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2000) A novel by Martine Berne. Damiem, the Marquis of Reston, a suave and irresistible rake, meets his match when Caroline Smythe, a clever and determined young lady, sets out to reform the scoundrel. Genre: Historical Romance. Used availability for Martine Berne's A Perfect Rogue.

A Perfect Rogue is a perfect read

A Perfect Rogue is a perfect read. We romance readers look for certain elements in a novel: enticing descriptions of appealing characters, a strong sense of time and place, comfort and familiarity in the plot (but not too much predictability). Martine Berne has given us all this and more. We really feel that we're transported to the setting of the story

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A Perfect Rogue - Martine Berne. Surely the pounding of her heart is a product of her outrage. But should she flee the rogue or aid him wholeheartedly in her own seduction?

A Perfect Rogue - Martine Berne. But should she flee the rogue or aid him wholeheartedly in her own seduction? Or the man of her dreams? True, wicked women have kept Damien's heart at bay.

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Damiem, the Marquis of Reston, a suave and irresistible rake, meets his match when Caroline Smythe, a clever and determined young lady, sets out to reform the scoundrel. Original.

Comments: (6)

Unlike other reviewers, I won't say that this book was totally bad because it wasn't. I mean certain points could be changed, like making the characters more interesting and making the hero less cold.
Damien, the Marquis of Reston saves Caroline Smythe after she jumps in front of his carriage to save a little doggy. He takes care of Caroline by hiring a doctor to bandage her and she was unconscious for a few days from a minor scrape. Then she's under his care for a few days and because of that people just assume that she was his mistress. Damien is known as a rake among the ton. That assumption cost her, her job of a governess. So Damien decides to be a nice guy and hires her to be the governess of his sister Augusta in Windemere, the place where Augusta and Aunt Violet lives.
Caroline thought that Augusta would be a small child but in truth, she is a grown woman and in an age to be married off. When Caroline receives a marriage proposal from a local doctor, Augusta decided to go to London because she couldn't stand to see Caroline married off to a weakiling. In London, Aunt Violet dresses up both Augusta and Caroline to the latest fashion and pretty soon, Damien starts to notice how lovely Caroline is. But one problem that exist is that Damien is already bethrothed adn can not pursue Caroline, even if he does love her because his honor is at stake here and he is a man of honor. Yet there is something between them....but could they resolve it and what of the little detail that Damien has a fiancee ?
THe problems that I had with this books is that in the very beginning it was really boring and I also noticed how most of the sentences ended with an exclamation mark. I also thought that the important characters down played on their emotions. I don't want things to be totally dramatic but I also don't want to see the characters not showing enough emotions. THere were many parts where the characters lacked the proper show of emotions also another thing that I really hated was that a lot of parenthesis were used. I think this is the first book I've read with so much parenthesis!
That's it for now because I don't really want to bash this book.
^_^ ~ Izzy
A little less party-going, a little more character development would have helped this book. And, I can't believe I'm saying this, but there were too many exclamation marks! The whole book! Is like! This! And this! And this! (With a little of this thrown in for good measure.)

The main couple, Damien and Caroline, did not have that hot, sexy chemistry necessary for an unforgettable romance. Their scenes together were all a bit "meh" to me. Most memorable was when they had sex, because the prose would go purple for one sentence and then the next would be non-embarrassing. It was like the forces of bad and good writing were battling it out on the page. A novel technique! Only I doubt it was intentional.

I concur with the other reviewer who said that bringing historical figures into the story was a little bit contrived, though it did show a geeky affection for the time period, and if you enjoy trivia it's kind of neat.
Miss Caroline Smythe throws herself under the Marquis of Reston's carriage to save a dog from certain death. The dog is saved but in the process, Miss Smythe is knocked unconscious. Damien, Lord Reston, feels a responsibility for the poor wretch that is injured. Unfortunately, his reputation as a rogue has preceded him to this small town. Caroline's reputation is tainted because of their association and she loses the governess job that she had been hoping to fill. Damien offers Caroline a governess position at his home in Windmere, schooling his sister.
A Perfect Rogue has a decent storyline. There are several subplots and surprises that help the story along. However, I would have to agree with the previous reviewer who complained of the author's writing style. Several times during the course of dialogue, the author inserted a thought in parenthesis. It is a distracting habit and does not flow very well. It causes one to wonder if the character is saying the thought or thinking it?
I also didn't care for the way great historical figures made cameo appearances in the middle of the book-Prince George, Byron and his wife to name a few. I thought the scenes were a bit contrived and a bit too "Forrest Gump". I also found it doubtful that all those important people would notice a mere chaperone, after all.
There were too many distracting situations that I was not able to set aside for the sake of the story. It was a so-so read.
A Perfect Rogue
By Martine Berne
I must say that this story was great to some extent, but not really one of the best romance stories I've read or have yet to read. Of course it has the very handsome and dashing hero. With the most outrageously black reputation that could have put any great family name to shame, but instead, makes him one of the most desired and eligible gentlemen alive. In this case, the hero is betrothed to a virtually dull, and very snobbish miss.
The heroine is, of course, a very respectable, modest, and hard working woman whom has gone though life's most unpleasant situation, as mention in this book a war between the English and the French, just to find herself in the hands of one of London's most irresistible rogue. The heroine, to say at lest, is very beautiful in a natural way that has every man in sight flocking her way. But she of course holds only one rogue in her innocent hearts of heart.
I must say though that Caroline gave herself over to Damien too easily and to early in the story to leave us reader any imagination as to what would come next in the story. As to Damien, his confession of love too came to early in the story, and again leaves the reader's romantic sensibility briefed.
A word of suggestion though, pertaining to the actual writing of the novel, I think that using exclamation marks are great, but using them at the end of almost every sentence is a bit extreme, not to mention, makes the characters seems to always shout at each other. All-in-all, A Perfect Rogue was a very much typical and predicable romance story that leaves much to be desired.
A Perfect Rogue download epub
Author: Martine Berne
ISBN: 0821768484
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Language: English
Publisher: Zebra (July 1, 2000)