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4 people found this helpful.

The Sacred Cauldron book. Paperback, Llewellyn's World Magic Series, 302 pages. Regardless of whether the CR community thinks) Tadhg MacCrossan calls his tradition "Druidactos" focusing on Gaulish culture. Published 1951 by Llewellyn Publications. The Sacred Cauldron: Secrets of the Druids. 0875421032 (ISBN13: 9780875421032). There isn't much information on Gaulish polytheism, however so most of the book is based on Irish and Welsh mythology, history and folklore.

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This book really helped me to understand the whys and hows of the Celtic system. It explained things so that all the questions I had were answered and made it easy to utilize there ways and understand the love of the land, sea, and sky.
This book attempts to recreate the basic pagan traditions of the ancient Celts in a way that, for example, that some Asatru scholars have done with the Norse traditions. While the book has some substantial flaws regarding ritual scripts, etc. I think it is, nonetheless, a significant contribution to the field and would therefore recommend it.

On the positive side, the book draws from historical linguistics and mythology to create a compelling introduction to the study of the practice of historically-centered Druidism. There is a great deal of material that should be contemplated in this book. I also appreciate the general descriptions fo the deities and of Celtic cosmology.

However, the drawbacks are significant and worth noting. In the historical section it seems to me that the author applies Dumezil's theories somewhat mindlessly (i.e. without noting how and where substantial deviations in this area are made). This is a major trap in the application of Dumezil's theories (and one which Dumezil himself fell into a few times).

Secondly (and far less significantly), the ritual scripts are a bit dry IMO, and really should only be used as a point of departure anyway. Anyone who has internalized the material enough should be capable of doing their own rituals anyway an not relying on book versions.

On the whole, I think the book is worth owning and it will remain in my own library. I would thus recommend it.

Other books which individuals who are interested in this should get include:
Celtic Heritage: Ancient Tradition in Ireland and Wales
The Apple Branch: A Path to Celtic Ritual
Indo-European Religion After Dumezil (Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph Vol 16)
Also do a Google search for "The Excellence of the Ancient Word"
Boasting "...a comprehensive course in the history and developement of Celtic religious lore, the secrets taught by the Druids, and the... rites and cerimonies as practiced by modern-day members of the Druidactos...", The Sacred Cauldron lives up to its claims. Mac Crossan gives historic information, linguistic study, and bardic lore of the Celtsas well as including information about a specific sect of modern Druidry. He gives no indication that he will teach spirituality, nor living faith, only a historic look at the Druids and Celts. If you are looking for an acurate book on Druidry, that teaches facts and doesnt make things up (such as druid links to wicca, the "authentic" way the Druids astral projected, or any other fancifull "facts" of a practice we know little about) then MacCrossan is a much needed adition to your library, and not Cunningham (who is Wiccan, not Druid) or Conway (who teaches druid astral journeys, of which we have no way of knowing).
I'm sort of sad that more people have not read and liked this book. Most of the reviewers seem upset that it isn't "Wicca with Shamrocks" or "Celtic Wicca". It isn't Wicca at all. That's the point. This is the purely Celtic version of Asatru or Hellenismos. It's not meant to blend perfectly with modern eclectic Paganism and it's not for people who base their practices on that form of Paganism. This is for people who want to follow a genuinely Celtic religion that is free from invading influences. This book is the closest I have found to someone really looking into the history and culture of the Celts without getting caught up in the semi-medieval fantasy world Pagans have built up Celtic society as. He goes over the history and culture in such detail because there has been a lot of misinformation about Celtic culture within the Pagan community. As for the rituals being dry and boring (maybe he does go a bit far by expecting you to build a fire in the same manner as Iron Age Celts would have, but it's not the worst skill to have should necessity require), do you not realize how repetitive and "the same" eclectic "Wiccan" ritual is? "Cast circle, call quarters, call god and goddess, meditate on meaning of ritual, magic if necessary, farewells to the god and goddess, quarter banishments, uncast circle." It's the same formula over and over with the only variations being the wording.

The only thing I did not like about the book was its focus on group ritual with a Tuathal (tribal, similar to the Hof of the Asatru) structure. He did focus a bit on solitary rites, but not to a satisfactory degree considering how many Pagans are solitary by necessity (and in the case of Druidiactos, finding those who wish to follow so strict a structure). This book is the best book I have found on genuine Celtic religion, and I find it sad that it is out of print and so maligned by people who wouldn't know Celtic religion if it bit them on the arse. I am also disheartened that the Druidiactos movement seems to be over, or so my Google search for active groups has led me to believe. I follow what I would call an off-shoot of this system, based within the societal structure and mythological background of Celtic religion (it is hard to explain in such a piece but I do consider my path to either be one of the paths within Druidiactos or a close cousin of it).

This is probably one of the best and most accurate books Llewellyn has ever put out.
As far as books concerning the Celts published by Llewellyn go this is one of the best. The MacCrossan has a good basic knowledge of Celtic linguistics and history but he treats the cultures as if they were things of the past. His rituals are also so dry that the ancient filidh and druídh would probably cry. I'd suggest that you pick up a copy of _the Apple Branch_ if you can find it. When entering into Celtic Paganism it's important to remember that the Celts are still posses living cultures and languages.. MacCrosan really seams to forget that.
Sacred Cauldron (Llewellyn's World Magic Series) download epub
New Age & Spirituality
Author: Maccrossan
ISBN: 0875421032
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
Language: English
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; 1st ed edition (January 1, 1951)
Pages: 267 pages