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by Marion Lennox

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Princess Of Convenience. A book in the Heart to Heart series, 2005. It was a marriage of convenience. Such things have been happening in royal families forever, and every person in this country wants you to marry.

Princess Of Convenience. Dear Reader, I do like a good dose of royalty.

Princess of Convenience book. Author: Marion Lennox. Raoul needs a bride, fast, if he’s to be Prince Regent of Alp’Azuri. He’d rather carry on his work as a doctor, but his country’s future is at stake. Jessica agrees to marry Raoul, but she will return home the next day. "strong" } He'd rather carry on his work as a doctor with a medical aid agency, but his country's future is at stake - and so is his nephew's life. Beautiful yet vulnerable Jessica agrees to marry Raoul, but she will return home to Australia the next day.

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Marion Lennox Royal Marriage Of Convenience A book in the By Royal Appointment series, 2008CHAPTER ONE ‘ROSE-ANITRA, we have a surprise for yo. Rose sighed. In her experience surprises from her in-laws were like surprises in a fairground ghost-train: ‘Surprise!’ followed by green slime-or worse. Rose had spent the evening on a windswept scree, delivering a calf which had taken one look at the outside world.

Books related to Princess of Convenience. More by Marion Lennox. Baby in Waiting: A Delightful Romantic Comedy. How She Married a Sheikh: A Surprising Love Story. Little Cowgirl on His Doorstep. The Nanny Who Saved Christmas. While admiring the picture-perfect beautiful landscapes on a drive through the country, an out-of-control car smashes into Jessica's car at full speed and knocks her out! When she regains consciousness, she finds herself at the royal palace. Alp'Azuri's Prince Raoul's fiancee died in that crash.

Marion Lennox was born and raised in a farming community in Australia Princess of Convenience by Marion Lennox: 2006 Rita Awards Best Novel winner.

Marion Lennox was born and raised in a farming community in Australia. She has taught statistics, been a medical receptionist, and been employed in computing at university. She is married and has two children and lives in Queenscliff, Victoria. The Baby Affair by Marion Lennox: 2000 RWAustralia's Romantic Book of the Year Finalist. Marriage for Maggie by Trisha David: 2001 RWAustralia's Romantic Book of the Year Finalist. Bachelor Cure by Marion Lennox: 2001 RWAustralia's Romantic Book of the Year Finalist. Princess of Convenience by Marion Lennox: 2006 Rita Awards Best Novel winner.

She hadn’t factored in the ‘princess’ stuff. Nothing to do but reign. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

A Royal Marriage of Convenience, page 11. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17. ‘We’re in this together,’ he whispered into her hair, and that was terrifying as well. She hadn’t factored in the ‘princess’ stuff.

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I'm kinda new to the review request arena, so I'm not sure if this review is just the book (writing and story) or the book and the purchase, so I guess I'll cover both and alter it later (if I can), if I find out it was just the book.

I went looking for this book because a stumbled across the manga version online and thought it would be fun to compare to the actual novel as the manga version was quite enjoyable. It was interesting comparing, and -- of course -- there were some alterations for adaptation to the shorter drawn form. Some novel scenes were deleted, others altered, and still others taken in a little different direction. Overall, I can say it was a pleasant read, but I was rather surprised to find I enjoyed the manga version more. Among a few of the changes, the alternative meal and pot destruction went missing while 'alpacas in waiting' was given significance, and the treasure in the nuptial chamber was discovered, not arranged. In the case of both, however, one of the points my old fashion sensibilities appreciated was the bed came AFTER the marriage, and it was tastefully handled. As romances go, this followed a simple tried and true formula without any odd illogics or 'huh?' moments to spoil the flow. I liked the characters -- both strong personalities of good repute, despite their mutual need for healing from their troubled pasts -- and there wasn't much a prude, such as myself, could really object to. On the other hand, it followed a simple tried and true formula without any real 'Oh, wow! That surprised me," twists, hence the 'average, it's okay' rating.

Now, the merchant, Quality Bargain Mall, on the other hand... They delivered quickly and I didn't pay a lot, and I'm glad, because I would have really gotten irritated if I had paid more or had to add shipping to the cost. I knew I wasn't getting a mint condition, or even near new book, but its condition was still disappointing. Amazon defines "Used - very good" as "... The item is complete, unmarked, and undamaged, but may show some limited signs of wear. Item works perfectly." The book I received had a tear in the cover, some "artistic" scribbles on the face page, and a grimy feel -- including some crusty protrusions -- on the front and back cover, as well as some distinct signs of wear in white crease lines in the spine. Clear tape repaired the cover and the grime w/ crusties came off with a damp wash cloth, but you can't do much about ball point pen or creases so those remain. I bought it for the story, and for the price I paid, that part was intact, so I can't complain too loudly, but it was still rather unpleasant to receive - I mean, who knew WHAT those crusties were. I was also disappointed with their customer service. Granted I wasn't seeking refund/replacement, but I did write them to express my dissatisfaction with receiving a worn, dirty, torn, marked "Used - very good" book and they didn't even deign to respond with an 'oops' or a 'sorry'. I might be willing to try buying "Used - very good" again, but not from them.
This is one of my favorite books. You laugh and cry and you smile as its people overcome sorrow to find lasting love with each other. Enjoy.
Awesome book!!!!!!
This story is beautifully drawn, what a lovely story! Painful pasts and loved ones lost bring the two main characters together. This story highlights on a hope for tomorrow as love starts to bloom.
Because I like a good romance. especially ones with a Princess and Prince in It. This was good I couldn't put it down.
Cute story. I don't think I would have purchased this book to read without the drawing but it was well written and well drawn. I enjoyed it.
I never thought I'd like this book so much. I rated some violence since people get shoved and it mentions some drug-related deaths. No strong sexual content, just innuendos. I really liked the character's backstories and I loved this book for so much more than the romance. Has an excellent strong female character and is just really satisfying in the way two people can come together through circumstance and great suffering.
Princess of Convenience download epub
Author: Marion Lennox
ISBN: 0263848795
Category: Romance
Language: English
Publisher: HARLEQUIN MILLS & BO; New Ed edition (February 3, 2006)