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by Larry Tye

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HOME LANDS: Portrait of the New Jewish Diaspora. Пользовательский отзыв - Kirkus

HOME LANDS: Portrait of the New Jewish Diaspora. Пользовательский отзыв - Kirkus. Larry Tye is a medical writer at the Boston Globe, where he has won numerous awards for his work. He has been a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University and is the author of The Father of Spin, a biography of public relations pioneer Edward Bernays.

Jewish diaspora, Israel and the diaspora, Jews, Social integration. New York : Henry Holt. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora. By Larry Tye. Illustrated

Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora. Illustrated. 336 pp. New York: Henry Holt & Company. That argument benefits from Tye's accurate comprehension of the essential duality of Jewish existence today, the coexistence of enormous intermarriage and acculturation on the one hand and a boom in religious study and observance on the other. In all seven communities, he writes, ''there has been a dramatic reversal of generational roles that sees children speaking Hebrew better than parents and grandparents, having a clearer grasp of their Jewish heritage and bringing older relatives back with them to the shul and classroom.

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Jewish Book Council, founded in 1944, is the longest-running .

Jewish Book Council, founded in 1944, is the longest-running organization devoted exclusively to the support and celebration of Jewish literature. A former reporter at the Boston Globe and Nieman fellow, Larry Tye is the author of six books, including Home Lands: Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora, and the bestselling Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend. Tye runs a Boston-based training program for medical journalists and is currently writing, for Random House, a biography of Robert F. Kennedy.

Home Lands: Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora Larry Tye Henry Holt & Co. 336 Pages. Journalists generally have a reputation for being secular, if not insensitive to matters of religion and faith. This is far less the case with Larry Tye’s book, which takes on the daunting challenge of describing Jewish life in eight different places: the author’s native Boston; Atlanta; Buenos Aires; Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine; Dublin; Düsseldorf; Paris and Israel. Though the criteria Tye used for some of his choices remain obscure, any one of those locations would have provided enough material for a book of its own.

Tye (Home Lands: Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora) takes us on a long ride on the rails as he follows the lives, experiences, and aspirations of black Pullman porters from their early days working. Tam incelemeyi okuyun. Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi - 2wonderY - LibraryThing. A very interesting topic. Sadly, it bogged down in repetition and volume. Had to end skimming the second half.

The synagogue initially met in the living rooms of the homes of its members, and in a church gymnasium. Home Lands: Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora. Download as PDF. Printable version. In 1985, the congregation proposed locating the synagogue in a private house at 841 Commonwealth Avenue. Henry Holt & Co. pp. 137–38.

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In his travels overseas as a reporter for The Boston Globe, Larry Tye found a Jewish world that was being revitalized in ways that were not reflected in what he was reading about the disappearing diaspora and the vanishing Jews of America. His discoveries led him to write Home Lands, a compelling narrative that tells the story of a renewed Jewish diaspora.Tye picked seven Jewish communities around the world, and in each he zeroes in on a single family or congregation whose tale reflects the wider community's history and current situation. The first impression that emerges from his travels are the cities' differences. Far more striking, however, is what they share-Jews everywhere still have enough customs and rituals in common for outsiders to see them as part of the same people.

Comments: (4)

This is a very well- written study. It provides information and insight into Jewish communities such as the one in the Ukraine or the one in Dublin, Ireland which receive scant attention. However its writing is stronger than its central thesis i.e. that Judaism in the Diaspora is strongly reviving and that it now is on a par with Israel as ' center' of the Jewish people. Anyone who knows the elementary demographic data on the assimilating and aging Jewish diaspora knows that this thesis is based on looking at an important minority element in the community . i.e. those Jews who care more now than before about their connection with Judaism, especially the more religious Jews. Moreover in simple theological terms it is either ignorance or heresy to put the Diaspora on the level of Israel. Israel is in Jewish religious terms the place where one can best serve G-d. And in terms of Jewish national life, and any semblance of an independent Jewish community and world it is the single center we have .

The book again is very well written and provides interesting insights into a number of Diaspora families and communities.
I am almost done with this book and I disagree with the above reviewer! I think it is very well-written, informative, and links some very interesting aspects of the Jewish people. This helps to understand this people who have survived in so many settings, still with a strong sense of connection to Judaism. Whether they are religious or not, there is just some indefinable something that exists. Larry Tye does a great job of looking around the world in a multilevel way to explore this powerful element. I also found his stance on the strength and permanence and acceptability of Diaspora life to be realistic and positive. I give it four stars only because I worry that it is a bit too optimistic about the future... Highly recommended!
This is an interesting, in-depth look at Jewish communitites in Europe, America, and Israel, including some citites where we don't usually think of as Jewish, such as Dublin or Dusseldorf or Atlanta. Tye focuses on 1-2 individuals to give the broader history, which makes the study more accessible. Well-written, but for a more serious reader, you will feel as if you know these city's Jews and their community very well after each chapter. If you're interested in just one of the cities, you can read that chapter independently as well. Well worth the time and effort if you want to learn more about today's Jews outside of Israel.
Home Lands is an interesting collection of vignettes of Jewish communities and families. But this book is thin in its assertion that a new, strong Judiasm is unfolding across the world. Tye uses very few communities to illustrate his point, and ultimately, the book becomes contrived. Because the stories themselves were not groundbreaking enough or entertaining enough to stand on their own, Tye tries desperately to sew them together with his thesis, which might be interesting if one could believe that a handful of communities represent all the world's Jews. To be frank, this book is dwarfed by a multitude of books on the subject that are backed by much more research.
Home Lands: Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora download epub
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Author: Larry Tye
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