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by Robin Alexander

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I haven't read a Robin Alexander book I didn't like. This is no exception. A Kiss Doesn't Lie. Robin Alexander. A romantic comedy that has lots of laughs, great characters and a storyline that keeps you entertained all the way through and leaves you wanting to read it again and again.

A Kiss Doesn't Lie. by Robin Alexander. ISBN 9781935216360 (978-1-935216-36-0) Softcover, Intaglio Publications, 2012. Learn More at LibraryThing.

by Robin Alexander ) Jodi Grant had plans-a job interview that held promise and a date with a real woman wh. .

Tagged as humor, f-f, contemporary. by Robin Alexander ) Jodi Grant had plans-a job interview that held promise and a date with a real woman who didn’t only exist in her mind. What she had not planned on was a tri. t gunpoint when her father dropped a bombshell in her la. t his own funeral.

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Librarian note: Born in 1965, Robin Alexander grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she still resides. An avid reader of Lesbian fiction, Robin decided to take the leap and try her hand at writing.

Read a kiss from the story kid flash x robin book 1 (everything) by skullwisher (ET IS HERE) with 2,130 reads. robot, greenarrow, dccomics. hey everyone, just wanted to make it clear there is yoai in this book and if you don't like it feel free to read any of my other books that are not based on guy men and their love, thanks. shit" said robin, thinking of everything he had on his mind. it wasn't to easy to balance his life and everything that was in it, work, school, being a hero to others.

Jodi Grant had plans-a job interview that held promise and a date with a real woman who didn't only exist in her mind. What she had not planned on was a trip...at gunpoint when her father dropped a bombshell in her lap...at his own funeral. Dr. Blair Whittington went to Peru in search of ancient artifacts. What she discovered was the illegal antiquities trade in which she had unwittingly become embroiled. Betrayed by Nicolas Grant, Blair must rely on his estranged daughter, the key to her freedom. Trapped in Peru, playing a game that neither woman ever dreamed she'd play leads them to discover the most ancient artifact of all-love.

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Robin Alexander has created a roller coaster of an adventure tale with "A Kiss Doesn't Lie". Unemployed real estate agent Jodi Grant is pulled out of her life in New Orleans at gun point and deposited in front of archeologist Dr. Blair Whittington in the jungles of Peru. Following a trail of obscure clues left to Jodi by her estranged father, a life or death hunt for an unknown treasure begins.

This enthralling page turner kept me up late reading; I simply could not put it down. The way in which Robin Alexander writes made the characters and scenes jump off the page and into a movie in my mind. I wasn't simply reading a story I was another character along for the journey, for every terrifying, humorous, romantic and heart-racing moment. I only wish I had never read it, so that I could experience it new all over again.
...because there are still a few important threads that could bear being tied up. Also, Blair and Jodi are the kind of characters that could absolutely take part in another adventure together without blowing up their already delightful dynamic.

This is a nice change of pace for Alexander, whose books and sense of humor I very much enjoy. But, the break from outright silliness is welcome (though I do love the fun she brings to the majority of her stories and certainly Jodi and Blair have their moments, too) and the adventure fun and thrilling. I'd actually give it 4.5 stars, but I can't figure out how to do that.
This book drew me right into the story and it was a page turner throughout. The main character, the daughter, was very well written and I completely bought the love story, predictable as it was, and the adventure. Well-written. The two main weaknesses are that the characters are not given much depth beyond the circumstances they find themselves in; I would have liked a bit more insight into their background/histories (there was some but it was thin). Second, it wrapped up too quickly, as many books in this genre tend to do. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and look forward to other books by the author.
I've read and enjoyed two of Alexander's other books (Pitifully Ugly and The Secret of St. Claire), both lighthearted romances. A Kiss Doesn't Lie is a delectable departure from those others. Yes, it's still a romance with some oh, so steamy scenes, but there is action, adventure, mystery and grit. A lesbian Indiana Jones? Yes, please!
Full of adventure; made me laugh, cry, become angry, and laugh. Cant wait to read the next book by Ms. Alexander.
While I love Robin Alexander's books in general, this one didn't quite do it for me like some of the others. I still enjoyed it, but it was lacking some of the humor of her other books in addition to something else I just can't put my finger on.
Jodi Grant meets Dr. Blair Whittington when she is kiddnapped at her fathers funeral and taken to Peru. Supposedly Jodi has information from her father that would help Blair find the ancient artifacts she is in Peru to find. Did I mention they are there illegally? You must go along on their journey to see all they encounter. Enjoy.
Once you start reading the book sucks you in! Robin Alexander does a phenomenal job describing and building up each of the characters. I also like that this novel isn't as short as some other books I've recently read.. keeps your mind on the plot for days on end!
A Kiss Doesn't Lie download epub
Author: Robin Alexander
ISBN: 1935216368
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Intaglio Publications (March 12, 2012)
Pages: 238 pages