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by Fiona Herper Fiona Harper

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Always the Best Man book. It's a wonderful, Lovely. Slightly better than your average mills and boon

Always the Best Man book. Fiona Harper consistently writes entertaining romances and this is no different. Damien Stone is in love with Sara, the woman marrying his best friend. She's elegant, graceful, perfect. Slightly better than your average mills and boon. There was a lack of power play/imbalance between the two characters which is typical for this type of book so I didn't feel like slapping anyone.

Posted from the UK Authors : Fiona Harper. Always the Best Man (Romance). Hardback Books HarperCollins Harper Lee. Harper Lee Hardback Children's & Young Adults' Books. Title : Always the Best Man (Romance). Product Category : Books. item 1 Always the Best Man (Mills & Boon Largeprint Romance)-Fiona Harper -Always the Best Man (Mills & Boon Largeprint Romance)-Fiona Harper. item 2 Always the Best Man (Romance), Fiona Harper, Very Good Book -Always the Best Man (Romance), Fiona Harper, Very Good Book. Hardback Books in English Harper Lee.

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Always the best man. by. Harper, Fiona, 1968-. Don Mills, Ontario : Harlequin. Standing at the altar, Damien is breathless as the woman he loves walks toward him-to marry another man. Knowing bridesmaid Zoe's watching him makes it harder still. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. The opposite of the bride, Zoe's too loud, too vibrant, too.

Ten warm, funny, and fantastic stories from Fiona Harper, author of Make My Wish Come True. From a vintage weekend to a whirlwind Vegas romance to a daring surprise proposal, these are the perfect romantic reads to curl up with. Fiona Harper నుండి మరిన్ని. THE BRIDESMAID'S SECRET: Mills & Boon Comics.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Always the Best Man. Harper Fiona. 290 Kb. 230 Kb. 399 Kb. McIntosh, Fiona - The Percheron Saga Book 3 - Goddess - Harper Collins.

Книга Best of Fiona Harper автора Harper Fiona оценена посетителями КнигоГид, и её читательский рейтинг . One sniff told her it was rather toxic rum punch, and she sipped it slowly as she swayed to the rounded notes of the steel drums.

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Now her head is telling her it's time to get her life back on track. Series: Mills & Boon Largeprint Romance. Hardcover: 288 pages. Her first small step: answering big-shot music executive Mark Wilder's Housekeeper Wanted advertisement!. Dare ellie take mark's hand and jump aboard? Outwardly.

Always The Best Man - Fiona Harper.

Standing at the altar, Damien Stone is breathless as the woman he loves walks towards him– to marry another man! Knowing bridesmaid Zoe's watching him makes it even harder everything! She's the only woman he really can't stand. Catching Damien looking at her critically, Zoe can't resist provoking him. Just once she'd like to see 'Mr Perfect' lose his cool– she can tell there are fireworks smouldering behind those pale–blue eyes. Always The Best Man - Fiona Harper.

Fiona’s first book was published in 2006 and she now has twenty-six published books under her belt. She started her career writing heartfelt but humorous romances for Mills & Boon, but now writes romantic comedies and feel-good women’s fiction for HQ, including The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams, which was a Kindle bestseller in 2015. She is a previous winner of the Joan Hessayon New Writers’ Award, has had five books shortlisted for a RoNA Award and won the ‘Best Short Romance’ at the Festival of Romance for three consecutive years.

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It was so good. I loved how they never sleep together, they just kiss and take things very slowly. You can actually feel like they are dating and getting to know each other and it is not just lust that is driving their feelings. They learn to read the others' expressions and can tell when something is not right. I felt so bad for Zoe because every guy she thought she could love or did love had fallen for her best friend. I do not know how I could handle being in a situation like that and always wondering if he would want her best friend again down the road. It was a little sad but I did like Damien and you can tell his feelings for Zoe were real and that he had built up her best friend in a perfect role that she never even fit in because he never really knew the BF. He did know Zoe and there was a difference that he acknowledged from about 10% into the story. I liked the slow build to love that took 2 weeks on the boat, and 1 1/2 months in the city before they became engaged and then a year later married. Some romances just have lust and love withing 2 or 3 days that I find hard to believe can last a lifetime.
The book felt rushed two thirds through. The character development of the Hero was paced n believable. However, the heroine character never really developed. She did not overcome her own insecurities which made the marriage proposal unrealistic particularly as the proposal came after the realization that these insecurities kept their relationship from progressing.

I wouldn't recommend this book.
Good but not gripping
Opposites attract in the latest mesmerizing charmer by award-winning Harlequin Romance author Fiona Harper!

Damien Stone has lost count of the number of times he's been the best man at his friends' weddings. Upstanding, fiercely intelligent and a thoroughly decent guy, Damien embodies all the honourable qualities which qualify him as the perfect candidate for the job. However, when his best friend Luke asked him to be the best man at his wedding, Damien was less than thrilled. Damien and Luke might be as close as brothers, but Damien has been keeping a secret from his best friend: he is madly in love with Luke's soon-to-be wife, Sara! Watching the woman he's loves from afar marrying his dear friend will be the hardest thing Damien has ever had to, but confessing his feelings to Sara is simply not an option! Damien would rather suffer the pain of unrequited love than cause his friends a moment's unhappiness. He just wants to get through the day and try and find a way of getting over his feelings for Sara. However, Damien's plans to remain calm and collected go awry when he claps eyes on Sara's bridesmaid, her best friend Zoe St. James...

Zoe is as far removed from Sara as it is possible to get. Whilst Sara is elegant, serene and graceful, Zoe is loud, vibrant and vivacious. Damien has never quite understood how Sara could possibly be friends with somebody like Zoe and over the years he has made his derision for her perfectly clear! Zoe has always found Damien to be a boring stuffed shirt who is in desperate need of some fun in his life. When she finds out about his role in Luke and Sara's wedding, she's not exactly thrilled, but as she'd do anything for her beloved best friend, Zoe is prepared to let sleeping dogs lie and not rock the boat by telling Damien exactly what she thinks of him!

Watching her best friend marry the love of her life is not easy for Zoe. Although she's thrilled for Sara and Luke, Zoe cannot help but wish that she could be as lucky as they are, but having already had her heart broken into tiny pieces in the past, she has resigned herself to being on her own. A man like Damien Stone is the complete opposite of what she looks for in a potential partner - but an unexpected kiss in a moonlit garden with the taciturn best man has her questioning whether she'd been too hasty in writing him off...

Are Zoe and Damien prepared to see where this burgeoning attraction will take them? Or will they let past disdain and tenuous preconceptions get between them?

Warm-hearted, witty and blissfully romantic, Always the Best Man is a wonderful story about taking a chance on love and unexpected blessings that shines with sparkling humour, delightful repartee, powerful emotional intensity and uplifting romance.

With a heroine you will adore and a gorgeous hero you cannot help but love, Always the Best Man is another gem from Fiona Harper's consistently brilliant pen!
Lovely. Fiona Harper consistently writes entertaining romances and this is no different.

Damien Stone is in love with Sara, the woman marrying his best friend. She's elegant, graceful, perfect. Not like her best friend, Zoe. Yet when the original honeymoon sailing holiday is donated, Damien and Zoe find themselves at odds on a small yacht sailing the Devon and Cornish coasts.

Believable, likeable characters that each have something to teach the other, charm you through the book. It's a wonderful, slow unveiling of why first impressions aren't always right and Ms Harper uses the settings to full advantage as both foil and support for the growing relationship. I read this in one sitting.

BTW, what a beautiful model on the cover! Not Zoe, with all her bouncing curves, but beautiful.
Always the Best Man (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance) download epub
Author: Fiona Herper Fiona Harper
ISBN: 0263227618
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Mills & Boon; Library ed edition (2012)