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The Nature of Emotion: Fundamental Questions (Series in Affective Science) download epub

by Paul Ekman,Richard J. Davidson

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Read instantly in your browser. Dr. Richard J. Davidson, P.

Read instantly in your browser. ISBN-13: 978-0195089448. Dale Dick, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. is Williams James Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Series: Series in Affective Science.

The Nature of Emotion book. The Nature of Emotion: Fundamental Questions.

By Paul Ekman, Richard J. Davidson. By Paul Ekman, Richard J. We consider the divergence of views and arguments in the psychology of emotion. There are no commonly accepted answers to the twelve questions that form this book-that is why they were chosen. Instead there are very different proposals and forecasts about what the answers may turn out to be.

How are emotions physically embodied? What develops in emotional development? At the end of each chapter .

The Nature of Emotion. Fundamental Questions. Publication Date - December 1994.

PDF On Jan 1, 1994, . Fundamental frequency as a vocal correlate of emotional arousal as well as negative, neutral, and positive body-related cognitions during both conditions were analyzed. In line with our hypotheses, the BED group verbalized more negative, and less positive and neutral body-related cognitions during the mirror exposure condition compared to the CG.

Series in affective science). that first perplexed the darkness. Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

The editors of this unique volume have selected 24 leading emotion theorists and asked them to address 12 fundamental questions about the subject of emotion. For example; Are there basic emotions? How do you distinguish emotions from moods, temperament, and emotional traits? Can we control our emotions? Can emotions be non-conscious? What is the relation between emotion and memory? What develops in emotional development? Each chapter addresses a different one of these fundamental questions about emotion, with often divergent answers from several of leading researchers represented here: James Averill, Gordon Bower, Linda Camras, Lee Clark, Gerald Clore, Richard Davidson, Judy Dunn, Paul Ekman, Phoebe Ellsworth, Nico Frijda, Hill Goldsmith, Jeffrey Gray, Carroll Izard, Jerome Kaga, Richard Lazarus, Joseph Le Doux, Robert Levenson, Jaak Panksepp, Mary Rothbart, Klaus Shere, Richard Shweder, David Watson, and Robert Zajonc. At the end of each chapter, the editors--Ekman and Davidson--highlight the areas of agreement and disagreement about each of the 12 questions about emotion. In the final chapter, Affective Science: A Research Agenda, the editors describe the research they believe would help answer each of the questions. Not a textbook offering a single viewpoint, The Nature of Emotion, uniquely reveals the central issues in emotion research and theory in the words of many of the leading scientists working in the field today. It is ideal for students, researchers, and clinicians interested in emotion.

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An old text, but still useful.
I love it but wish there were more picture examples... I was expecting more profiling sort of tips and found it philosophical, allowing the reader to think for themselves.
While the research contained in this book offer some interesting information much of the work looks very dated. While it was published in 1995 that is a very long time when it comes to neuroscience. Around that time there began an explosion of brain imaging studies using newly developed brain imaging technologies. This has allowed brain and behavior researchers to understand at a much deeper level the processes involved in for example emotion.
I suggest looking at the very latest in publications. For example Joseph LeDoux (who has entries here that are head and shoulders above the other contributers)
The Nature of Emotion: Fundamental Questions (Series in Affective Science) download epub
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Author: Paul Ekman,Richard J. Davidson
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