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A Hidden Revolution: The Pharisee's Search for the Kingdom Within download epub

by Ellis Rivkin

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there isn't a better book out there that focuses on the Pharisaic agenda to advance the Kingdom of Heaven and if the historical Yeshua doesn't scream out at you through these pages, then. I don't know what book will.

Published 1978 by Abingdon in Nashville. Pharisees, Internet Archive Wishlist.

Building upon past insights, Dr. Rivkin moves forward in recognizing the unique contributions and reconstructing the obscure origins of the Pharisees

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These are the only sources which can claim to be contemporary or nearly so.

Book by Rivkin, Ellis

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I came upon this book 39 years after its publication, but it perfectly answered my long-term question about the emergence of both Pharisaic Judaism and Christianity in the same time and place. Rivkin's historical analysis is coherent and compelling, shedding light on events that are hidden in history, showing the logical flow of events as he uncovers them with his analytic method, revealing the moment Pharisaic Judaism emerged, followed closely both in time and in logical argument by Christianity. This book is easy to read with a little experience in Jewish thought and the Hebrew language, and I was very glad to find a good used copy at a reasonable price.
Prof. Rivkin's book titled THE HIDDEN REVOLUTION is a concise summary of exactly who the Pharisees were and what they actually believed. This book unravels misunderstandings of Pharisaic doctrine and shows connections between early Christianity and Judaism. Religious Jews and Christians would benefit from reading this book which was written to provide historical understanding rather than condemnation.

Rivkin briefly explains the tensions and differences among Judians (Jews)and early Christians. He gives explanations of the differences between the Sadducess, Pharisees, and Zealots. If one can understand these differences, they have a better understanding of early Christianity and Judaism. Rivkin presents these doctrines in a readably style which needs a brief explanation.

Those who read the New Testament know that the Sadducees rejected the concept of an afterlife. These religious leaders were control of the Temple in Jerusalem which was the center of Jewish life before and during the time of Ancient Roman control. Christ's debate with the Sadducees is cited in the Gospels which deals with their rejection of a Messiah and an afterlife. Readers should also know that the Sadducees argued in favor of collaboration with the Roman authorities which caused bitter resentment and hatred. Rivkin is clear that the Sadducees were also resented by the Pharisees and especially the Zealots for what was percieved as corruption of the Jerusalem Temple.

Rivkin gives a short but clear understanding of the Zealots whose unifying doctrine was unconditional hatred of the the Romans. Again, those who have read The New Testament know that the Apostle Simon was known as Simon the Zealot. Some biblical scholars think that the Apostle St. Peter may have been a Jewish Zealot.

Rivkin presents a solid treatment of the Pharisees. The Pharisees believed in an afterlife, accepted all of the books known as the Jewish Bible (The Old Testament), and argued in favor of a Messiah. Those who have read The New Testament know that the Pharisees get bad press, but they probably also know that Christ stated that while people should not follow the Pharisees's example, they should follow their doctrine.

Rivkin's summary of the Pharisees may surprise readers. The Pharisees argued that God was beyond history and outside of history which was a revolutionary concept for Ancient Jews. Another concept that Rivkin explains is the view of the Messiah. During the time of Roman control of Palestine or Judea, Jews argued that a Messiah would appear and force the Romans out of the area and return Judea and Jerusalem to what was seen as their rightful owners. This is obviously at odds with the Christian view of a Messiah whom they saw as both man and God and, again, outside of history-a Pharsiac concept.

One must understand the Jews rejected the idea of God becoming Man. To religious Jews, God is spiritual concept and to define God as Man broke with the Jewish strict insistence that to define God as Man was a breach in Monotheism and presented a limitation on God. This in part explains the differences between Christianity and Judaism. One should note that accoridng to the Bible, St. Paul was a fanatical Pharisee. St. Paul also comments on Gamaliel in the book of Acts as a great teacher and mentor.

Rivkin does not present this book to convert anyone to one religious view or the other. This was written to explain rather than condemn which makes it a valuable history source. Any thoughtful Christian or Jew can benefit from reading this book to have a better understanding of Christianity or Judaism.
A Hidden Revolution: The Pharisee's Search for the Kingdom Within download epub
Author: Ellis Rivkin
ISBN: 0687169704
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
Publisher: Abingdon Press; First Edition edition (November 1, 1978)
Pages: 336 pages