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by Walter N. Webb

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Encounter at Buff Ledge book.

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Investigator Walter Webb was assigned to the case, and after hearing Michael's story . WEBB, Walter . Encounter at Buff Ledge, 1994.

During Michael's hypnosis, he vividly recalled his experiences on that night in August 1968. Return to: Alien Abductions Index. Return to: UFO Case files.

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Walter N Webb, a UFO investigator, saw the art for himself as a walked among the skeletal remains of the camp in the early 80. Special thanks to Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS for tracking down a copy of Walter Webb’s book.

Walter N Webb, a UFO investigator, saw the art for himself as a walked among the skeletal remains of the camp in the early 80s. Today, the camp is a co-op community is for people who want to live in the country ‘but don’t want to be lonely. The camp, like the memories of an alien abduction decades old, exists in secret, but if you find the right person, they might just talk about the night two young adults were taken on board a UFO on the shores of Lake Champlain.

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Walter Webb, Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History (1994). The book makes a compelling case for the reality of this abduction event. This is the history of the topic and a scholarly work of the first rank, which has stood the test of time. Webb, one of the leading UFO investigators of all time, presents the results of his extremely thorough investigation of a double abduction case. Most notably, the two witnesses, teenagers at the time, never discussed the event after it occurred. Paul Devereux, Earth Lights Revelation: UFOs and Mystery Lightform Phenomena (1990).

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Book by Webb, Walter N.

Comments: (4)

This is a pretty good book. It is an interesting encounter, and although the book is about this particular UFO event, it is also about - maybe even more so - Walter Webb and his story of how he went about investigating this sighting. He came upon the case several years after its occurrence and found it compelling enough to begin an investigation, but like peeling the layers of an onion, he found himself being led deeper and deeper into the mystery of Buff Ledge. He would ultimately spend several years running down the various leads. He also spends a great deal of time discussing methodologies of investigating these types of cases and what sorts of conclusions can possibly be drawn based on the various sorts of information gleaned, and as compared to other comparable cases. The "encounter" is straight forward enough. It is interesting, so I won't spoil it for you here, but that information doesn't take up much space in reality. This book is really about the journey of trying to find the truth about the "encounter". I have a couple of criticisms of the book though - most not too serious - chief among them is his inconsistency in naming the characters. All of these real people are given assumed names to protect their identities, reputations, etc., and that is all well and good, but for the fact that most of the names are fairly generic. Not only does that make it a bit hard to distinguish these individuals because of their bland appellations, but as the story goes on - particularly early in the book - he sometimes refers to some of the characters by their first name only, and then sometimes by their last name only. For instance, if we've been introduced to Paul Jones, Paula Smith and Matt Johnson and then subsequent to that he refers to them as Paul, Paula and Matt that is fairly easy to follow, but when you have a number of characters with these bland names who are not necessarily the central characters and/or frequently recurring characters it is not helpful to then out of the blue to reference them later in the text by their last name. It wasn't a huge problem and it seemed to happen less as the story went on, but there were a number of times where I had to stop and go back and reestablish in my mind who he was talking about. Not quite like trying to keep the characters in a Tolstoy novel straight, but definitely a distraction. Webb also tends to belabor and become slightly redundant in justifying and re-justifying his investigatory approach and his assumptions and how we arrived at them, but these slight annoyances do not detract from a good piece of work on the whole and this record of a very curious UFO event indeed.
Walter N. Webb's investigation into this forty year old Lake Champlain UFO abduction account deserves to be ranked amongst the literature's top ten. Superbly comprehensive and thorough and clearly written, this account contains a wealth of detail that intrigues, mystifies...

And corresponds with so many similar accounts and on such a minute level - for example, the Alagash abductee's experience within the beam of light - that the truly objective skeptic (the truest definition of that term) simply must concede the tantalizing yet frightening possibility that much of this is simply true.

Webb's book deserves to be reprinted and more widely read. I wish he wrote more, or, at the very least, supplied a prefatory update on the lives of these two abductees. It would be interesting to know how they have coped with their memories, or if other such experiences have followed them into their adulthood.

In any event, this is one of the very few books that anyone truly interested in the subject absolutely must read. Scientific methodology meets journalistic integrity. Not for those sensation-seekers hungry for the easy answers and all the New Age-ish speculations.
Lahorns Gods
The best treatment of UFO evidence I've read. Completely objective. Takes pains throughout and again at the end to point out both the strengths and weaknesses of the case under investigation. Although he clearly believes in the reality of the event reported by the alleged abductees--as do I, after reading the book--he concedes that some of what they report could be embellished, or due to memory contamination as part of the hypnosis process. In the final analysis, he invites the reader to draw his own conclusions.

None of what I've written above should "spoil" this book for the reader. The book wouldn't have been written if the final conclusion was hoax, fraud, or hallucination. The value and beauty of the book and of the investigation it recounts are in the details of the investigative methodology and the reasoning applied to the case.

Webb has done the field a great service and produced an important work.
The researcher should be commended!!
Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History download epub
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Author: Walter N. Webb
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