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by Jacques Hebert

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Atlantis Rediscovered book. A unique and topical feature of the Carnot USA list is a collection.

Orbis Enigma, Paris, France. L'espace de diffusion de l'héritage hermétique offert par Jacques Grimault. Orbis Enigma International, le site de diffusion des cours et conférences de Jacques Grimault : La subversion par le Vrai. Orbis Enigma International La Subversion par le Vrai Jacques Grimault.

The legend of Atlantis has prompted controversy and intrigue for centuries. Good overview of "alternative theories" and providing a commonality. com User, February 24, 2008. Herbie Brennan is a professional writer on a variety of subjects and should not be considered an authority on the subject he has chosen for this book. The fact he provides no bibliography of any kind indicates he did not wish to be quoted as writing serious non-fiction.

It has been a small but influential publisher of liberation theology works. It was founded by Nicaraguan Maryknoll priest Miguel D'Escoto with Philip J. Scharper in 1970. It was the first to publish Gustavo Gutiérrez's A Theology of Liberation in the United States.

Was is not their responsibility as scientists to ask these questions?" I feel that at this point the author should have ended his book. If he felt he still wanted to write a book, he could have at least asked these leading scientist why they didn't come forward.

The answer lies in the words of a priest, a painting and a long walk through a churchyard harbouring the secrets of the enigma that is Silver.

The text of the Libellus de notitia orbis was discovered in 1937 by Anton Kern, the librarian of Graz University. The Libellus was written by John of Sultaniyya during his stay in Europe, probably in Germany (because all the six extant manuscripts are currently in central Europe).

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This book offers a step-by-step disputation of the myth of Atlantis. It takes the reader through a detailed analysis of the Platonic dialogues, uncovering a probable misunderstanding of a transcript of an Egyptian priest that Plato relied on. This leads the author to conclude that the Atlantic people probably did not die out entirely but more likely were the ancestors of the Phoenicians' highly successful maritime civilization.

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This book is probably one of the most convincing books I have ever read on the Atlantis subject.

Why? The author sticks to Plato's original text and description of Atlantis and has managed to methodically take each single one of them to build a complete puzzle out of them that brings a new solution to the yet unsolved greatest enigma of history. Other authors have been using part of Plato's descriptions and voluntarily omitted some others. In Atlantis rediscovered, all of them are used to build the solution, from the date, to the size of the island and even plants and elephants.

Not only has he been able to prove that Atlantis is not just a myth and locate the lost island of Atlantis (in the Indian Ocean next to Yemen), but more interestingly he has developed very convincing theories about where they initially originated from (Indus Valley) and what the survivors of the great Atlantis civilization have become (the Phoenicians). He is using the latest archeological discoveries, submarine maps and scientific elements to demonstrate his theory.

His book had a great success in France and triggered several articles in specialized history magazines. He is the fist one to place Atlantis in the Indian Ocean and to try to tie connections with the Indus Valley and the Phoenicians.

Read the book and I am sure that you will be as convinced and amazed by Jacques Hebert's theory as I was.
Went Tyu
JJ Hébert has finally located Atlantis. He locates it in the discussions of Solon with an Egyptian priest who had access to centuries-old scrolls. While most scholars had insisted Atlantis be situated west of the Straits of Gibraltar (which doesn't make any sense, since the Greeks never ventured beyond Gibraltar), the author puts forward a very convincing case: Atlantis, according to Hebert, actually lay in the Indian Ocean, and present-day Socotra, an island off Yemen, is its main remnant. Moreover, argues Hebert, the Atlantean civilization hailed from the Indus Valley, in Northern India. The area is highly seismic and the Atlanteans, like the Yemenis centuries after them, had a vast commercial empire extending into the Mediterranean. Very convincing.
Atlantis Rediscovered: An Orbis Enigma Book (Orbis Enigma Series) download epub
Occult & Paranormal
Author: Jacques Hebert
ISBN: 1592090397
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Subcategory: Occult & Paranormal
Language: English
Publisher: Carnot USA Books; 1 edition (September 1, 2004)
Pages: 192 pages