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by Marcella Frank

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Marcella Frank (Author).

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Marcella Frank’s most popular book is Modern English: A Practical Reference Guide. Modern English Exercises for Non-Native Speakers Part 2: Sentences and Complex Structures by. Marcella Frank.

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Modern English- a practical reference guide (Marcella Frank).

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But unfortunately, there are no answer keys in the books

With the recommendation of the university where I study, I have bought three grammar books written by Marcella Frank (Modern English exercises for non-native speakers 1 and 2 and A Practical Reference Guide. I have read and answered all exercises. But unfortunately, there are no answer keys in the books. These books are so complicated that even my ESL teachers have their doubts about the correct answers to some exercises. Despite the complication, these books are the most complete grammar resources I have ever seen.

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This book refers to almost all grammatical questions of mine which other books don’t properly touch on. I wish I could have found this much earlier.
Frank's now out-of-print book is an insightful, extensive, and -- above all -- useful tool for "seeing" the elements, structures, and relationships among elements in sentences. Nearly exhaustive in its coverage and supported thoroughly with examples.
I had an older copy, lent it, and that was the end of it. It's an excellent reference book, and I just had to have it to refresh my memory once in a while on certain grammatical concepts.
My favorite grammar book since college.
I deeply regret that this book is out of print. It is my favorite grammar book, the first one that I pick up and give to students if they have a question (I teach college ESL but this book is great for anyone wanting concise, easy to read and understand explanations of grammar in language that eschews any hint of overexplanation). It is grammar explained by an artist. Please professor Frank, bring the book back for future students.
I was barely able to focus on the actual grammatical context of the book, because I was too busy fuming about the incessent sexist references and stereotypes that were propagated throughout every chapter. Literally every reference to women in this work is about either a) Fashion/shopping, b) Pleasing their husbands, c) Housework, or d) How they look.
I like the idea of using sentence examples to explain her grammatical rules, but the author needs to escape the 1950s. I'm glad I took this book out from the library, and didn't buy it, because I can't wait to return it. If you want to promote old-fashioned gender roles, then give this author your money. If you are living in the 21st century, there are other books that are equally useful, but lack the blatant sexism that is found page after page here.
Examples from the random page I opened up: "She will not leave her husband, however cruel he is." (p. 241)
"Although he married a brunette, he had always preferred blondes." (p. 239)
"For all that she was a heavy woman, she danced with unusual grace and ease." (p. 240)
"Although (he is) working long hours, he manges to find time for relaxation." vs. "Although (she was) hired as a bookkeeper, she also does secretarial work." (p. 243)
Notice the difference? Page after page after page of this trash. This book would be totally inappropriate for any public domain - schools, libraries, universities, etc. I urge you to put your money towards something that is more current.
This grammar book is straight to the point, with effective tables and great examples. There is no sexism as the other reviewer said, specially because the author is a woman (how could she ofend women if she's a woman herself???). Although the price is high, it's still a good investment for an out-of-print gem. Get yours while you can!!!
Modern English download epub
Words Language & Grammar
Author: Marcella Frank
ISBN: 0135940028
Category: Reference
Subcategory: Words Language & Grammar
Language: English
Publisher: Prentice Hall; First edition (May 1972)
Pages: 208 pages