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by Judy E. Yordon

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Roles in Interpretation book. For high Yordon guides readers/students through the use of performance as a means of interpretation.

Roles in Interpretation book. Discussions on interpretation of prose and dramatic works offer some advanced ways to approach texts for forensics performance (the principal reason I read this). The section on Poetry is less satisfactory, given the author's love of older, more metrical poetry. Contemporary forms are more fluid in rhythm, stress, and line so this interpretive approach does not unlock the meaning quite so well.

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Interpretation is an artistic process of studying literature through performance and sharing that study with an audience. This book helps prepare students for the roles they will play in performances by explaining interpretation through a wide variety of literary forms, performance styles, and theories of interpretation.

Author: Judy E. ISBN: 0072431814, 9780072431810 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Fueled by her love for literature and performance, actress, educator, and oral interpretation performer Judy Yordon heads for Osaka, Japan, for the challenge of a lifetime. As she works with her new students in Osaka and tries to understand a world so different from her life in America, Judy writes a series of letter to Bill, her long-time friend, about her daily experiences as a single American woman living and teaching on her own in Japan.

We even guarantee this by offering a 30-day full refund if you are unable to use the book for any reason

We even guarantee this by offering a 30-day full refund if you are unable to use the book for any reason.

Book by Yordon, Judy E.

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Exactly what my sister needed for class. She will probably end up using this one beyond school, too, since she is a theatre major.
PrincessRose25 sent the product in the time given, answered all of my questions and helped explain amazon to me. I had never before purchased anything from the internet and had to buy this book for a class and did not have the time to get acquainted with the sight first. I recommend PrincessRose25 and thank you very much for your help! =)
This is a horrible book! The author continually repeats the subject matter in an effort to lengthen the page count. Total zzzzzzzz fest here! If a monkey and a sloth wrote a book taking turns pressing random keys on a manual typewriter, there is no doubt it would be far more interesting a read. When I finally get done with the class I am destroying this book so it can do no further harm to students!
I've taught Oral Interpretation of Literature for 5 years with the Yordon text. I switched from the Gura & Lee text that I found too wordy and theoretical for the community college. I like this text because it concisely explains the craft and ways to perform literary texts as an interpreter. Sections in the text that particularly connect include sensory showing, smelling, hearing or feeling sensory passages prior to reading them. Also, the criteria for what makes a "literary" text as opposed to merely "prose" is excellent, outlining qualities of universality, individuality & suggestion. The chapter on criticism in particular really stands out as an effective tool, even for those not pursing drama. No matter what field a student may pursue, the ability to give effective criticism is a real gem. The literary selections in each chapter are, for the most part, excellent. William Carlos Williams' short story "The Use of Force" provides much food for discussion. For instructors, Yordon's test bank is extremely helpful. I liked this book so much that I wrote the author a letter and received a phone call from her. She has really done an excellent job of distilling the information succinctly and clearly. Enjoy!
Judy Yordon's ROLES IN INTERPRETATION is a great text to use and read for an oral interpretation of literature class. The book is organized in a very direct, coherent, and distinctive way. The main ideas are clearly illustrated and supported and the chapters are arranged in a sequential manner. The book is divided into 10 different chapters with an appendix and a glossary. I absolutely loved the oral interpretation class I had and we used this text. The book augmented all the things our professor taught us and it was a great tool and makes for a nice reference for the future (especially if I ever do some professional storytelling or when I have to teach a high school speech class).
Roles in Interpretation download epub
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Author: Judy E. Yordon
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