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by Mindy Neff

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Mindy Neff gives us a hero to die for. and a story chock full of touching scenes that will wrap around your heart. This book brought so many smiles it was just a pleasure to read.

Mindy Neff gives us a hero to die for. The Cowboy is a Daddy is a book that makes your world a little brighter.

When Wyoming cowboy Brice DeWitt hired a housekeeper-cook sight unseen for his Flying D Ranch, he expected a sturdy, mature woman-not a petite, pregnant, applicant who was about to deliver on his doorstep

The Cowboy Is a Daddy. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission. When Wyoming cowboy Brice DeWitt hired a housekeeper-cook sight unseen for his Flying D Ranch, he expected a sturdy, mature woman-not a petite, pregnant, applicant who was about to deliver on his doorstep. Madison Carlyle needed his protection-and his name. But an isolated Wyoming ranch in the middle of winter was no place for a new mother and child.

The Cowboy Is A Daddy book. The cowboy is a daddy. The Cowboy Is A Daddy by Mindy Neff released on Nov 24, 1998. Mindy neff writes the number one best books,they are brimming with love family friends animals tons of laughter and god,her books draw me in to the point where I'm sitting right there in the living room of the people I'm reading about and I'm watching the book play out in real and not reading about it, its absolutely. amazing, I love every book of hers that I have read and its a lot and I can't download the next one quick enough.

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a marriage of convenience with a fresh new twist!" -

and a story chock full of touching scenes that will wrap around your heart.

Originally from Louisiana, Mindy Neff now lives in Southern California, where she met and .

Originally from Louisiana, Mindy Neff now lives in Southern California, where she met and married a "really romantic guy, and raised five great kids. Family, friends, writing, and reading are her passions. When not writing or doing the bookkeeping for her husband’s construction firm, Mindy’s ideal getaway is a good book, hot sunshine, and a chair at the river’s edge at their second home along the Parker Strip in Arizona. Says Mindy: "Some people have always known they were destined to be a writer. Not so with me. I was in my 30s when somebody put a romance novel in my hand.

I guarentee you will love this story and definitely keep the book for more than a second reading. The story is resolved in the best possible way and be sure to watch out for that single engine, fixed wing tail dragger and the wonder of finding out that Maddy could pilot a plane. MOST HIGHLY EXCELLENT and then some - this story.

Award winning contemporary romance author of 30 novels and novellas. 13 November 2018 ·. A tribute to my dog -. mailchi.

indy Neff gives us a hero to die fo. . RITA Award Finalist) (National Reader's Choice Award Finalist) (Golden Quill Award Finalist) (HOLT Medallion Award Finalist). The Cowboy is a Daddy - eBook.

6' 5", Rugged, And Absolutely Gaga Over A Baby...And The New Mommy!

When Wyoming cowboy Brice DeWitt advertised for a housekeeper-cook for his Flying D Ranch, he expected a sturdy, mature woman—not a petite, pregnant applicant who was about to deliver on his doorstep!

Madison Carlyle was in hard labor, which made Brice the stand-in doctor-daddy. And for all his brawn, Brice only had to hold the infant once before she melted his blue-denim heart. Heck, one look in Madison's eyes and Brice felt like...a father. But these parts were no place for a new mother and child. Could he let them go and miss his shot at having the thing he'd always wanted: a family?

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This was a beautiful love story with a few twists, and lots of laughter. Brice got way more than he bargained for when Madison answered that add for a housekeeper, and a cook. lol! The story itself started off with a bang and it just got better and better, as the story unfolded. And watching all those big, tough cowboys fawning over that tiny baby made me laugh so hard. IMO- Moe was totally priceless in this story, as were the Dr. and his wife.

The only complaint I have....is that I wish the author would've added a short epilogue at the end. That would have made the story absolutely perfect, at least in my eyes.

I was very impressed with this author, and plan to check out her sight very soon. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a few really good laughs, and a good slow building love story combination.
Feeling a bit giddy here. Rarely do I find an author I have no complaints about and Mindy Neff definitely goes to the top with my other favorites!

Great story teller. It's always a hit or miss with some of these independent authors - their writing is bad, bad character development or it's just all over wrong. NOT the case here.

This story was light hearted, funny at times, loved all the characters. Mindy Neff perfected the individual personalities. Enjoyed this story so much I bought her other books ASAP and am about to start reading those. Excited much? Yes! A new author I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for.
At first I was ready to say dnf and just say no but as utterly implausible as the beginning of the story is, and believe me it is stretching credibility to its limit, I ended up liking it. It was pure cheese and unicorns and flowers but it was cute. Total fantasy. The H hired her as the housekeeper and she shows up at his door, goes into labor and he delivers the baby. He married her to give the baby his name and they end up falling in love. Aaahhh. It was very sweet and I am really glad I read it. Just make sure you go into it with your rose' colored glasses in place.
Thoroughly enjoyed the Cowboy is a Daddy. A young women arrives at a Wyoming ranch pregnant and as she walks into the rancher home, she is on the verge of having a baby. She had applied for a housekeeping job but was really running away from the parents of a dead son who had given his sperm to a donor bank. She was single but wanted a baby so she had applied to a donor bank. This was in the dead of the winter and the divorced and embittered but rancher a really nice man allowed her in his home a had to deliver the baby without any experience except with cows.. Long story short, he falls in love with the baby and the mother and she falls for him.
This was a GREAT, fun book to read. It was an unexpected treat. This is a cowboy that will steal your heart. Every woman should have one. The first few pages might disinterest you. Stay with it. It gets better and better. Humorous with quite a few LOL moments. It was just so enjoyable. Deserves a second read. I love the idea that the cowboy is rich, but yet he has a penchant for buying things from JC Penny online to the point where the delivery man and the heroine are on a first name basis. Lol Too funny...you have to read it to appreciate it.
This was a wonderful story from the very first page. The characters were exceptionally well-written with lots of love and emotion and the romance between the two main characters was beautifully written.
This was the first book I have read by this author and I can honestly say that she is an amazing storyteller. Definitely a five-star rating for this book.
I really enjoyed this book. Hooked me from the beginning. I think it was well written and just a relaxing read. The romance was gentle and the sex was not overdone. The flying bit was a little unbelievable but the rest of the story is very believable. If you like the alpha male romances, you may not like this. The H is kind and thoughtful as well as protective. This is just a gentle romance with a ranch and ranch life thrown in. I loved it.
Story was really good and from genre that I typically don't read.The characters were interesting and likeable. I couldn't put it down. I laughed and teared up several times reading the book. I would recommend. I rarely rate with 5 stars but I did here. It just had a little bit of everything in it to make for a great read for me.It had romance, passion and bit of suspense.
Cowboy Is A Daddy download epub
Author: Mindy Neff
ISBN: 0373167598
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin (December 1, 1998)