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by Christina Hollis

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"strong" } Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her–Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo, who can't resist her beauty.

One Night In His Bed. Read. "strong" } Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her–Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo, who can't resist her beauty. But cold-hearted Garett doesn't do anything for nothing, no matter how desirable the prospect. He offers Sienna a ruthless deal: he will help her, but she must play by his rules–by giving herself to him totally for one night of unsurpassable passion.

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A night of unsurpassable passion. Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her–Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo, who can't resist her beauty. A night of unsurpassable passion.

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Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her-Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo, who can't resist her beauty. Format:Mass Market Paperback. Christina Hollis. Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her – Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo. But dark–hearted Garett doesn't do anything for free, no matter how desirable the prospect.

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If one goes by the title, it sounds very good. I'm on page 83 and am bored to death. As I keep reading I feel I'm in the 18th century. The way that Sienna responds to Garett is soooo old fashioned it hurts me to continue with this book. The description of the town and the surroundings in this story is something to be desired. I have read a lot of books with Italian lovers but this one is atrocious. I don't think I'll fininsh this as I cannot punish myself any longer. Sorry I ever bought it.
I just couldn't get into this book. I kept thinking it had to get better. There didn't seem to be any chemistry between Sienna and Garret. She really was the epitome of a weak character. She was forced into her first marriage by her stepmother and she believed everything this woman told her. She even believed that her husband died because she left the "telephone flex twisted" and he got mad and so angry that he had no outlet for this terrible rage so he suddenly just dropped dead, like he imploded.

Sienna is very naïve and a bit spineless and the Hero, Garett, is looking for something. He seems empty and lost. Apparently having a girl in every port didn't feel him up and Sienna thought it would be okay as one of her acts of rebellion to take up with this Casanova despite the gossip and ruination to her good name that it would cause. So Garett taught her to have a backbone but not where he is concerned. Then she finally gives in and they have One Night in his Bed before he does a runner. She decides to sell the villa as it contains bad memories, yep with him. And it should have ended there as chic lit would have, but then this is supposed to be a romance. He doesn't even tell her that he is leaving, she just wakes up to find him gone and eventually checks the computer because he is so diligent with his schedule and that is how she knows he left to return to work. Nice guy! He sits around waiting for her to call then he thinks that she is different from his usual woman. I'm guessing he didn't notice that in the beginning. *smack him on the head* After all she met him at her stand, determined that he was rich, chased him down, through herself at him tackling him like a linebacker taking down the all star running back, and demanded enormous amounts of money to fix up her estate and that he should keep his hands to himself. . . no wait . . . that isn't right. She didn't do any of that. He approached her, he offered things to her and drug her away to the fancy restaurant. Nice Piece Of Work here. BAM she is the answer to all of his happiness he MUST get her back. Now he has to make everything right for her.

After his runner with no word for a LONG time, okay about three weeks, she has of course taken control of her life, I feel like there should be a song here, not sure which one though. Sienna then sells the villa and guess who bought it. . . Garett. He shows up to take possession and they share a few words. Then of course he claims he loves her, says he may have been attracted to a mouse but he fell in love with a girl who has more spirit than that. Let's see some of that spirit, Sienna! She is gearing up she springs to life, oh this is going to be a doozy . . . after all this girl has just come in to her own. What will she yell at him? Will she pummel him to within an inch of his no good, philandering, bottomless, full of a deep hole life? What will she say . . . wait for it . . . you know it will be good because after all she had shared her inner most thoughts with this man, she had turned from her town's believes and spent time in his bed knowing how it could ruin her reputation in this small town where she is FORCED to live, she had metamorphosed from a cowardly mouse to a spitting tiger, right? Oh I'm so looking forward to this- she is going to give it to him good. She spits out one line! Just one, never mind the pain that his abandonment supposedly caused her she can only gather up courage for the one line! That is basically him taking her to bed and then leaving her! That's it!! What a letdown!! And of course how can she be sure he won't abandon her again. . . well because he will marry her this time, mouse. Of course marriage is FOREVER don't you know?! Yeah yeah yeah he does apologize and even says that no amount of words can make up for his abandoning her after one night in his bed, the other women probably got more than that, okay I digress, at any rate. . . where was I . . . Oh yeah he asks her if she will let his actions speak for him? Of course she agrees, kissy, kissy, smooch, smooch the end. Really? I would have to say that his actions did speak for him when he walked out the way he did. He had to have been planning it to begin with because he is so obsessed with schedules that everything was on his computer popping up to remind him and such and that is how she knew where he went. I just couldn't like him. It would have been better if later they came back together after he has groveled for a bit when she has truly had time to forgive him for building her up like that and then walking away - knocking her back for a bit, but she did survive and she did it without him!
I give this story two stars its the first book of Christina Hollis's I've read. The storyline was decent, but slow to get off the ground. The main characters Sienna and Garett were a bit "dry" and I didn't necessarily feel the "sparks" fly between these two. Although the author did try in several attempts to make it seem as though these two had deeper feeling for one another. The problem that I found with not being able to pull together the links that would make these two believable were that both Garett and Sienna are both overly guarded with the people in their lives and each other. The couple appeared to have a lukewarm attraction for each other that in my opinion would burn out soon so I never fully figured out to what point it jumped to Garett professing his love for Sienna on page 182, all the way at the bottom of the page at that and a page in a half before the end of the book. For me it didn't seem believable, unless I missed a step some where?

Sienna because she got married at such an early age and by all accounts had a husband that made Vald the Impeller look like a softy and a step mom who was a gold-digger who wanted to use Sienna to further her own ambitions. In addition to the fact that Sienna was to overly conscious of what everyone thought of her and had such a low opinion of herself and herself worth. Some of the dialogue she had with Garett about how she didn't want to appear in a "negative" light to people in her town got on my nerves at times. But readily offered herself up for a one night stand in exchange for Garett's help was contradictory to the way she wanted to appear to people.

Garett was the l dark brooding "Byron-type" male, handsome and rich but with a deep dark past that the author hinted at and gave you glimpses of but never fully disclosed, that started to annoy me as well. As well as the simple fact the author gave the impression that he was interested in Sienna outside of a diversion he "might" consider having on his vacation away from his "Real" life, but other than that she didn't seem his type.

The continuity of story for me kept slipping and it seemed as Ms. Hollis didn't enjoy writing this book, rather it was chore instead of a pleasure. I'll give Ms. Hollis another try if I come across another of her books, just because she is a new author to me. Hopefully with better luck next time.
I have to agree with the other reviewers. It was hard to see these two characters actually getting together. I always hate it when two characters seem opposed to each other throughout the entire novel, sleep together (sorry for a spoiler...but this is a Harlequin Presents), and then seem to profess undying love to one another.
I, myself, am never a fan of novels that have more description than action and dialogue. This one was no different. I have to admit that the characters did grow on me after a while, though. I also liked that Sienna stopped being a meek little mouse and finally asserted her own independence. All-in-all, this one could be skipped.
I wish I had read the other reviews before starting this book. It would've saved me a few hours of my life that I will never get back. The story is confusing, the characters are not believable; there's no chemistry between them at all. It is just simply an awful book. Do not waste your time.
One Night in His Bed download epub
Author: Christina Hollis
ISBN: 0263853772
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Mills & Boon (2007)
Pages: 192 pages