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by Richard London,Richard Smith

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A great deal is continually being heard about "democracy," its blessings, benefits, etc., and this country's "manifest destiny" to impose it, violently if need be, upon the peoples of the world, at no matter what cost to our continuing loss as to not only the true meaning of the word, but to the erosion of our moral, ethical and spiritual foundations.

As an example of one of our losses, "political correctness," once a term used derisively to denote anyone adhering to a particular political or social line without thinking, has now become the "norm," or a desired form of "mainstream thinking." Non-thinking has become acceptable; inquiry into "delicate" subjects is not "respectable." Whereas true democracy permits virtually unlimited forms of free expression, it is now quite apparent that free expression and free inquiry are now severely circumscribed by the intellectual and moral cowardice of the "mainstream" establishment.

Richard London and Richard Smith's new book, "Religion of Macho," thus serves two very high purposes. One, it shows that some possess the moral courage to inquire into the question of how racial characteristics can be identified and related to behavior, and thus serves us with an example that such moral courage has not died out completely. Second, the book proves that such inquiries can be rationally and scientifically made, and the data rationally and scientifically interpreted, leading to very convincing conclusions.

Science indisputably has made enormous strides over the past several decades in understanding human nature and how that nature drives behavior. As an example of a conclusion being scientifically and rationally derived from data scientifically and rationally interpreted, the authors go into detail into one aspect of racial differences observable to scientists who study these areas in some depth. The authors say, in so many words, that Whites and Asians exhibit a high degree of emotional repression.

They do not use "stereotypes" in presenting their data and the conclusions drawn therefrom, but start afresh in their approaches to the problems and scientifically describe the many sources contributing to the problems. The authors convincingly present their case that one of the co-efficients of this increased emotional represssion in Whites and Asians is that they exhibit a high degree of self-control, a sublimating process manifested not only in higher intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, and material achievements, but also in considerably lower crime rates.

On the other hand, Africans exhibit a high degree of unrepressed emotional behavior. Again, the authors start afresh in their approaches to the problems resulting from such an emotional makeup and again scientifically describe all the varied sources driving these problems. And again they convincingly make the case that one of the co-efficients of this is that Africans exhibit a low degree of self-control, manifested in lower intellectual, spiritual, and material achievements, in addition to considerably high crime rates when compared to Whites and Asians.

It must be emphasized again that the authors present all their arguments in detailed, clear, and convincing fashion, that is, in a very scientific, closely reasoned, and objective manner. The observations that they make scientifically are re-affirmed to all of us in our daily lives as we observe what goes on around us. To most people viewing life squarely and clearly, the observations and conclusions of the authors come quite close to the truth.

One of the key points the the authors make is attributing the higher emotional repressed state of Whites and Asians to vestiges of a religious past which imposed inhibitions on thoughts and emotions, and thus preventing overt forms of behavior which were deemed unacceptable to the furtherance of and progress of human society. As religious ideas gradually lessened their hold over humanity because of continual attacks from the Left, they were replaced by a secular worship of nature, and, most importantly, the worship of humanity per se in the many diverse forms to be found.

What the Left hoped for has not and probably never will materialize: a "progressive" society, with humanity at its center, which will continue to improve itself, and bring the world all the higher intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, and material achievements by and for all peoples of the world.

This hasn't happened, and most likely never will, because the evidence shows that simply saying that racial differences don't exist doesn't make it true. And what is closer to the truth is that if racial differences are not recognized, and the attempt is made to identify all races as having the same basic positive characteristics, and "lumping" them all together, in the physical as well as the intellectual, moral, and spiritual sense, then the result is that, indeed, the less refined elements will pull down the higher, leading to the destructive behavior of the higher imitating the lower, which has happened in all eras and will continue to happen, as the authors so aptly point out.

In summary, whether one agrees with the authors or not, and they are indeed very clear-sighted, detailed, and persuasive, their moral and intellectual courage in presenting their findings has to be admired, and should serve as an example to all of us that if we give up our right to discuss these ideas, we have surrendered a great deal of who we profess to be and the ideals we represent.
I was frankly surprised at both the readable quality of the London/Smith study -- a book truly well-written for the college-educated masses -- and the mountains of hard evidence it marshals for an amazing theory: that white crime, yes, crimes by whites, soar as blacks advance as role models. The bar graphs of white crime jumping at each uptick in black "civil rights" victories are facts that cannot be gainsaid, but which should disturb us and move us to reflection -- and action to protect us from a crime-jungle America.
I am in he process of reading this book. It is very creative. I resent as a white person being lunped into the passive-submissive Leftist White camp but there is a lot of truth to that.
I should think that black behavior would be influenced by Euroculture and this would mollify some of there undeirable coduct.
Its funny, first we brought the peaple then we brought the bee's. Africanized people/africanized bee's does anything good come out of Africa that is non-mineral..?
The authors have been hyping this book by e-mail among academics, in the vain hope of confirming their pretense there is something intellectually respectable about this exercise in exploitative popular sociology. There is nothing here but some data-crunching in service of a set of common prejudices about race and politics that defy rational interpretation, let alone empirical confirmation or disconfirmation.
From these authors we learn that Whites and Asians are emotionally repressed, while Africans are uninhibited - open-hearted and happy-go-lucky, but at the same time vicious, aggressive and criminal in their behavior -- in short, stereotypes as vicious as they are false. The new twist the authors add is that racial integration has caused the repressed races to imitate the uninhibited ones, leading to an increased crime rate world-wide. Nothing has been done to control this effect because the Left, sublimating the guilt left over from its repressive religious past -- "The Left is so righteous" -- has displaced its traditional sick submission to Almighty God to an identification with "nature" -- in other words, with blacks, whales, and trees.
All this bigoted nonsense is served up with a generous leavening of misanthropic sociobiology. Evolution and genetics, we are to understand, has programmed human beings to be basically mean and nasty (so that humanity in its "natural" state would appear to be exactly as the sick, repressive religions portray it).
The authors apparently regard themselves as entitled to exemplify their own thesis that human beings necessarily seek control and domination. By turns, they try to entertain you with flashy prose and intimidate you with their attitude of pseudo-scientific condescension. But the pretentiousness, shallowness and intellectual dishonesty of the whole enterprise is palpable in every paragraph.
If you find yourself wasting your money on this garbage, then you should be heartily ashamed of yourself.
Religion of Macho: Racial Integration, the World-Wide Crime Wave and the Left download epub
Author: Richard London,Richard Smith
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