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by Teal Triggs

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. For more than 60 years, fanzines have been one of the most significant forms of self-expression.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Often handmade and disseminated through underground networks.

This is the ultimate book on Fanzines - an amateur magazine produced by fans, for fans of a certain subculture. This highly visual illustrated book is full of reproductions of the best fanzines ever created, from the superhero tributes of the 1950s and & to punk fanzines such as Sniffin' Glue, right up the contemporary e-zine scene. Arranged in six chronological chapters, each with a thorough introduction, Fanzines spans eight decades of counterculture and features many extremely rare publications

Fanzines: the DIY Revolution. e-zines, triggs consistently conflates web pages that have been creat this book forwards factual inaccuracies concerning zines, independent publishing, & underground culture.

Fanzines: the DIY Revolution. the layout is almost entirely images of & from zines (many of which were printed without getting proper permissions from the zinesters included, which is unethical if not downright illegal), & what little content there is in terms of writing is.

Professor Teal Triggs is a leading figure in the scholarship of graphic design history especially around feminist practices .

Professor Teal Triggs is a leading figure in the scholarship of graphic design history especially around feminist practices, independent publishing and design education.

Teal is a professor of graphic design, course director of MA Design Writing Criticism, and co-director, Information Environments, at the London College of Communication. An exciting week is on the cards. Read Interview and see posts.

Teal Triggs is a professor of Graphic design at the Royal College of Art, London, a design historian and critic. What do you feel is the role of this sort of low-cost independent publishing in today’s society? In terms of the current policy climate, socially and culturally, the world is going through a great deal of change as we are seeing all sorts of interesting phenomena taking place.

Teal Triggs, an avid collector of fanzines, is Professor of Graphic Design at the University of the Arts, London. Her other publications include TheTypographic Experiment: Radical Innovation in ContemporaryType Design, Below Critical Radar: Fanzines and Alternative Comics from 1976 to Now and Communicating Design: Essays in Visual Communication.

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Fanzines (front cover) by Teal Triggs. Thames & Hudson: The world's great publisher of illustrated books on art, architecture, design, fashion, archaeology and history. When it comes to inspiration and learning, graphic designers are constantly spoilt for choice. There is a wealth of literature at our fingertips, all. 50 essential books every graphic designer should read. Fanzines – Teal Triggs. It Works Paper Frame Prints Zine Frames A Frame Hoop Art Print.

For more than 60 years, fanzines have been one of the most significant forms of self-expression. Often handmade and disseminated through underground networks, the fanzine is credited as being both the original medium for many of todays mainstream publications and the predecessor to the blogging craze. This highly visual compendium showcases the best, most thought provoking, and downright weirdest fanzines ever produced. With topics ranging from punk to personal politics, Fanzines includes both widely known fanzines as well as rare publications culled from passionate collectors. Spanning the history of the fanzine from the early experimentation with underground presses to contemporary and electronic fanzines, this is a comprehensive and unprecedented look at a fascinating phenomenon.

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Impressive book has zine cover shots from the way early days on up. If you are looking for content of the zines, this doesn't do much in that category (think like the album cover collection books), but lots of covers and genres and touches a little on e-zines. If you are looking for articles from old zines to read, this isn't one of those books.
I like the book for two reasons: the history of zines and the wealth of ideas it provides. The author provides many images and a context for the evolution of zines.
This book resembles a catalogue. There is much in the reading of this book too; the back story and the big picture are narrated together. Many good covers are displayed too.
I could not recommend this book to anyone.

On a flick through, it's really badly laid out and there's lots of noticeable errors eg morgenmuffel and loserdom (both assuredly print productions) being called e-zines.

And it gets worse - turns out Teal Triggs didn't even bother contacting a lot of people whose zines she used. And of course she made more errors which could have been avoided had she bothered to check first.

For more information, check here -
and here -
I'd advise boycotting this book and getting some zines instead.
Unfortunately, a great deal of the artwork contained within was included without the permission of the original artists, and in some cases, mis-credited or not credited at all. My artwork was included and I wasn't even informed until after publication. Teal herself has refused to answer many of the emails sent to her in regards to this matter, and has ignored calls for apologies and / or compensation. To make matters worse, much of the information provided in her essays is blatantly untrue. I would absolutely not recommend this book. If you insist on reading it, check it out at your local library, but please do not contribute your hard-earned cash to this person.
Risky Strong Dromedary
Teal Triggs has offended the zine community by publishing their work without permission, using outdated and/or incorrect information, and by failing to respond to reasonable criticism. If you want to learn about zines, pick up Stolen Sharpie Revolution, and don't even bother with this book. It's hard to believe this woman is an academic, given the lack of research she seems to have done.
Got this from an Austin book shop last week, and I've spent many hours drinking it in. Unlike other books I've seen about zine culture, the emphasis of this book is on cover art. Thumbs up to that. Lots of low-effort charm and inexplicable cultural vomit. Visions that could only come from those with way more passion than patience.

As should be expected, there's a lot of space dedicated to punk zine covers. If I compiled an equal-sized book out of my favorite pages from all of my "punk flyer" books, then the results wouldn't be as visually rich as this book. I can think of some old industrial, noise, and experimental music zines that would have fit in perfectly, but I saw no zines from these music underworlds. Aren't there heavy metal zines? I saw none. Anyway, I love this book.

I don't understand why someone who got their zine cover pictured without permission would complain. It's like some old punk guy complaining because his 1983 Flipper show flyer appeared without permission in a flyer book. Zines commonly picture other zines without permission and, of course, recycle images from everywhere with impunity. But a couple of offended zinesters want to keep people from buying this book. For some people, I guess it all hinges on whether the author showing their forgotten zine cover is able to make a buck. I must have more humility than them; if it were my zine, I wouldn't care. Furthermore, if the book has mistakes, then so what? Go make another zine and stop trying to guard your legacy.
Fanzines download epub
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