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Chad didn't want to face her; he didn't want to look at her. He looked so handsome standing there in his black tux, his light blond hair immaculate, and his blue eyes pleading with her to understand. And she did to an extent. Only, why hadn't she figured it out?

Chad didn't want to face her; he didn't want to look at her. Only, why hadn't she figured it out?

She paused, looked at him as a sudden sadness filled her, and then looked away, unable to cope with his helplessness. She didn't recognize Chad this way.

She paused, looked at him as a sudden sadness filled her, and then looked away, unable to cope with his helplessness f them. There was no way they could straighten this out. "You are just so sweet, Savannah," he cried, glancing up at her with tears in his eyes. I couldn't bear to hurt yo. Sweet! She was sick of hearing that word. She didn't feel sweet at this moment. She wanted to shout, scream, throw a fit, and yet, every time she looked into Chad's.

By now most of you know that Rita Hestand is from Texas, that she's a widow, a mother, and a grandmother.

Savannah Kingsley wanted to marry Chad most of her life  . By now most of you know that Rita Hestand is from Texas, that she's a widow, a mother, and a grandmother. You know that she was an only child, and that she traveled the US as a child extensively. What made her a writer was the fact that she was an only child growing up in an age when a kid had to use their imagination to entertain themselves. You probably know that she acted out her first books in By now most of you know that Rita Hestand is from Texas, that she's a widow, a mother, and a grandmother.

Runaway Bride Script. I have climbed the highest mountain. I have run through the fields. We're gonna spend part of the time here in town 'cause he wants to write a book. You always wanted to write a novel. I feel inspired here. I feel like I can write. Only to be with you. I have run, I have crawled. I have scaled these city walls. Ike is getting married.

She wanted to marry Chad until she caught him in the rose garden with the best man. Hurt and confused she ran from the churchy.

Runaway Bride is a 1999 American romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall and starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The screenplay was written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott. Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) is a spirited and attractive young woman who has had a number of unsuccessful relationships

Bride from Shenandoah (Brides of the West Series Book Eleven). What if he beat you every night? Martina let her imagination run away with itself.

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Savannah Kingsley wanted to marry Chad most of her life. That is until she found him in the rose garden with the best man. Shocked and hurt, Savannah didn't know what to do, so she ran. She took her parents car and headed west to an aunt she hadn't seen in years. Running smack dab into the law wasn't in her plans.

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I am really glad that Rita is successful, but it definitely is at the expense of good writing. The story is basically a good one, but the juvenile syntax, the incorrect grammar and the endless repetition are very frustrating and detract from the product. It is not a finished product. In fact, my impression is that she wrote it in an hour and never read it once. (Or at least we can hope that's what happened).

The most horrifying error is that the aunt, Lucy Kingsley was the sister of Savannah's MOTHER. The BROTHER-IN-LAW'S last name was Kingsley. This is sloppiness to the nth degree.

How in the world should we be expected to pay even one cent for something of this quality.

I don't get it. I definitely won't be reading more from this author. My time is more valuable than this. And she has demonstrated a total lack of respect for me as a reader to allow this to be published even if it hadn't cost anything.
Poorly written with archaic and politically incorrect references about gay men. I don't really like how the story was handled. It jumped all over the place quickly and added characters that were totally unnecessary like Jimmy Walker. In spite of it's inconsistencies and inadequate plot I still liked the character of Ben, the Sheriff. I just wish he had been developed a little more. Her friend Janet' s visit seemed rushed and didn't seem to serve much purpose. The stay at the dude ranch also didn't make sense. She only had $200. 00. Must have been an awfully cheap dude ranch. Anyway I was very disappointed.
Rita Hestand wrote a great series, each book was enjoyable to read.. would love to ready more from her. thanks
Rita Hestand's book, Runaway Bride, quickly pulled me into the story of Savannah Kingsley. Savannah's devastated on her wedding day when she realizes that she can't marry her groom, Chad. She decides to leave town quickly to avoid the humiliation. Savannah doesn't want a search party looking for her, so she tells Chad to make the announcement. Her plan is to stay with her aunt in Texas.

Hestand's effective and smooth storytelling kept me reading about Savannah's continued misfortunes. Savannah keeps her $5,000 wedding gown on when she drives her parents' car out of town which makes it difficult when she gets a flat tire. She can't call AAA for help because her cell phone battery needs to be recharged. She doesn't have her charger or her purse. She doesn't see anyone to stop for help on the highway. Savannah realizes she's pretty much stranded in the desert in Texas and needs to help herself. Although she has never changed a tire and has no clue how to use a jack, she makes a valiant attempt to try. All she accomplishes is ripping her dress, breaking her manicured nails, and getting dirt all over her. She's elated to see a bus and gets the driver to stop.

While she walks down the aisle, Ben Hogg observes her closely and knows that he doesn't want her to sit by him. He notices she's wearing parts of a wedding dress. He doesn't want any part of her. He's been burned by an ex-wife. He snores in hopes that will discourage her from sitting by him. It doesn't. When they both get off the bus in a small peaceful town, Savannah learns that the handsome Ben is the sheriff. He has to put her up for the night because her aunt is in Europe, and there is no place for her to go. Everything is closed on a Sunday night in Junction.

Savannah is a delightful character and even though she's had a pampered life for twenty-six years, she wants to start a new life away from her doting parents. She's not afraid to tackle challenges and learn new things. Ben Hogg is another well-written character in Hestand's book.

I highly recommend the Runaway Bride. It's an entertaining and enjoyable romance. I'll be sure to read more books by this author.
Rita Hestand successfully withholds the true reason why her heroine Savannah runs away from her groom on her wedding day. The 'poor little rich girl' finds she has much to learn if she wants to get on in life, and Rita ensures she encounters plenty of learning curves in a very short space of time.

While I couldn't empathise fully with Rita's heroine, I fell hook, line and sinker for her hero, Ben Hogg. The dark silent Sheriff sizes up Savannah's dilemma and takes some extraordinary steps to see that stays out of trouble. Far from neglecting Ben, Ms Hestand presents Ben with his own bundle of problems to deal with. There's no shortage of conflict in this story!

While some of the situations her main characters found themselves in and the solutions to them didn't endear the protagonists to me, they were in character and in keeping with the story.

All-in-all, I found this is a charming, light story with a scorching hot hero that kept me thoroughly entertained.

"Rita Hestand has written a great book about two people who had bad romantic backgrounds. However, their outlooks were diabolically opposite. This heartbroken bride-to-be still wanted to spend her life as a wife and mother. The sheriff had absolutely no desire to ever marry again. This author has created her main characters with strong backgrounds and stronger desires. The supporting characters were equally solid, believable and interesting. This plot was compelling and I couldn't quit reading."

"The chemistry was electrifying. However, the sexuality was sweetly written and could also be read by younger readers. I enjoyed the book immensely. I look forward to reading more by this author. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a happily-ever-after with surprising conclusions." - Brenda Talley
Runaway Bride download epub
Author: Rita Hestand
ISBN: 1449947492
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 1, 2009)
Pages: 186 pages