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by Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons

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Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons is an independent television writer, producer and director. Life Askew is a reading adventure that I found deliciously addicting. I lingered over every word of this enigmatic and compelling first novel by Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons. He was born in Los Angeles and was raised in Northern California and Michigan. He has published short stories and essays in literary magazines and newspapers across the country. Mr. Fitzsimmons is a graduate of Boston University, and now lives in Connecticut with his wife and three sons. His fictional characters were dead-on perfect, as was the milieu he invented for them.

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Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons. Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons, American producer.

MyHeritage Family Trees. Barry married first name Fitzsimmons (born Fetter) on month day 1970, at age 20 at marriage place, Florida. Barry Francis Fitzsimmons, 1949 - 2014 Barry Francis Fitzsimmons 19492014 Florida. Barry Francis Fitzsimmons was born on month day 1949, at birth place, Florida, to Frank J. Fitzsimmons. Frank was born on March 17 1920, in Orange NJ. Barry lived at address, Florida. He lived at address, Florida. He lived in 1984, at address, Florida.

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Life Askew - ISBNdb (books and publications).

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MEET ROLAND SPRING, a cashier on the graveyard shift at the world's largest 24-hour specialty-foods supermarket - otherwise known as the Food Expo. To Roland, the Food Expo is home, a place he feels comfortable and in control. But a massive, multinational corporation has just swallowed the store whole, changing everything for Roland, presenting him with dazzling opportunities - not to mention a new group of corporate coworkers who drive him crazy with their juvenile pranks. Minimalist, misfit, master of all that food! Roland Spring is everyman, though every woman in the world ignores him. Until he meets his match in Mynewt, that is. Roland and Mynewt take geek love to new highs - and, alas, lows . . . But what about the store? At the Food Expo, shoppers and tourists enjoy the carnival atmosphere, the free samples, and the exotic fare, unmatched in all the world. (And, watch out, man - there''s things in that place that''ll kill ya, but you''ll die pretty!) It all takes place in Cosmette, the largest, most densely populated and vertically realized city on the planet - where tow trucks rule the streets, and greed is, indeed, good. Will Roland enjoy success with his new corporate masters? Will he find, and keep, the love of his life? Will he ever luck into a legal parking space? These and other important questions are answered in the hilarious Life Askew - an urban fable of epic proportion. Fans of T.C. Boyle, Martin Amis, John Irving, Mark Helprin - and especially John Kennedy Toole - will appreciate Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons's peculiar perspective, and his satisfying first novel.

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Life Askew is a reading adventure that I found deliciously addicting. I lingered over every word of this enigmatic and compelling first novel by Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons. His fictional characters were dead-on perfect, as was the milieu he invented for them.

Roland Spring is the hapless hero of Life Askew, a veritable walking, talking epitome of the title. Roland has had a sinus condition all his life, along with an inner ear abberance that causes him to list sideways with the tides. He's learned to live with it, and the sometimes unkind comments that come of his odd appearance. Roland is educated, but a man of simple hopes and dreams. Life in the decaying and unsavory metropolis of Cosmette has not yet jaded our innocent hero. He works the graveyard shift with pride at a one-of-a-kind supermarket. He gives himself for the good of the company, imagining that he will one day be a MANAGER at Food Expo.

At 21-years old, Roland is a loner, an outcast among his peers, a virgin who dreams of sexual intimacy with another human being. His sexual fantasies come true in the form of an inventive young lady named Mynewt who slips in and out of his bed at first, then later comes to stay. His life is bliss with Mynewt in his bed. With tender hopes and growing confidence, Roland begins to climb the ladder of success at Food Expo. But with a female in his life and increased responsibilities at work, harsh truths reveal themselves.

The world is greedy. It runs on money. And Roland is surrounded by double dealing miscreants. His minimalist existence is over. He's forced to deal with faxes and voicemail, bosses who demand every last bit of his energy and mess with his long held beliefs of honesty and personal best. We all sell out eventually in one way or another, even Roland Spring. There is no soft landing for Roland when he finally falls from grace. Men he considered friends ensure his downfall

In the end, the mysterious Mr. Hellandback talks with the ruined innocent and assures him another day will come. Readers who pore over every word, as I did, will remember the hand Mr. Hellandback took in Roland's early life and be chilled by this conversation. Ultimately, Cosmette citizens experience a collective Armageddon while Roland resumes his simple existence.

This review barely scratches the surface of Life Askew.. From the names this author gives his characters, to the situations he creates for them, every page was cram-full of insights and surprises. There were moments of irreverent hilarity, and revelatory visions of humans forced to live in a less than perfect world. Another reviewer called Mr. Fitzsimmons' writing "deft and rich." I agree.
I got a jolt of deja-vu reading this novel. The author Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons sets his characters in the world of Cosmette, a city in the future, with mega-urban problems on steroids. The avenue where the main character lives is called "Democracy Avenue" or "Dem Ave" and is a parking nightmare. Roving bands of tow truck pirates vie with each other to confiscate your car. But you HAD to park illegally. It's a constant, nerve-wracking battle. Hmmm. Sounds like Comm Ave in Boston. Then Fitzsimmons describes some acrobatic traffic maneuvers. WAIT! If that ain't Boston set sometime in the dark future, I will eat my Boston Baked beans with ketchup. The futuristic food store where the main character works is nothing short of brilliant, and the scene where the hapless night manager tries to collar a shoplifter had me absolutely laughing outloud. The best part of the book was the separation of the mainstream workers, and their sad hierachy, with low level workers bearing all the brunt of society's ills and few perks, with the world of the drop-outs, who perhaps wisely had given up being a numbered cog. I think this book could make a great film.
This is a funny funny book, with plays on words, amusing action, beautifully described so that you can picture the world of Cosmette absolutely as if a film were rolling behind your eyes. It reminds me of some works by science fiction master Frederick Pohl. My only criticism is that the author is so intent on creating this stunning, wildly crazy world that he takes a bit of time to unfold the plot action. No matter, this is still a fine bit of speculative fiction. I hope Barry will write more!
Roland Spring is the night cashier at Food Expo, a man with a strange condition of the inner ear that causes him to list--to one side or the other--in accordance with the tides. A man who sincerely tries to do his best at work and has few personal desires. In short, a loser. But what a loser! A loser you can't help loving, who always comes up smelling like a rose. And then he finds Mynewt (you have to pronounce it in one syllable), his sweet love who turns up in his bed one night and begins changing his life.
Alas, poor Roland becomes infected with the corporate virus, the desire to climb the ladder. And as he does his orderly simple life begins to disintegrate.
Will Roland and Mynewt ever find happiness together? Will ambition and hard work be rewarded? Is there really justice in a world ruled by giant corporations and piratical tow-truck operators? What lies ahead for our nation and our world? You will have to read the book to find out. Once you read the first page you will be hooked.
Author Fitzsimmons writes in a light-hearted manner, with fanciful situations and incredibly funny names, but his vision is darkly satirical. He takes a penetrating look at life in America, exaggerates just a bit, and portrays a vision of our future that is deeply disturbing.
The book has a few flaws. It needs a bit of editing. Sometimes the story drags a bit. But it is brilliant, original, and thought-provoking. If you liked the Good Soldier Svejk, you will love Roland Spring and Life Askew. Reviewed by Louis N. Gruber.
Life Askew download epub
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Author: Barry Patrick Fitzsimmons
ISBN: 0759689903
Category: Parenting & Relationships
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Language: English
Publisher: AuthorHouse (September 9, 2002)
Pages: 388 pages