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by Adilakshmi Olati

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Adilakshmi Olati, "The Mother", page . Adilakshmi, "The Mother", pages 10 – 12. ^ Harvey, Andrew, The Sun at Midnight: A Memoir of the Dark Night, 2002

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Mother in Montreal, 1979 "It was in 1979 that Mother called down o. .English (UK) · Русский · Українська · Suomi · Español.

Mark Matousek, "Sex, Death, Enlightenment". The Mother – by Adilakshmi, ISBN 3-00-000241-3. At the Feet of Mother Meera: The Lessons of Silence – by Sonia Linebaugh, ISBN 1-4134-1053-7. Hidden Journey: A Spiritual Awakening – by Andrew Harvey, ISBN 0-14-019448-7.

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Adilakshmi Olati, "The Mother", page . He wrote numerous books and articles on the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, on social and political thought, science, philosophy, religion, mysticism, and the classical texts and spiritual traditions of India.

Adilakshmi Olati, "The Mother", page 4. ↑ Adilakshmi, 'The Mother', page 9. ↑ Mother Meera, "Answers, part II", page 21 -23. ↑ Adilakshmi, 'The Mother', page 10. ↑ Adilakshmi, 'The Mother', page 7. ↑ Adilakshmi, "The Mother", pages 87 -8. In Sri Aurobindo's philosophy the Intermediate zone refers to a dangerous and misleading transitional spiritual state between the ordinary consciousness and true spiritual realisation.

"* Who is Mother Meera?" * She is the living incarnation of the Divine Mother. * "What is an Incarnation?" * An incarnation is the Divine in human form come on earth to help humanity to know and realize the Divine. * "What is the difference between Mother Meera and the Divine Mother?" * Their Will is identical and their Consciousness is One. There is no difference. * "What is the Divine Mother and what is Her work?" * The Divine Mother is the Force and Consciousness that sustains Creation. She is worshipped under many different names and in many different cultures and She has been worshipped throughout history in many forms. But behind every form and every name, She is One, Eternal and Omnipotent. She is Transcendent and stands above all Her creations in the silence of the Absolute; She is the breath and power of all creation; She is in every part of creation forever. The work of the Divine Mother is the transformation of humanity into God, of time into Eternity, of matter into Divine Matter. Her work is a work of transformation, and it has no end. * "What is Mother Meera's work?" * Mother Meera's Will and Power are the Will and Power of the Divine Mother. Mother Meera's Work and the Work of the Divine Mother are the same Work. Mother Meera has come to purify the consciousness of the earth so it may be ready for Transformation. She is calling down onto the earth the Light of the Supreme that makes Transformation certain. Her work in our time is to open all people to the Light so the Divine Will may be done and the Divine Life established on earth

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Came in expected time. This is written by Adilakshmi, Mother Meera's assistant.. her points of view, her observations, her inner reflections, and loving devotion to her. Interesting anecdotes from others who met the mother, also. Interesting collections of experiences and emotional responses to her. If you read ANSWERS Bk. 1 and 2, this book naturally fits in as background material, including her youth and upbringing and those whom she contacted throughout her life. .
I found this to be a very informative book about the life of Mother Meera. It is well written with clarity. I really liked this book and it gave me the information I was looking for. It is more factual, which I like. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the Mother.
This is my favourite out of the official mother meera books, because it talks honestly about the experiences she underwent as she was growing up. I'm not so keen on the overly-devotional poetry, but the other materil is valuable, and helps one to understand what she was going through, and the sort of inner life she lives - which can't be found in any other of the books she has published. Enjoyable and Recommended.

Alan Wrightson, author of "Mother Meera's Home"
The Mother download epub
Author: Adilakshmi Olati
ISBN: 3000002413
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
Publisher: Mother Meera; Third Edition edition (1995)
Pages: 248 pages