither side could ask for a more unbiased arbitrator. One of the many books examined by Mr. Ramik by-the-way, was "The Great Controversy," an Ellen G. White book not very favorable to the history of Catholicism. Mr. Ramik even stated later that he "had been biased against Ellen G. White when he went into the project, for he had read the work of many other critics from D.M. Canright right up to the publication manuscript of The White Lie itself." But after more than 300 hours of researching some 1,000 relevant cases in American legal history, his conclusions were: "Based upon our review of the facts and legal precedents, we conclude that Ellen G. White was not a plagiarist and her works did not constitute copyright infringement/piracy...Considering all factors necessary in reaching a just conclusion on this issue, it is submitted that the writings of Ellen G. White were conclusively unplagiaristic." (Adventist Review, Sept. 17, 1981).

Mr. Ramik went on to say, regarding the specific portions of other writers works that she had paralled, how she even "modified, exalted and improved" these writings in an ethical, and legal manner. (Ibid).

Something else I discovered only recently, is that in 1983, the Ellen G. White Estate began its own extensive research know as the "marking project." Taking accusations presented by her harshest critics, including Walter Rea's "The White Lie," the works of D.M. Canright, and any other claims they were presented with, along with their own findindings in this area. Higlighting each and every line that had a parallel in another author's book, their findngs after years of ongoing comparisons? Less than 2% of her writings even parallel other works! Not 2% but less! This after over 100 years of accusations made! And after one critic challenged whether or not even 20% of all her writings were even her own. So to the doubters out there who think they have more on her supposed "borrowings," contact the E.G. White Estate for yourselves. Their waiting.

Another source often quoted by her critics is "The Veltman Report." In 1988, Fred Veltman, Ph.D., fnished an eight year study of Ellen White's use of other author's works. Though there are some statements in his study that seem to speak against her, his full findings, known as "The Desire of Ages Project" were published in the liberal magazine for Adventist pastors and theologians MINISTRY in OCT., and Dec. of 1990. His conclusion: "Actually, as a result of my reading many of her writings in their handwritten and typescript form, I find that my respect for and appreciation of Ellen White and her ministry have grown." Ministry, Dec. 1990).

Not getting into the controversy of some critics claims, that even the Bible writers plagiarized other sources, something Mr. Rea even claims, the charges of plagiarism have been made towards other Christian leaders in the past as well. For example, John Wesley and John Bunyan(see John Bunyan: Mechanick Preacher, by William York Tindall, New York: Russell & Russell, Inc., 1964, pp. 194ff and "John Wesley's 'Calm Address': The Response of the Critics," Methodist History, October, 1975, pp. 13-23). But what really puzzles me the most, is that after only receiving a formal 3rd Grade education. And after having some 70 books in print at the time of Mr. Rea's 1982 publication of "The White Lie," representing over 35,000 pages. Being the most widely translated and best selling woman writer of all times; including Agatha Christie even! How could Mr. Rea and others not recognize the destinctive style of Ellen White's writing? Writings I believe inspired by the Holy Spirit. And this from one not raised Seventh-day Adventist, so I have no generations of loyalty to defend. I challenge any of you out there to read "The White Lie" for yourselves, and then any of the books of Ellen G. White. Then decide which better represents the true Christian Spirit of Jesus Christ. And the fact that some have turned away from Adventism after the reading of this book, surprises me in the least, for it has been said: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6.

Now hopefully, the good people at Amazon won't once again destroy my review and you're allowed to read without bias to anyone's opinion of this book. So ignore any errors in grammar, spelling, or typos. I won't be do doing any future edits of this review, though I thought we had that option without deletion.
As a former SDA, I'm glad to see people exposing this insidious cult for what it is. In addition to the falsities of Ellen White, there are many rotten aspects to this church that are hidden under their veneer of piety quite similar to the pedophile scandals of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, due to the Amazon terms in their Conditions of Use, I cannot go into the grisly details. However, I am writing a book which certainly will. Those dumb enough to support this church, know that your tithe money ends up in the White estate trust to fatten the wallets of her offspring. Mr. Rea has performed a community service by exposing this church and I applaud him.
Walter Rea provided a good read with a clever title, and a fair service through good, basic research which was unfortunately tinged and written throughout with barely concealed acidity.

The book shocks those who made the woman greater than she made herself, and provides easy ammunition for those who hated her to start with.

I suppose two things are in order: learn what the contemporary rules for writing and citing were pre-1915, and second, go to the original source herself. Pick up a "Steps to Christ" or "Desire of Ages" and see what the fuss is about. Any fair person with an open mind should read both.

For myself, only a few in history wrote with the extra-biblical excellence and intelligence that she did, and was able to weave themes of such literary depth regarding the topics under consideration, and deserves more credit than Rea begrudges.

Was she inspired? Sure. So is Max Lucado and Billy Graham, and I read their books too (they do have a bibliography). All are lesser lights that guide to a greater.

That she was able to write the books she did while borrowing the little documented is still unaddressed.

In the end, Walter Rea may be better at citation, but Ellen White is better at inspiration.
If there is one book that ALL SDA's should read, it's this one. After 20 years of knowing about this book I finally read it and am saddened by my own bad judgement in the "What took you so long to read it category." I didn't just take this books information as truth...I cross referenced half the book myself until I knew beyond doubt that there was no reason to continue to cross reference any more. I am sickened, my stomach is twisted and I have been brought to my knees in prayer; but today I see the light and I am free. I was indoctrinated into the SDA church at birth and it wasn't until late high school and college that I really started to doubt some of the teaching, but I disregarded only some of doctrine and still continued to follow this now known CULT. I was blinded but now I see. Thank you Pastor Rae
As a former SDA I had already done a lot of line by line comparison of the writings of Ellen G. White with the original authors she had "borrowed from". I was not aware of the extent of this borrowing, though! Walter Rea makes it very clear what was REALLY going on behind the scenes. It is obvious she was a master plagiarists! Excellent, well documented read.
This is a good book for Seventh-Day Adventists. Especially for those
who think Ellen G. White should be more esteemed than the facts would
actually allow. But the writer is bitter and this spoils the book to
an extent. Since the author dropped out of the SDA Church, you have to
take this into account as his way of "getting even" even though much of
what he says is true.
The White Lie download epub
Author: Walter T. Rea
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Publisher: M & R Pubns (April 1, 1982)