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by Sara Wood

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The italian count’s command. She couldn’t believe her sister’s reluctance to bring the whole Severini family to book. Not one of them had an honourable bone in the whole of their aristocratic, self-serving body

The italian count’s command. Not one of them had an honourable bone in the whole of their aristocratic, self-serving body. A silent rage boiled within her as her husband’s handsome, savagely cruel face swam before her eyes.

Much as it pains him to do so, Dante has had no choice but to believe the evidence against his wife. He had wanted nothing more to do with Miranda-but their son has been missing his mother.

About this Item: Paperback. A readable copy of the book which may include some defects such as highlighting and notes

About this Item: Paperback. A readable copy of the book which may include some defects such as highlighting and notes. Cover and pages may be creased and show discolouration. Seller Inventory GOR002615601.

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For handsome Italian Count Alessio Ramontella, seducing women comes as naturally as breathing. But Laura seems to have a future with another man. Alessio has a decision to make: should he leave well alone.

"strong" , em } Miranda’s estranged husband, Count Dante Severini, thinks she is an unfaithful gold digger, but their son misses her. So Dante issues a command. land - until he realises that she has grown into a feisty beauty. An intense sexual attraction burns between them, but will Kate agree to become his mistress? {"strong" , em } Juan Mansanto, Duque de la Caniza, is an arrogant autocrat who always gets what he want. nd he wants Georgiana. But he’s supposed to be her guardian - and engaged to another woman!

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Dante has been relegated for however long w/ rumors of his wife's neglect of their child, her use of recreational drugs, and partying ways w/ OM. But he has never been forced to face the evidence of these rumors, until now. His loving brother informs Dante that Miranda, his wife of four years, is drunk, out cold and there is evidence of her entertaining another man in their bedroom! Yep, it doesn't look good for Miranda after all why would Dante's brother lie?

But then it suddenly doesn't look good for Dante either. He believes what he sees and walks out of the house, his marriage, and wife taking their three year old child, w/ no direction for Miranda. She gets to search relentlessly for her precious child until her estranged husband finally calls and invites her to come to them to help settle their boy as he is unsettled w/out her around. However, it is remarked upon that the child is settled - confusing that. Does Dante question the rumors at that point? Nope. Miranda has to point things out to him and he finally relents on the neglect aspect, but not the cheating portion. Apparently four years of marriage did NOT breed any trust into their r/s!

Yes, I understand that it didn't help that Miranda seemed to guard her emotions and was not overly fond of displaying her affection, but seriously if one portion of the rumor was questionable shouldn't he have wondered about other portions? Dante and Miranda's story held my interest to a point. Once I started questioning the things that Dante believed I found myself frustrated w/ his easy acceptance of something when he and Miranda had been married for so long. Yes, he was probably listening to negative things for several years, but not once did he find any evidence to support those rumors. Then there is the child that is clearly capable of speech and said child didn't seem to say anything either! No mention of any "uncles" coming to visit or the fact that "mommy is always walking into walls and falling over things" - zilch! Also he must have heard negative things about the other party, but he doesn't buy them at all.

Dante ran hot and cold several times and it left me wondering what the heck he was thinking to push her away one moment and then reel her in as though nothing is going on just to fling her aside again. He didn't seem to care to get to the bottom of the mystery night as he wanted to protect himself. I'm still wondering why he didn't at least seek better care for her at that time rather than leaving her on her own or perhaps w/ his brother

**SPOILER/QUESTIONS** Why he didn't finish what he started and if not why something more tragic didn't befall Miranda? Also we are to believe that bro didn't do what he set out to do, but instead talked on the phone first? Why? Why would he do that? That doesn't make sense as he seems to lack a morality chip to begin w/. So perhaps he did do that and he also knew that if he admitted it to his brother he would be dead so what is one more lie in the scheme of things? Miranda also seemed to change her mind as well. At one point she remembers that night as being helpless and unable to really move, but she is thinking no rape occurred then later she is thinking it did. One would think if you are so helpless and unable to move and another person is there then you can't really give consent thereby it is rape, right?

Dante seemed to show more compassion for the materialistic sister of Miranda than his own wife. Miranda was relegated w/ Dante's nastiness and user-ness throughout the story only to get a few page scrimpy grovel, that she didn't care for anyway because she was just so happy that they could be together in the end. Dante had no true defense in the end because there were others that spoke of his brother's treatment and questionable activities, but instead Dante places his sibling before his wife and there wasn't a lot of groveling for me to buy into the HEA. Dante is more concerned w/ the way things appear to others, yet he ignored the grumblings about his brother, all at the detriment of his wife and their marriage. The quick forgiveness by Miranda towards Dante is a bit annoying as well. Sure, once people are adults are for their actions, but so is Dante. He chose to believe the worst of his wife - yes she didn't believe the best of him either and that isn't really dealt w/ but appears moot given what she and her sister are subjected to - and he acted accordingly making her pay throughout the story. Sure would be nice if there was equality in these stories!!
Ok the story line was horrable but the way it was written was worth the 4 stars. I was not happy when reading this book by Sara Wood. She did a great job of bringing out my emotions in this story line. Here Miranda is accused of adultry by her husband Dante. She does not remember the incident. She has reaccouring nightmares about that night but nothing she can put her fingure on. He has taken their son away from her. But now he needs her back to calm the child. He is hateful and judgemental with her. But not all is what he is led to believe. There was a sinister plot behind her supposed betryal. Will the truth come out in time or will she never find out what happened that night? Sara Wood seems to bring out emotions that only a great writer should when doing this book. Not a typical HP story line though. HEA ending.
Dante was on his way home and called his home, his brother answered the phone and told him his wife was having sex with another man, and she was drunk, and their son was crying in another room. Dante our super rich alpha male, got home saw the condition of his wife and took off to Italy with his son. I never really warmed up to Dante, he was kind of a jerk. Miranda his beautiful wife could barely get up, and he was violently sick but Dante saw two glasses and the bottle of booze and assumed his brother was telling the truth. What a block head!! Miranda was annoyingly in love with this guy. He talked her into coming to Italy because his son was missing her, and it would have been a really good story if Dante was not such a jerk and the story had some conflict between the two. I gave it three stars because it did have a good ending.
The creepy issue of date rape ruins this story for me. It's dark, ugly and sinister through-out Miranda's nightmares and confused memory as well as Dante's relentless hatred for Miranda.

The only thing that saved it from being a one star is Miranda's determination to fight for her marriage and the surprise staunch loyalty from her dizsty sister Lizzie. I also loved that Dante could see that something wasn't adding up right once he saw Miranda in action with his son.

The strongly set comeuppance was spoiled when the guilty party was inadequately dealt with - considering the crime, a beating would have been quite in order! And the HEA is tainted by the continuing thread of date rape. Icky for me but I do admire Miranda's words to Dante - "The nightmare is over, Dante. Let's shut the door on it and walk into the light again. Together."
This is kind of an icky book. Count Dante Severini believes his wife Miranda had a drunken party that included sex with his younger brother. Dante takes their child & leaves Miranda but lets her come back because the child cries for her constantly. Miranda has no way to prove her innocence & the brother goes out of his way to make sly references to that night when Dante is out of earshot. Of course, Dante will believe no bad things about his brother when Miranda tries to inform him of his brother's obnoxious behavior toward her. It takes a near rape of Miranda's sister to get Dante to finally see what a scumbag his brother really is. I was really uncomfortable reading this book.
Miranda still keeps the love that she has for her late husband Count Dante Severini. He wants nothing to do with her but the son that they have together is wanting his mom. Dante knows that he can't be cruel to his son. So he gives Miranda a deal and she has to follow the rules.

This is a book that a husband listens to what someone says or the evidence. The kind of story that a man will find out that he is wrong but he has an alpha male and it will be hard for him to admit he was wrong.
The Italian Count's Command (Modern Romance) download epub
Author: Sara Wood
ISBN: 0263837971
Category: Romance
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (December 3, 2004)