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Destiny's Daughter book.

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Rebecca's Daughters is a 1992 British and German comedy adventure film about the Rebecca Riots, directed by Karl Francis. The film was based on a story by Dylan Thomas. The screenplay was originally written in 1948 by Thomas; 44 years elapsed before it was finally made into a film, which is the longest period of this kind on record. There is some evidence that Thomas' screenplay was derived in part from the riots that occurred in the village of Pontarddulais in south Wales. Peter O'Toole as Lord Sarn.

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The Book of Destiny was a metaphysical book that used to grant a worthy individual the power to alter reality, until Oliver Queen destroyed its powers.

The Book of Destiny was a metaphysical book that used to grant a worthy individual the power to alter reality, until Oliver Queen destroyed its powers. At some point in the past, the Book of Destiny was bestowed by Mar Novu to individuals of different Earths across the multiverse to test them for a crisis, to which Novu claimed to be beyond his abilities, by letting the chosen individuals create their own Elseworld.

After the death of her father and the mysterious arrival of his research notes, Bryony St. Blaze soon discovers that his investigation into the whereabouts of an ancient, magical book led to his death at the hands of an enigmatic order known as the Abbey of the Divine, and determined to seek revenge, she journeys to Scotland to seek the help of historian Hamish Neville while a vicious killer tracks her every move. Original.

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Byrony and Hamish had potential to be an interesting romance couple to read about. Byrony was an intelligent archologist. Hamish was a quirky English professor. They seemed like they would be interesting. But this potential was completely lost in Brandewyne's historical expositions throughout the book. Byrony and Hamish were not defined very much. And the action of the book revolved more around historical references than their love story.
While there is no doubt that the book was intelligent from a historical point of view, it should not have been marketed as a romance because ultimately that was not what it was. It would have been better to just be described as "general fiction".
Every couple of chapters, there would be a chapter regarding where the "mysterious book" is throughout time, passing through the hands of Pandora, King Herod, et. cet. I did not like this device, because I couldn't bring myself to care about any of these "historical" characters because I knew that they were just an outlining device to keep track of where the book was.
Even the sex scenes in the book were pretty cliche for Brandewyne. I imagine I've even read the exact wording in some of her other books. I just didn't feel engaged at all.
However, don't get me wrong. In the 1980s, Rebecca Brandewyne was one of the best romance writers around. What happened? Try reading ON A MOON-DARK MOOR or AND GOLD WAS OURS. These were exciting passionate romances that were hard to put down. Eventually, Brandewyne started writing science fiction romances which I found to be a bit of a turnoff. And then she deteriorated into historical theses. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
What starts out as a creaper definitely turns into a eye-opening, wake-up-and-watch-out-for-the-bad-guys-trying-to-run-you-off-the-road! Well, that is what I was practically screaming at the book. The action, dialogue and content between Bryony and Hamish reminded me of the old t.v. shows like Remington Steele or Moonlighting which kept a person glued to the tube.
I truly enjoyed the walk/run through history and how others came across the treasure box. Trying to keep up the Hamish and Bryony and the theories, practices and theologies were mind boggling. Granted, because I am NOT a historian just an avid reader, I, too, often got a bit lost among all the facts and theories. Still, it was so much fun watching these two feed off each other's ideas. One just kept rolling into another. Okay, so even romancic parts were steamy enough to make the pages soggy! :-)
I gave a thumbs-up for the ending. With the grace of the Gods, ExtraTerrestrials, God himself, not to forget the advent of technology, these two were able to protect themselves from any "Divine" retribution delivered as they did to Bryony's dad. It is truly comforting, if not only in a book, knowing justice can be served; and that good triumps over evil once more.
So if you love history, suspense, romance and a challenge to the brain, I highly recommend this one to anyone willing to accept on faith as well as fact! :-)
A wonderful well-written read, filled with many thought-provoking ideas, interesting historical characters and seat-of-the-pants suspense! It was really fascinating to see how the lost treasure book travelled all around the world and how it affected everyone who owned it, including the hero and heroine. Their search for the book took them to a lot of out-of-the-way places that I found very interesting, and their love story was icing on the cake. This was so much more than just a romance. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
After reading all those glowing tributes on the book jacket I thought I'd found a winner. It's opening chapters were intriguing but soon after that didactic boredom set in.
Real people do not talk like that! The main characters sounded as if they had somone's thesis in their hands and were quoting from it. The book is like a cross between Stephen Hawking, Erich von Daniken and James Bond. Brandewyne used the love story merely as a frame for some pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo.
"Destiny's Daughter" started out O.K., but the last 125 pages put me to sleep TWICE. If I slept this often when reading, I'd be the best rested person in North America.
The basic outline for this story sounds intriguing. However, the end result is a long history lesson which drags on through the ages. I have always enjoyed Rebecca Brandewyne's work but this one fell short of the mark. While the history imparted throughout the book could have been interesting and added depth to the story, in the end it just ended up being tedious reading and not worth the money.
Although a romantic novel, this is definitely not your average romance. But nothing about Ms. Brandewyne is average. Yet again she is in a class of her own with a rich, complex storyline which this time is cleverly placed in two timelines. Not an "easy" read, but definitely an enthralling one! I was hooked from beginning to end!
i think it was an okey book, however the purpose of reading a novel is to escape your everyday life, i feel that the storyline was good however, she could have done alot more to improve the book i love history, but i coulden't help thinking 'enough already'.
Destinys Daughter download epub
Author: Rebecca Brandewyne
ISBN: 1551667827
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Mira (December 1, 2001)