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by Harold Baum

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by Harold Baum (Author).

by Harold Baum (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0748404162.

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Harold Baum - The Biochemists' songbook. Harold Baum - Biochemists' Song Book.

Baum, Harold, "The Biochemists' Songbook" (1995). Centers for Teaching and Technology - Book Library.

This songbook presents information on biochemical pathways set to well-known songs, providing students with an easy way to remember often complicated information. Baum, Harold, "The Biochemists' Songbook" (1995).

Comments: (4)

This is SUCH a gem! I encourage all the biochem/biology/chemistry (okay, lets simply say, SCIENCE) and music lovers to purchase! :-D
The book and audiotape are treasures. I bought them on a whim in 1982 or 1983 after seeing an ad in TIBS. I use them now to cap off my biochemistry course (a college-level course for gifted high school students). My students love it, and sing along enthusiastically. This book and tape are likely to appeal to a somewhat limited audience, and I wonder if there is anyone else in the world who bought this besides me and the other reviewer? I would love to buy a CD copy of the tape, because I know mine will wear out sooner or later.
This book and the accompanying tape are the single most useful tool for memorizing the major biochemical pathways I've ever used.
I got A's in both undergraduate and graduate level general biochemistry classes due to this wonderful study aid.
I received it as a gift in the 1980's and love it. Now my daughter is part of a research team which involves biochem so I want to get her a copy. If anyone knows of a cd of the songs I order 2 tomorrow!!!
Biochemists' Songbook download epub
Medicine & Health Sciences
Author: Harold Baum
ISBN: 008027370X
Category: Other
Subcategory: Medicine & Health Sciences
Language: English
Publisher: Pergamon Pr (February 1, 1982)
Pages: 88 pages