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by Mary Balogh

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Praise for the novels of Mary Balogh. He could make mischief if he chose, Gervase thought, his eyes narrowing on her. The temptation was almost overwhelming.

Praise for the novels of Mary Balogh. As she took her place in the long line of ladies, and Captain Lord Gordon-a handsome young stripling-went to stand opposite in the line of gentlemen, her full smiling attention was on him. And he was very eligible-the son and heir of an earl.

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Meet the Bedwyns-six brothers and sisters-men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality

Meet the Bedwyns-six brothers and sisters-men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality. Enter their dazzling world of high society and breathtaking seductio. here each will seek love, fight temptation, and court scanda. nd where Morgan Bedwyn, the willful youngest daughter, discovers that true love is a temptation no woman can-or should-resist.

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Meet the Bedwyns-six brothers and sisters-men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality.

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About Slightly Tempted. Meet the Bedwyns-six brothers and sisters-men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality.

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Comments: (7)

This book is the first part of a two part story. It is about the youngest member of the family- a sister. I have read books that describe the youngest daughter as a hoyden who was neglected for older siblings, strong willed and defiant to separate themselves from older siblings, threated as ignorant or "too young" by their parents or older siblings, defiant, guilty for causing the death of a mother, sad or jealous of older siblings who knew parents etc., but Ms Balogh stepped outside of the traditional characteristics and created a wonderful character who knew who she was, who knew how she fit into her family and thrived sometimes better than her other siblings, who understood in her heart the difference between right and wrong-correct and incorrect and had the strength of character to act on the rightness without the blinders that separated humanity into categories and knew that she would always have the support of those who she knew and loved. In other words, Morgan is the type of person we all want to be even if we know we will never have to be.
I loved the way the story presents itself, it is very well written, very believable and totally in character. BUT, I hate books that have war as the central theme. Pain, heartache, a sense of uselessness and man's inhumanity to man are not my favorite way to spend a day reading.
She finds herself in Brussels in the days prior to the Battle of Waterloo, under the care of a good friend's parents who also have a son in the officers corp of the English life guard whom everyone expects her to marry. She is marked by an old adversary of her eldest brother as a means of revenge. While she recognizes that there are undercurrents that don't "feel" right to her, she finds that the "adversary/hero" is the one person that supports and understands her motives and decisions to remain in Brussels after the majority of English retire back home. The book jacket does not allude to the reason Morgan defies society and remains in Brussels. I hesitate to mention it in this review although it is the majority of the middle portion of the book. So be prepared, it is well written and can very easily pull you into the blood/guts/gore/fear of that era. This is a tear-jerker to anyone who has/d a close family member in the military in a combat situation or lost a close family member in service-which is many of my generation. When that loss is added to the sense of betrayal she feels when she learns of the animosity between her hero and her older brother, the rumors about her time in Brussels among her peers and the feelings of distrust she starts to experience about her own perceptions then we all can identify with that struggle. The work is well written and that fact alone makes it a difficult read sometimes but the end result is well worth the time. As with all of the books in this series, there is also clues that interact with other books, and this one adds a dimension to Wulfric's story that whet's the curiosity appetite without spoiling his complex character chapter.
Regency romance with sex.

This is Morgan's story. She's the youngest of the Bedwyns at 18. She finds herself in Brussels days before the battle of Waterloo. Why Wulf has allowed her to go is a mystery, because it's a huge mistake on his part. An old enemy, our hero Gervase, finds out who she is & decides to have some revenge.
Alleyne her next oldest brother is also there working for the embassy, but he's not really a very good chaperone. She's supposed to be with a friend's family, under the chaperonage of the mother. She's not a very effective chaperone either. All in all, Wulfric is a more human head of the family than say Rothgar of the Malloran series. Rothgar wouldn't have allowed any sister of his to go to Brussels, or anywhere like that without him or someone who wouldn't leave her side. He's more of a ruthless, omnipotent fellow.

Gervase decides on the old, "revenge on the helpless sister of the guy he hates" trope. Of course that one never works out & he finds himself liking her, then falling for her. There's a 12 year age difference between them, but I guess in that time period it's not that outrageous.

This story is somewhat more exciting then the previous ones. There's more of a sense of urgency with the battle & its aftermath. I think Morgan is decidedly more mature then her years, in fact sometimes unrealistically so. In some ways, she acts more like her teenage years.
The twist with Marianne is something not done in a MB book, though I suspected that was how it was.
A fitting story for Morgan!
SLIGHTLY TEMPTED is the fourth novel in the Bedwyn series. It is the story of Morgan, the youngest Bedwyn sibling. In Brussels, she meets Gervese Ashford, the Earl of Rosthorn. The clever, smiling Gervese approaches Morgan at a ball and ends up wooing her. What Morgan doesn't know is Gervese is seeking revenge against her brother, the Duke of Bewcastle because of events that lead to Gervese's exile from England nine years ago. Because of the return of Napoleon, war is coming to the continent. Morgan and Gervese end up spending a week together where they become genuine friends. Once returning to England, Gervese's desire for revenge and the events of 9 years ago threaten to tear the two apart.

The First part of this book is simply magnificent. It is beautiful and poignant. Gervese struggles with his desire for revenge and his feelings toward Morgan. Once they are back in England, I loved the scene where Morgan confronts Gervese with his perfidy. Although young, Morgan is strong and no one's fool. I also very much enjoyed the idea expressed in this book that forgiveness is a conscious choice that can give peace.

I really enjoyed the scenes with the various Bedwyn siblings who I have become fond of in this series.

I would rate this one a 4.5.
Couldn’t stand the “hero” and the “heroine” was a spoiled brat. I understand the storyline was to keep them off at the edge of Waterloo but it just seems like everyone in the storyline was selfishly in to thinking only of themselves.
When I read the review, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the book, but it was a well written story! The only thing I didn't care for was the beginning which dealt with the war. Morgan was so amazing for such a young woman with her deep insights & thoughts in regards to life. I was rather surprised about the revelation about Marianne & Henrietta although it's been a part of life since the beginning of time. Can't wait to start the next in the series.
I have found that all the novel in the "Slightly" series are a good read. I do suggest that one read them in order. There are many references to the previous novel that reading them in order makes more sense. But they can be read as a stand alone novel.
Slightly Tempted download epub
Author: Mary Balogh
ISBN: 1417712880
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Language: English
Publisher: San Val (December 2003)