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by Ralph Blum

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The Book of Runes book.


an Ancient Oracle: The Viking Runes. St. Martin s press new york. end of The Book of Runes a Selected Bibliography for those who wish to press on in the study of runology. However, since to my knowledge there is in print no work having for its I. at the.

The Book of Runes is simple, complete, sturdy, and very portable, first written 34 years ago, by a man born in 1932

The Book of Runes is simple, complete, sturdy, and very portable, first written 34 years ago, by a man born in 1932.

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St. In his fine book, Runes: An Introduction, Ralph. However, since to my knowledge there is in print no work having for its at the. have included.

Book Of Runes Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle by Ralph Blum. Customs services and international tracking provided.

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A fascinating journey of discovery on your quest

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Used this book at a many friend's houses and loved it. So I decided to buy it. I WAS MISLEAD! And pleasantly surprised. Turns out, this book comes in a box with 1 set of runes and a rune satchel. See my photos. I was very surprised. I was only expecting a book.
Best runes and best text about runes and their meanings on the market today. Seriously. The stones are very good to handle and very clear. The writing is quite eloquent, very knowledgeable and readily understood to produce a clear reading of the runes. I tried other runes/ books and this is the best I found and I love it!
I am hcv men
I have long been a fan of the I Ching. When I was introduced to the Norwegian Runes using Ralph Blum's guide, I was amazed at how much the readings sounded and "felt" like the I Ching. Turns out it's for good reason; Blum also used the I Ching regularly, and used it (along with the Runes themselves) to create this Runic system. I've used it numerous times since I got it a few weeks ago, and every reading was spot on. Even the "Odin's Rune" readings -- pulling one Rune only from the bag -- gave me an accurate and thought-provoking reading. The Runes are made of heavy plastic or resin -- I would have preferred a natural substance myself -- but they are what they are and are functional. It is a much faster and easier-to-understand way to obtain Universal wisdom than the I Ching, which is for many people, very confusing due to the time and society in which it was written. I highly recommend these Runes to anyone as a valuable addition to their collection of oracles.
The Runes tell stories if you can hear them speak, or find that certain spark deep within you. The Book of Runes is simple, complete, sturdy, and very portable, first written 34 years ago, by a man born in 1932. After a few searches, I found a book through Amazon that appeared to have a good chance of covering what I wanted to learn, so that I could reference the Runes for myself and for anyone who wanted to know things about the Runes: first found on the Isle of Man, came before Old English, a style of writing. I would like to briefly quote the work, because the quote echoes me and adds quite a bit of quality to my sentiments about the Runes, also, as an academics tutor, from age 15, now nearly a senior citizen, I have realized that knowing something has many rich dimensions: "We are all teachers, and what we teach is what we need to learn, and so we teach it, over and over again." - a principle of 'A Course in Miracles.' (pg 136)

Blum has studied the Runes and written from inspiration, as one can see from page 136-137, which I can only pull a few key words from to communicate the originality and style of the author who wrote it: "Almost five months after establishing the order and meaning of the Runes, while driving south along the Pacific Coast Highway....I had a strong feeling...I suddenly understood...Without bothering to pull off the road, I opened my Rune notes and..." Well, he got pulled over for doing 72 mph, never-mind that he was writing the whole time! He (the author) said, "I didn't even try to explain." This is someone to learn from, a) He's presented an amazing, holistic interpretive solution which answers the call of the mysterious and ancient Runes. He's interesting, inspired, and spiritual, yet an educated author and scholar.

For me, it (Blum's book) is only a start. While in college, I took a course on Research, and chose the Runes for my project. I found tidbits and clues, other opinions, and such, but the striking thing about the Runes is how ancient they really are, and that they were one of the first alphabets to exist, written boustrephedron - as one would plow a field, and from as old as 250 B.C., and from my later personal studies, clearly an adaptation from scratchings, the common precursor of many languages as man learned how to communicate across time and distance, discovered the concept of written language, first by symbols, such as the Runes, then by phonetic glyphs, until eventually, many families of alphabets and what we consider written language sprouted and spread; to be independently discovered or borrowed, for thousands of years across the globe. From my early exposure to the Runes, I noticed a resemblance between some of the Runes and our own alphabet, and I recently did some research to fill in a few blanks in the story, because of my continuing personal curiosity and an unnatural relationship with the unknown.

I will definitely recommend this book for anyone who's truly interested in the Runes. For dessert, Blum delivers a few pages of reference material he's cited and learned from over years of work. No doubt some of it can be accessed online. I call my own computer (when we are on speaking terms), "The Oracle of Delphi." My wife and I answer each other's queries with, "The Internet Knows." Maybe the Runes do, too, as its symbolism, like all symbolism, speaks to our universal, human, subconscious "knower" who speaks non-verbally (the right hemisphere of the brain), which can only respond to that which speaks its "language." Perhaps the Runes do. They are a rich "spirit-language" in my mind as is visual art. The mysteries of art are what holds the gaze as much as beauty. Simply trust the mind to speak when it is ready. Be ready to be surprised. The curious, the open-minded, the non-literal and the intuitive will enjoy unlocking the mysteries of the ancients, the hidden life lessons inherent in the Runes, though from so long ago.
Not a bad starter book, but it's kind of like providing someone with prayers and then not having them read the Bible. It's only part of what is a very deep, rich, and amazingly complex system. Runes aren't - to me at least - just some tool for divination, they're a connection to the cosmic, a way to call out in prayer/ritual/trance/etc and hear something bad.

What I recommend, as someone who has read both, is Taking Up the Runes, by Paxson. It's in-depth with rune meanings pulled from several versions of the rune poem since the original was lost to time and the rise of Christianity (the blank rune is a testament to the Christian intervention allowing for "the unknowable Divine" i.e. God to be interpreted). There's a ton of information provided on each of the runes, their meanings when paired with other runes, and a lot of information on how to read them.

It's the book I wish I had back in the 90s when I bought this book - I'da converted decades sooner and would've been much farther along in my studies. But alas.

So you can buy this, and you'll get a decent primer and a set of runes, but you'll be missing out on the meat and soul of the faith and history behind the runes, and the dive into deeper waters is well worth the reward!
I have been faithfully using this every day. It helps me contemplate things going on in my life. I keep a journal of what I pull every day and have been able to identify patterns which was very helpful to me in working on ways to resolve things and move forward.
The book is good, but the runes that were included in the package were chipped and powdery, and the letters were badly painted, so I will use a paint pen to recolor the letters and a sealer to seal the stones so they will last a while. Not going to send them back. It's not worth the effort. The book is what I really wanted. Not worth the 21.00 I paid, but it was better than paying the 35.00 the publisher was asking when they first released this package deal. The better deal would be to buy an older version of the book without the stones and make your own.
Book of Runes (St) (Alt) download epub
New Age & Spirituality
Author: Ralph Blum
ISBN: 0207150222
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd; Reprint edition (February 1, 1990)