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Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition download epub

by Linda Jamison,Terry Jamison

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The psychic twins : who we are and what we do - Psychic intelligence 101 .

In PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE, Terry and Linda Jamison explain, step-by-step, how to dissolve the blocks that can prevent you from using and trusting your own intuition.

Terry and Linda Jamison have undeniable psychic abilities. but so do yo. ow The Psychic Twins will help you tune in to and strengthen your own intuition, look into your future, and change your destiny.

Terry and Linda Jamison discuss their special connection in a new book .

Terry and Linda Jamison are two of the most popular psychics known today. Psychic Intelligence will go on my life changer list of books

Join us as we engage Terry and Linda Jamison about their new book Psychic Intelligence - Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition and ask hard-hitting questions about clairvoyance, clairaudience.

Identical twins Terry and Linda Jamison are known across the world as the 'Psychic Twins. They have worked professionally in the metaphysical field for over twenty years. Country of Publication.

Linda and Terry Jamison are American identical twins based in Los Angeles, California who claim to be psychics.

They have amazed audiences all over the world with their incredibly accurate predictions of global events, including earthquakes, terrorist threats, and, famously, the events of September 11, 2001. They've also worked one-on-one with countless clients who report that their predictions have later come true. Terry and Linda Jamison have undeniable psychic abilities . . . but so do you.Now The Psychic Twins will help you tune in to and strengthen your own intuition, look into your future, and change your destiny. In this book, Terry and Linda share their astonishing gift with you. They give step-by-step instructions for how you can dissolve mental blocks and focus on exploring the Four Clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. By discovering and developing these essential keys to your psychic intelligence you will be able to: Create strong and worthwhile relationships, including finding true love

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I was a fan of the psychic twins and still am! I have always admired them and followed their available shows. As a voracious reader of new age books I was bent on getting this book more than any other book. However, the material is simply too rudimentary and there is a wealth of books on psychic development with all the information and more. I was shocked although I do believe that for absolute beginners it is a must have! They are really good at what they do and nobody can second that! However talented as they are they do not possess any true esoteric knowledge in this field. They are more of doers than teachers and that is not without its merits. Overall this book is not for me but I do not preclude it's relevance to absolute beginners in this field. Another misconception is that women tend to be more psychic. Women are more clairsentient generally because they have more sensitive and perhaps even more developed heart centers and men are more claircognisant as their higher centers tend to be more developed. Many a businessman uses claircognisance without knowing. Many men just know, many women just feel. Also men have been downplayed and stereotyped in so many ways it is less acceptable and more embarrassing for men to be involved in new age stuff than women. Boys had to e tough and desensitize themselves because they are not allowed to feel and express their emotions like girls are. What I'm trying to put across is that for every perceived injustice and stereotype for a gender there is a correspondingly unfair judgement and treatment towards the opposite gender. Hope this is food for thought. And anyway I highly recommend Debra Lynne katz's books and franz bardon's initiation into hermetics :)) cheers.
I've never posted a book review when I was only halfway through a book before. I am reading "Psychic Intelligence," and it is the best book on psychic ability I've ever read! Terry's and Linda's advice on how to hone psychic gifts and talents is so helpful and exciting! They describe the different types of psychic ability, which they call the four "clairs," in great detail and describe how to improve each type of ability. This book taught me my strongest "clair" is claircognizance. For years, I've wondered why I couldn't "see" things in my mind's eye, and doubted my psychic ability because I thought I had to "see" it instead of just "know" it. Now I know I can "know" and it's perfectly valid. I will follow the Twins' recommendations to strengthen the talent I have and also clear up certain "roadblocks" that have kept me held back in certain areas of my life, like money and my career. The more I draw with my three year-old son, the more I appreciate color and design, and it somehow seems to strengthen the psychic ability I do have, even though I'm not clairvoyant at all. (If you read the book, you will understand this statement.) The Twins also offer the most practical advice for developing individual psychic talents that I have ever read. I work in tech support. It's all to easy for me to neglect my creative, imaginative side, which the Twins say is a vital part of psychic development. I plan to change that and nurture my imagination so the psychic ability I do have will blossom and grow. I can't wait to finish the rest of the book! THANK YOU, Terry and Linda, for everything you have taught me so far and everything I will learn with each page.
I first heard about the psychic Twins, just this year, when I have seen a repeat of a psychic show that they were on. I was so impressed that I researched them and found their web site, and seeing that they wrote a couple of books. I looked on Amazon and found their second one Psychic Intelligence and bought it, and here is my review;

This book is well written and simple to understand! So, if you are someone who is wondering if You can be Psychic, this book will help you understand the different categories, the different terminologies and meanings that you may have heard on TV. This can be viewed as a Beginner's book at first but it goes deeper, by asking the questions that make you go deep within yourself to find the answers, that is, if your Brave enough to do so, and willing to let go of the Ego to find them. They give you Journal exercises and quizzes to help you record and understand yourself better, it may be easier for you to write down the answers if you can not seem to say them out loud. They tell you to Take your Time with the exercises, they is No easy way to become Psychic over night, it does take years to develop such Gifts! And This book will help you get started!

The book has Psychic 101, explaining the basics, Children with special gifts, how you can tell if your child has them, how you can let go of the negativity, the stresses of everyday life, that may block you from getting in touch with your inner self by asking the hard questions in a very supportive loving way. They share their stories to help you understand, and to let you know that it is OK. They teach you to view the world in a New Perspective, by releasing fears from the past, present and even the future if you may have them. They show you how to protect yourself from negativity, and regain your inner strength. They ask you to find your passion and be willing to dream, open up your creative self, do what you always Love to do, its ok to take some time and don't feel guilty to Do what you love! They explain the Four Clairs, what they are and how You can explore each one to see if you have that gift, and if your not sure, how you can develop them. The four Clairs; Clairvoyance- Clear Seeing, Clairaudience- Clear Hearing, Claircognizance- Clear Knowing, ( which is My strongest Clair ) and Clairsentience- Clear Feeling. They give you Tools for tuning in to your Powers, (you may have heard psychic's state on TV, I ask my Spirit guilds for help), here in Part 3 of their book they show you how to get in touch with Your Angels and Spirit Guilds. They explain what and who they are and how they communicate with us. Through out the book they cover topics like; the Aura, the seven Chakras, Numerology, Animal Totems, Oracles and Omens, Learn Meditations over Medications, Dreams and what they can mean, how to practice Automatic Writing/Typing, Psychometry, Crystals and Gemstones, Mediumship, how to tune in to the Higher Frequency. Part 4 of this book then puts them All together and how you can use this information to understand your life and make it better, make better choices and decisions, and Live a better life! Remember, Love is everywhere you look, if you, Keep your Mind and Heart Open!

I have truly enjoyed this book and plan on working through the exercises they give. Personally, I have experienced each Clair through out my life, but I have for the last 15 years let the stresses of everyday life get in my way, and I separated myself from my gifts. It took me years to get to this point that I want to explore those gifts again. The positive energy I felt while researching the Twins, give me the confidence to do so. This book reminded me of the basics and I have learned new things to try!

I hope this review has helped you in some way, and Good Luck with your inner search!
I have read a considerable amount of the book. I'm half-regretting the purchase of this book. It's sitting around, I still read it from time to time, solely for the life advice and not the psychic development part which has been very disappointing for me. I can't do much about it since it's not worth the trouble to send it back.

I want to say a lot more about this book, however at this point, I feel that saying that it is a "so-so" should suffice, due to my very mixed feelings on this book and also the hype around it.
Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition download epub
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Author: Linda Jamison,Terry Jamison
ISBN: 0446563412
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Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style; Reprint edition (June 26, 2012)
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