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The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection download epub

by Jack Lapseritis

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Start by marking The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection as Want to Read . The book covers only benevolent Bigfoots, though they are malevolent ones as well.

Start by marking The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. You will learn some of their actions in this book, but nothing about their culture,society, and so on. Some events describe by people were very similar which made the book a bit repetitive. I am curious to know why the author didn't mention much about the Bigfoot society,culture, belief system,hobbies and etc?He had telepathic communication with them.

He is a world authority on the subject.

This book presents hundreds of documented cases of individuals and groups of people who claim to have encountered the mythical Sasquatch, but not in the previously presumed manner.

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In this bond, two souls are connected in a way where their energies are in sync and their emotions are interconnected. Common examples of a psychic connection include soulmates, kindred spirits, twin flames, past life connections, and karmic relationships. Kindred spirits are far more physical and mental than other connections because of the nature of them.

Psychic Sasquatch Contactees Documented Since 1979

Psychic Sasquatch Contactees Documented Since 1979. Kewaunee’s credentials include: Master Herbalist. In 1979, scientist Kewaunee Lapseritis was first telepathically contacted by a Sasquatch and an ET simultaneously, which was the shock of his life! To further complicate matters, the contact changed him and he developed psychic ability overnight, which triggered a spiritual transformation.

The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read

The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection. File: PDF, 4. 1 MB. UFOs - Wicked This Way Comes. Timothy Green Beckley. File: EPUB, . 2 MB. Keys to Perception: A Practical Guide to Psychic Development. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them

This book presents hundreds of documented cases of individuals and groups of people who claim to have encountered the mythical Sasquatch, but not in the previously presumed manner. These documented contacts suggest that the Bigfoot are psychic, multidimensional and able to slip into and out of an unseen dimension, hence its elusivity and the lack of physical speciments. Evidence is presented from many first hand accounts that Bigfoot works in conjunction with extraterrestrials, as guards and scouts. This is an astonishing take on an old subject, written by an experienced field investigator and scientist who has studied this issue for many years.

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I'm still having trouble accepting this as the truth. Very interesting. Enjoyed reading the book. Hard book to put down.
Silly Dog
A totally different approach to the Bigfoot controversy. The author shares his experiences as well as others on the psychic connections they have with Bigfoot creatures.
I know Kewaunee personally. I traveled with him and met many of the people referred to in the book as having had telepathic contact with the Sasquatch. He is not a charlatan. Consider this....
If you accept that there is a Sasquatch, (I think that sufficent homework on this topic would bring one to conclude they do) then most likely either they are a primate animal of some sort or there is more to the story.
Now, we know just about everything about every animal on earth...how many grizzlys, pronghorn antelopes, snail darters, gery speckled owls, etc. there are. We know where they live, what they eat, who they date, etc. But there's this 7 foot tall 600 pound primate running around our backyard and we can't even get a good photograph of them?
There is more to the story and Kewaunee is telling it.
I have had limited experience with the Sasquatch beginning when I was young. I haven't much to conclude about who they are, but I am certain they are not just another animal. They have a shamanic nature. I suspect they are sentinent being. An open mind will lead humanity to open the door to this fascinating topic.
J. Lynes, Atlanta
This book is a fringe area topic as stated in the title. It should be taken at that. If you can open your mind to the possibility that there may be some truth in this book, then it will be an enjoyable book for you to read.
The book is filled with encounters from different people who have experienced the Sasquatch as a loving, intelligent entity and not the monsters that they are made out to be!
Their connections to UFOs have been documented way before this book was started. This book merely makes the connection in a clear way that will make you want to encounter one of these beings.
Kewaunee is not a nut, I've known him for some time now. He has researched this some 50 years now, and is the best in this field. He knows what he is talking about. Just because some people can't accept these truths doesn't make all his hard work false.

Those that insist on putting him down should ask themselves how much research they have done. Anywhere near 50 years of it? Probably not. Because these facts are true, and they are verified by many people. Don't you read the history of this planet? Do your homework!!!

Throughout history on every continent, there are historical records of Sasquatch/Itan taking women to Mate, and having children. Think about the basics! In order for them to do this, they would have to have DNA close enough to ours to make them human. The DNA proves this out. They are a human race that goes way back in history millions of years. We have only existed about 300,000 years, we are the younger relatives of theirs!

So get over it people!! We aren't the only humans in space!!! We aren't even the only humans on this block. Of course they are more advanced spiritually than us! They have had millions of years more than us. They avoid us because we are way too violent, and they are waiting on us to grow up. Wouldn't you? Look at our track record!!! We are constantly at war, always polluting the planet (the only one we have!), we can't even treat animals with respect!!! It is like we have a death wish or something. They are waiting on us to grow up, clearly.

Our DNA is 99.99% like theirs, that make them human. Deal with it!

This is a nice little reading alleging psychic communication with bigfoot (who is considered a human with mystical powers),ufo pilots,their relationship with each other,etc.Some people will undoubtedly think the good doctor is nuts;maybe he is,but if he isn't-what a story.If you've read B.Ann Slate's 'bigfoot'you've heard of this before.This takes the communication much further.Also addresses their ability to disapear into thin air,and teleportation.For the skeptics,don't bother.If you're skeptical why bother anyway as to take the time out of your life to read this book since you can't be refunded your precious time.For the open-minded:just what you need.
Please understand, now comes the psychic sasquatch, brave new love messenger and friend to the meek. Brother can you spare a dime? In these dark times, a psychic sasquatch kneels beside us, and whispers brain radio wave thoughts, gently, gently... thoughts of love. Let him who hath understanding, understand the understandable. The psychic sasquatch shall carry forth the holy hand grenade. I say these words of faith, my seed of faith, so that you shall forever know: we are not alone, but we are carried by the psychic sasquatch.
The book makes you strive to connect sightings with ufo activity. The author certainly has spent his whole life researching this possibility. Takes me back in history when there were those who said, "the world is flat"! So then why couldn't Bigfoot travel by ufo?
The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection download epub
Occult & Paranormal
Author: Jack Lapseritis
ISBN: 0926524178
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Subcategory: Occult & Paranormal
Language: English
Publisher: Blue Water Pub; 1st Printing edition (December 1998)
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