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Mastering Arabic (Palgrave Masters Series (Languages)) (English and Arabic Edition) download epub

by Mahmoud Gaafar,Jane Wightwick

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Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar Mastering Arabic.

Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar Mastering Arabic. Mastering Arabic - CD1 - v. eadinglecture. J. Wightwick & M. Gaafar. Mastering Arabic - CD2 - v. Mastering Arabic 2nd ed 2009.

The CDs can also be purchased separately (ISBN 9781137380432).

Mastering Arabic Series. by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar. Series overview Table showing how components of the Mastering Arabic series can be used together to create a comprehensive learning package. Powerpoint presentations Illustrated Powerpoint presentations for each of the main units of Mastering Arabic 1 and Mastering Arabic 2. You can download these presentations and use them on your computer to reinforce what you are learning in the Mastering Arabic courses.

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Mastering Arabic Vocabulary and Pronunciation. Mastering Arabic 2. Jane Wightwick. ISBN-13: 978-1403941107. They are the authors of the best-selling Mastering Arabic (Palgrave Macmillan).

Wightwick, Jane; Gaafar, Mahmoud.

Mastering Arabic 2: Units 1-6 Jane Wightwick,Mahmoud Gaafar . Jane Wightwick graduated from Cambridge University in 1982 in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar.

Jane Wightwick graduated from Cambridge University in 1982 in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. She then trained and worked as a teacher of EFL for International House in Cairo.

Mastering Arabic Grammar is a reference and activity grammar book for all beginners and early intermediate students of Arabic, whether studying in a group or by themselves. The book reinforces and expands the structures and vocabulary presented in Mastering Arabic and is the ideal companion to this popular course. They are the authors of all the titles in the best-selling Mastering Arabic series.

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I highly recommend this book because of it's organization and the two CDs that come with it. It starts out teaching you how to right the alphabet (broken in to two groups of letters which aids in remembering how to write them) and introduces words as it goes. It is grammar heavy but, ummm, it's rather important to know the grammar rules in order to speak MSA properly.

Great book with a great price! I recommend this over Alif Baa any day, it gets you in to the language and using it, my Egyptian and Iraqi friends are impressed with my "accent" and with my knowledge of vocabulary and writing skills. GO FOR IT! It's worth every dime, and is darn cheap on Amazon.com!

Yet another book that I recommend to supplement your formal school studies in Elementary Arabic I! Even the CDs are great, they use a native speaker so you get used to those "intimidating" Arabic sounds and even start to master them.
Lahorns Gods
I've been self-teaching Arabic for over a year now, using many different types of sources (Pimsleur CDs, Arabic newspapers and texts, many other books and tapes) and this is the first and only "textbook" type of instruction that has a clear and well-constructed plan that can be used by a beginner or novice for self-instruction. It comes with two CDs that are very well prepared, also. I've used "Teach Yourself Arabic", "Al-Kitaab", "Living Language", "Instant Immersion (THE WORST!)", etc., and this is the only text that is clear, well-thought out, and plainly builds on previous instruction. I HIGHLY recommend it--along with other aids such as the Pimsleur CDs, Awde's "The Arabic Alphabet", Wightwick's "Your First 100 Words". Since I mentioned them above, I should point out problems with two particular series: The "Living Language" series is OK--but NO ARABIC SCRIPT! That's a huge fault. "Instant Immersion" (8 CDs) is nothing more than a recitation of words and phrases with their English equivalents--no more helpful than attempting to memorize an entire book verbatim by having someone read it to you. Get "Mastering Arabic" with the 2 audio CDs--Wightwick and Gafaar have done a wonderful job with this.
I like the book very much, but I am unhappy with the fact that Owl Books, from which I bought it, did not include the two DVDs which are integral to the value of the course. The absence of the CDs was not indicated in the description of the book.
I like this book and the way it breaks down the Arabic alphabet. Starts off very simply and logically. Lots of practice lessons - which is necessary to learn anything.Still on the first chapter but have been able to pick out individual letters in hand written banners I see on TV. This is the first edition - I would recommend the second edition.
I like Jane Wightwick's books. They are pretty good and thorough and easy to understand. I have this book and her beginner's Arabic book. I think if you learn the information in that first book this other book would be a review for you and a lot more, so you would come away with more. The Dec. 2004 version also has 2 Cds which are very helfpul for learners of Arabic.
The exercises in the book and on the CD's are good. It's packs in a lot of very useful information. Great resource/tool to learn the arabic language, both written and spoken!
I only give it 3 stars because of its flaws but I find this book the only one, which is usable to an extent if you learn Modern Standard Arabic on your own.

Considerations for a review:

Needs an Arabic-English dictionary.

English-Arabic dictionary should include all the words used in the text, it's a common practice with language textbooks, otherwise it is the actual exercise. The author says, you need to get a dictionary but the words should be supplied, anyway.

Romanisation is stopped too early. At least, the vocabulary should have it.

Since the hand-written Arabic is not the focus of this book, the hand-written exercise should provide a guide on what is written. I think, the author is not aware of the difficulty of deciphering hand-written Arabic by a European learner.

The ads and newspaper article exercises are also a waste of time, lots of guessing, not learning.

I have experience in learning foreign languages, including Chinese and Japanese but Arabic seems much more difficult, since it's much harder to look up words dictionary and finding the right form of that word or using a form to get the dictionary form, the diglossia and varieties of Arabic, so it would be good to make more explanations to exercises, so that learners don't struggle but concentrate on learning. So grammar notes could have more romanisation and translation as well so that a learner could focus on the grammar, not on reading or looking up words.
This is a language book. It contains 2 CDs that are very high sound quality which is necessary in order to understand exactly how the sounds in a foreign language very different from English should be spoken. It begins with learning the alphabet and continues to progress through words (vocabulary) and then to sentence structure. It then continues to familiar phrases useful to one who might be attempting to use their Arabic in a real life situation (like when traveling in the Middle East). This is not just a business travel "crutch" for emergencies; it seems much better than that. I have worked in several other books on Arabic and they all seem to leave something to be desired but this one (with its CDs) seems to pretty well overcome the other's shortcomings (so far). This is really a little too early to tell since it will be several years before its real benefits are known to me.

I am a typical Mid-west American with some interest in languages and I have studied Spanish, German, with some Hebrew and Russian exposure. I thought I would tackle Arabic because it is an entirely different language in structure and speech than any other language that I have studied. I am 68 also. This is an adventure.

There is also another book to complement this book that looks to be worthwhile. It is called Arabic - Verbs & Essentials of Grammar. It is written by the same authors and appears to be a nice complement to studying Arabic.
Mastering Arabic (Palgrave Masters Series (Languages)) (English and Arabic Edition) download epub
Author: Mahmoud Gaafar,Jane Wightwick
ISBN: 140394685X
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
Language: English Arabic
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (June 6, 2005)
Pages: 384 pages