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by Anne Weale

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The Feast of Sara book. She sold her first novel as Anne Weale to Mills and Boon in 1955 at the age of 24. At 30, with seven books published, she "retired" to have a baby and become a full-time writer.

The Feast of Sara book. She raised a delightful son, David, who is as adventurous as his father. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel.

Weale published numerous books, including numerous romance novels which have appeared in various series through the . Girl About Town Christina Comes To Town (1965). The Feast of Sara (1965). Terrace in the Sun (1966).

Weale published numerous books, including numerous romance novels which have appeared in various series through the 1980s and 90s. Anne considered her longer novels her greatest works. These books were written in the 80s and are now out of print. Nevertheless, readers all over the world continue to find her books in second-hand bookshops and libraries. The majority of these titles focus on a fictional English country manor, Longwarden, and its inhabitants throughout time.

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February 1981 : UK Paperback.

Anne Weale - the complete book list. Anne Weale began her writing career as a newspaper reporter. At 30, she had published seven novels. She briefly retired to start a family. Weale has now written over 80 novels and has traveled the world with her family. Contemporary Romance. The glamorous, successful folk singer Sara Winchester was trying to make a fundamental decision - whether or not to marry a charming, eminently suitable man who loved her deeply. But still she hesitated.

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If you can’t say anything nice… don’t say anything at all.

If you can’t say anything nice…come sit by me.

What to do, what to do?


The heroine is a sensible 19 year old that goes to Camargue, France to help her pregnant cousin that seems at her wits end with emotionally distant verging on mean French relatives. In reality the cousin is a vain, shallow user. There are much worse rotten relatives out there, but she’s bad enough.

The h is not exactly welcomed to the French household that includes the misogynistic hero, his grumpy aunt and a potential other woman that is just too good at everything. The h doesn’t really care at first, but spends time with her cousin. When the aunt gets hurt, the h steps in to take care of everything the hard way as the house doesn’t have running water, a refrigerator, etc. Written in 1966 this is believable. Horrifying, but believable. Run girl.

Examples of cousin’s selfishness is she demands the h set her hair after a hard’s day work getting up at 5:00 a.m., cooking for twelve, etc, and after the baby is born has the heroine take the baby into her own room because she can’t or won’t deal with her THREE DAY OLD BABY. THREE. DAYS. OLD.

The hero is a horse’s patoot. Nothing nice to say and has a “derisive” look on his face at all times.

'When you have more experience, you will realise that it is a woman's nature to submit. One cannot reverse the natural order of life."

Again, barf, and I hate you. This man will never remember your birthday and will always be home late for dinner with no apologies.

How do we end up with a HEA since the hero tells the heroine to go to back to green England?

The evil woman gets mad at the heroine because she wants the H even though OW has been kissing other men, and the h tells her she’s fine not marrying the H as long as the OW doesn’t. The OW essentially has her horse rear and attack the heroine. Tiny h is saved by the hero who wants to teach the OW a lesson she needs to learn. What does the h say? You got it. No, she didn’t mean to...Oh FORGET IT! (End spoiler)]

The hero told her to go back to England because he will always be a part of the land of Camargue and a cowboy essentially, and it wouldn't be fair to her. He may have been right. His declaration of love is very passionate, but darned if I can figure out where he dug it out from. Stillest waters ever.

All in all, not awful but not great. The fact that this was written in 1966 and there is a “Woman be thinking too much” air about it should have been obvious.
Really enjoyed this story about Jocelyn, a doctors daughter who travels to the Camargue region of Southern France to support her pregnant cousin who is not settling into the very different culture and lifestyle of her new husbands family home.

Jocelyn finds herself at odds with Gervaise, the brother in law but soon changes her mind. He is wary of 'foreigners' believing Jocelyn would not settle like her cousin.

This was a sweet story in an interesting and unusual setting.
The Feast Of Sara (U) download epub
Author: Anne Weale
ISBN: 0708910793
Category: Romance
Language: English
Publisher: Ulverscroft (January 1, 1984)
Pages: 304 pages