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by Constance O'Banyon

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You would think think having a stepmother like Clare would ensure a feeling of sympathy for the heroine.

by. Constance O'Banyon (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. You would think think having a stepmother like Clare would ensure a feeling of sympathy for the heroine.

You would think think having a stepmother like Clare would ensure a feeling of sympathy for the heroine. Not so. Lauren was her own worst enemy, which was somewhat understandable at 15 but not so much when she returned home at 19.

I feel that I am speaking for my gender when saying that any man could pick up this book and fully enjoy it.

The agreement (secret fires). SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE (Anthology).

DANGEROUS LIAISON Since childhood, her true identity has been a kept secret

The Official Constance O'Banyon Page Her books range from historical to contemporary and include several novellas  . DANGEROUS LIAISON Since childhood, her true identity has been a kept secret.

Lauren McBride returns to the Circle M ranch as a beautiful, confident woman, certain of her own mind

A wild and passionate love affair brings our hero and heroine together. Neither can resist the attraction they feel for one another and everything else takes second place. Constance O'Banyon. ark:/13960/t8qc18c5b.

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Secret Fires Series The Agreement by Constance O'Banyon 2001 p. Luanne rice 10 books home fires dance with me secret hour angels all over town.

Complete Set Series - Lot of 4 Secret Fires books by multiple authors (Romance).

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Book by O'Banyon, Constance

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This story revolves around Lauren, the little sister of the family. Her story is unexpected as is her relationship with her father and others in this story. You must pick up a copy of this story for yourself. I highly recommend it!
I bought this book because it got such high reviews and have to say I was a bit dissapointed. It was frustrating for me during the whole book that the only thing keeping them apart was a silly misunderstanding. For some reason everyone else seemed to love it. I was expecting to be wowed.
I have to say that I felt a direct connection to Lauren McBride right from the start. Lauren grew up on a ranch that was struggling to make ends meet. Their nearest neighbors were the Lassiter's. Rich and powerful, the Lassiter,s had everything the McBrides never would. And to make matters worse Lauren was in love with the Lassiter's son, Garret. Granted Lauren was just a little girl when the much older Garret befriended her. But Garret was different from the rest, he worked hard, was an honest man, but most of all he didn't mind Lauren the kid tagging after him. They spent years as good friends, Lauren sighing on everything Garret did. When Lauren is sent away to get a proper education she has to tell her friend
Garret goodbye. Garret finally does what Lauren has wanted every since she became friends with him......he kisses her... and ignites a passion in both of them. For Lauren it was her first kiss from the young man she had adored all her life. She knows that Garret will find someone to love and it won't be her. For Garrett the kiss was a promise to last a lifetime. A kiss he has every intention of honoring if he can find a way. Then he's offered an agreement.
In 1882 Texas, Lauren McBride knows she loves Garret Lassiter. However, her father and her brothers reject anything Lassiter, as the family is their enemy. His killing of her father's favorite steed, even to protect her, did not help any relationship form. Though he loves her Garret breaks her heart, as the timing is wrong because she is too young and not a woman yet. All Lauren knows is that she must forget Garret and head east to live in Savannah as a lady.
Four years later, Lauren returns home to learn that her father demands she marry Garret if her brothers are to inherit the family property. She agrees to a marriage of convenience, but he wants more even as he hides his love for her and she likewise does the same. Happiness between a Lassiter and a former McBride seemingly remains impossible
The latest "Secret Fires" Texas romance, THE AGREEMENT, is a tender tale that continue the McBride saga. The story line is genial because the lead couple make a warm pair that readers will adore. Though this novel lacks the bite of THE WILD ONE and THE HALF-BREED, the novel furnishes the audience with much merriment in its own way. Fans of this series will only have a short wait in terms of a calendar but not in terms of desire for the release of the next novel, THE LONER by Evelyn Rogers.

Harriet Klausner
Very good book. I don't write the best reviews, but I try not to give the book away. Lauren returns home after she recieves a letter from her fathers lawyer. She left home when she was young and returns a woman. Her father made arrangements for her to marry their neighbor Garret. She loved him when she was younger and still does love him. The book was really good. I have read it twice, along with the other ones in this series. I just don't remember everything, I read too many books to remember. Anyway like I already said the book is very good.
To give a little background, I'm a 34 year-old male who has never read a romance novel. It wasn't until I was in a car accident and had an extended hospital stay that I began reading O'Banyon's books. It was after hours, and the gift shop was closed, all my wife had for me to read was The Agreement. I was reluctant at first but decided may options were limited and read it anyway. After the first page, I was hooked. I couldn't put it down! I left the hospital a week later and immediately went to the bookstore to buy every Constance O'Banyon book I could get my hands on. She writes historical based stories with the perfect mixture of action and romance. I feel that I am speaking for my gender when saying that any man could pick up this book and fully enjoy it. She is the only romance novelist I have read and the only one I will ever read. I highly recommend this book to anyone, male or female who is looking for a classic story.
Constance O'Banyon is one of my favorite authors, after Nora Roberts. I read THE AGREEMENT and it is WONDERFUL!!! I fell in love with Lauren and Garret's story and didn't want to let them go. Then to my surprise, I looked in the back of the book and dsiscovered I didn't have to let them go. Three other authors had written about the McBride family. Elaine Barbieri wrote the first book THE WILD ONE, and it's a really good book--and Lauren is in her book. THE HALF-BREED is the next in the series. While it was a really good book, Lauren and Garret were not in it. The third is my fovorite, of course, THE AGREEMENT! THE LONER is by Evelyn Rogers and puts a wonderful ending to the series, and Lauren and Garret are throughout her book. If you want a good read, settle back with all four of these books--but read them in order. And I promise you when you get the THE AGREEMENT, you will be hooked.
I found this author by accident because I was reading Elaine Barbairi's book, The Wild One, and discovered it was a series. Can Mrs. O'Banyon ever tell a great story! By the time I got to the Agreement, I was three books into the series and she brought a fresh meaning to the over all series--hers is the tender love story that will touch your heart, and if you aren't in love, you'll wish you were. Lauren and Garret's story will make you warm all over and wish you had someone to love you the way he loves her. Althouth Mrs. Barbieri is my favorite author, I'm moving Mrs. O'Banyon into second place favorite author. You simply must read the Secret Fire Series!
The Agreement (Secret Fires) download epub
Author: Constance O'Banyon
ISBN: 0843948787
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Language: English
Publisher: Leisure Books (June 1, 2001)
Pages: 400 pages