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by Jennifer LaBrecque

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All in all, the time travel "logic" was a bit convoluted but the romance part of the story was very good and worth reading.

E. R. physician Kate Wexford is used to expecting the unexpected  . All in all, the time travel "logic" was a bit convoluted but the romance part of the story was very good and worth reading.

Highland Fling by Jennifer Labrecque is a Harlequin Blaze story featuring . doctor Kate Wexford who is strangely attracted to a portrait of a Scottish laird hanging in a museum as part of a sex exhibit. She keeps going back to the portrait not sure why she feels a pull to go to it. On the last night of the exhibit, a strange man tells her about the painting and then proceeds to push her into the painting, landing her naked in the bed of the Scottish laird who is in the portrait.

by Jennifer LaBrecque. series Perfect Timing.

physician Kate Wexford is used to expecting the unexpected  . by Jennifer LaBrecque.

I loved the chemistry between Kate and Darach.

A doctor travels back in time after lusting after the subject of a painting. I loved the chemistry between Kate and Darach.

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Highland Fling - Jennifer Labrecque. 1. KATE TRACED THE PUCKERED, rough edge of the scar that ran from his side across the smooth satin of his back. Dr. Wexford, could you take a look at Mr. Chesney’s x-ray before you leave? -he was a figment of her imagination.

Title: Highland Fling Author: Jennifer LaBrecque Publication Info . What worked best for me in Highland Fling was the interaction between.

Title: Highland Fling Author: Jennifer LaBrecque Publication Info: Harlequin 2006 ISBN: 0373792662 Genre: Contemporary Romance. Rarely do I pay much attention to Romance novel titles; if not downright offensive, they’re often inane and rarely informative. The romance and the story unfold from there, as Kate and Darach travel back to Kate’s home in 2006 Atlanta in pursuit of information and a strategy to alter Darach’s apparent fate. What worked best for me in Highland Fling was the interaction between Kate and Darach.

JENNIFER LABRECQUE Highland Fling. What if she isn’t wanting a tumble? He hadn’t thought of that, he’d just thought they hadn’t made it that far yet. I have yet to bed a lass less than willing. And you ken she’s willing? He had yet to meet a woman who wasn’t. Figure it out for yourself man.

Highland Fling (Perfect Timing by Jennifer LaBrecque ) . One minute she's visiting her local museum, lusting after a man in a painting - Darach MacTavish, Laird of Glenagan in his be. .

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One of my favorites . Made my sister get it.
Even though story took place in the past and present, it was easy to keep up with the story line.
you secret
Just a little bit of fun book.
I'd read only 2 books by Ms. LaBrecque before this one and I wasn't very impressed, but she's a favorite author among several GR members so I thought I'd give her another try when I found this book at the UBS. Well, the old saying is true: 3rd time is the charm...

Kate Wexford is an ER doctor who finds herself attracted to an 18th-century painting of a Scottish laird, Darach MacTavish. The painting is part of a sex exhibit being held at the museum, and she can't help visiting the museum and ogling the painting every day after work. On the last day of the exhibit, she is approached by a strange man who gives her some info about the man in the painting and then just pushes her into it. When Kate "wakes up", she finds herself lying naked on the Scottish laird's bed. Darach is more than surprised to find a naked wench on his bed and, not knowing how she could have sneaked into his castle undetected, suspects she's a spy sent by his enemies. This impression is short-lived, as Kate and Darach soon realize she somehow traveled back in time. At first, they don't understand why she's there and don't know how to get her back to her time, but they eventually figure out she's to help him prevent his death and the destruction of his clan in the near future (his future, not hers). As they work together and travel through time (his and hers) in search of the answer to his imminent problem, Kate and Darach fall in love with each other and are faced with another dilemma, as she doesn't particularly like life in the 18th century and he can't abandon his clan and stay with her in the 21st century. As this is a romance novel, they sort things out and get their HEA, of course.

I know suspension of disbelief is a must when I read time travel stories and I don't necessarily expect them to have a scientific approach based on the laws of physics, but I do expect them to have some consistency within the logic the author creates to explain the phenomenon. Here's what bothered me in this book: the 1st time Kate time traveled, she reached her "destination" without her clothes on but with her watch on her wrist and her purse on her shoulder; the following times she time travelled, she didn't "lose" anything during the "journey" and arrived fully clothed and accessorized to the "other space in time". What was the logic behind that? As far as I could tell, there was only one explanation: Darach needed to see Kate naked so he could appreciate what a bonny lass she was, LOL.

The other thing that bothered me was how easily Darach "fit" into the 21st century. For example, he was surfing the internet less than 1 hour after Kate explained him what a computer was! No matter how intelligent he was, I found that very hard to believe.

Anyway, those were only small annoyances that didn't prevent me from enjoying this read, probably because I fell in love with Darach and was willing to buy anything Ms. LaBrecque wrote, LOL. Darach was a wonderful Highlander hero - strong, protective and a bit arrogant, just the way he was supposed to be - and Kate was a funny and charming modern-day heroine. Their scenes were sweet and funny, and they had great chemistry together. All in all, the time travel "logic" was a bit convoluted but the romance part of the story was very good and worth reading.
After reading the various blogs that were discussing the bad review on this site for Highland Fling and the "controversy" over the who the reviewer supposedly is, I just had to hunt down the book and read it (You're welcome Ms. LaBrecque).

I have to confess, the Outlander series has ruined me for time travel romance stories involving Highlanders. While I'll seek out these books like a crank addict looking for my next hit, they just don't satisfy me in the same way because I'm always comparing them to Gabaldon's work in the back of my mind.

That being said: This was really a fun little book. I enjoyed the story, it was a very quick and entertaining read that I finished in a few hours. Well worth the $4.75. And I would be more than happy to read something else by this author.
E.R. physician Kate Wexford is used to expecting the unexpected. But even she isn't ready for this... One minute she's visiting her local museum, lusting after a man in a painting -- Darach MacTavish, Laird of Glenagan. A man who died at Culloden more than 250 years ago. Then the next thing she knows, she's in the painting with him...in his bed...naked!

Laird Darach MacTavish has enough to worry about without being ambushed by beautiful women. Still, he has to admit, he's never met --or enjoyed more -- a lass like his Katie. It's too bad she's a little daft. Because Katie's insisting she's been sent back in time to save his life. Ha! Darach would like to see her try -- that is, if he decides to let her out of his bed....

[2nd in the Perfect Timing series]
I thought that this story was pretty good. I started reading the book and it was so good that I couldn't put it down.I took it with me and read on the way to the grocery store. I had to go to sleep at 1am with a few pages left, I took the book to work the following day to finish up at lunch time. I think that give you an idea of how good the book was.

A time travel story it's always a hard thing to write however Jennifer Labrecque did an exceptional job to make a good transition for the reader. The story is about an ER physician (Kate) that was obsessed about a paint of the 1700's exposed at a museum, she gets trick and gets throw at the paint and guess what? she showed up naked and what she saw, it was better than the man in the paint. The man(Darach) was dark,strong and sexy and with SEX spell all over him.
The characters are very well develop. I really liked Darach because I like strong heroes. I don't like weak men, it's no fun. Who does it?
These two people struggle and fight to stay together even with the barrier of 262 years in between.

The story is great, fun and very sensual, so if you need a couple of good laughs pick this one up and you won't be dissapointed.I am a big fan of Jennifer Labrecque so all I have to say is GREAT JOB Jen! You did it again.
I might don't tell you anything else about the story; you might like to read it yourself.
Have fun!
Barbara V
This book was so good I couldn't put it down. Well written fast paced plot that kept me reading page after page. This book is definaty worth the read.
Highland Fling (Blaze Romance) download epub
Author: Jennifer LaBrecque
ISBN: 0263855937
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (October 5, 2007)
Pages: 256 pages