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by Trish Morey

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Consequence of the Greek’s Revenge by Trish Morey. Be the first to reply.

Original TitlePrince's Virgin In Venice (Mills & Boon Modern) (Passion in Paradise, Book 4). CreatorTrish Morey. Identifieruuid:1b2-a832f4eafb22. Consequence of the Greek’s Revenge by Trish Morey.

Consequence of the Greek's Revenge. Prince's Virgin In Venice. will bind them together-forever! Athena Nikolides is wary of being exploited for her newly inherited fortune. 280. Published: 2019. The Italian Boss’s Secret Child. Duty And The Beast by Trish Morey Rescued from the clutches of a lascivious prince, Princess Aisha Peshwah quickly realises she's jumped out of the frying pan and headfirst into the fire. Her rescuer is Zoltan Al Farouk bin Shamal - an unashamed barbarian - who must marry Aisha himself to ensure he is crowned King!

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The greek boss's demand (modern romance . by trish morey. Forged in Ember by Trish Mccallan Paperback Book Free Shipping!

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Forbidden: the sheikh’s virgin According to Trish, writing and selling a book is a major life achievement that ranks up there with.

Forbidden: the sheikh’s virgin. All about the autho. rish Morey. TRISH MOREY wrote her first book at age eleven for a children’s-book-week competition. Entitled Island Dreamer, it told the story of an orphaned girl and her life on a small island at the mouth of South Australia’s Murray River. Island Dreamer also proved to be her first rejection. According to Trish, writing and selling a book is a major life achievement that ranks up there with motherhood and jumping out of an airplane. All three take commitment, determination and sheer guts, but the effort is so very, very worthwhile.

Trish Morey's official FB page. Hardback copies from the UK of my recent Presents/Modern release, Prince’s Virgin in Venice. Consequence of the Greek's Revenge is out this October, and this box of goodies just arrived on my doorstep. 4 November at 17:00 ·. One of the scariest bits about being an author is waiting for reader feedback.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good emotional romance with strong solid characters.

The Greek's Virgin (Modern Romance). Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13: 9780263852936.

TITLE:The Greek's Virgin (Modern Romance). ACCEPTABLE - May have major wear and tear. Will not be for the collector or suitable as a present unless hard to find elsewhere.

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I don't understand why some readers like this book. The writing is good. The incident between Saskia's father and a fifteen year old girl is unforgivable. Unlawful, morally wrong, untenable. Yet the author turns him into a hero - a much older man protecting the girl he "helped" because she asked him to. Yet the author describes the only person who holds him to account as "morally bankrupt.". But of course he can't resits the daughter of his sister's assailant. The formula for these books is the same: bad man taking advantage of innocent woman and ending up learning he was wrong. How about an author actually write a book where both main characters are flawed and yet can develop? That would be much more relatable to the audience and this book isn't for me. On top of that it sends a reprehensible message.
It was a well written book and the characters were fine, but it was not one of my favorite books. Alex while fine and rich was kind of cold but not where his sister was concerned. I think he could have treated Saskia with a little be more trust and love. She was down to earth and just too sweet for her own good. I liked his sister and she found herself through Saskias help. I recommend it because it's not boring.
This is the first book I've read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters had good chemistry and good dialogue. The storyline was believable. The story didn't wane or go on at all. It's a keeper for me and I definitely recommend it.
Again, Trish Morey has written an incredible love story. It's passionate, hot, intense and extremely entertaining. There are absolutely no words to describe how emotional and fabulous this story has been penned by this author.

How can one man be so stubborn? How can one jump to conclusions and not know the facts? Well one hot Greek by the name of Alex has played havoc with the beautiful and talented Saskia and on top of everything, he has taken her virginity.

As one begins their journey, you will learn that this couple not only have a business and family history, but a personal history.....one that was ended abruptly 10 years earlier when Alex's emotion and revenge were directed at Saskia for transgressions he believed her father enacted against his sister, Marla.

Now years later, Saskia is trying to take care of her father who is ill and short of funds. To do this she must earn a promotion by doing a profile on Alex Koutoufides and compete against a fellow co-worker. Will Alex comply? Only if he gets his way and can save his sister Marla from the press and the spotlight and Alex will do anything to protect her......even agreeing to the profile and using Saskia to divert the press. Yes and Alex, this stubborn and blind Alpha surprises everyone by announcing that they are getting married in order to divert the press from his sister.....hoping that she'll get her act together, heal and find herself.

As their story enfolds you will find yourself weeping, clenching your fists, wanting to throw items, shake the handsome Alex, yell......it's so full of emotion and such a wonderful storyline, you won't be able to put this particular book down.....I promise! You will absolutely adore and weep both for Sasika and Marla. I'm hopeful that Trish will write Marla and Jake's book.....please?

Since Trish began writing, I've enjoyed every book written but this one is exceptional and a real winner!
The Greek's Virgin (Modern Romance) download epub
Author: Trish Morey
ISBN: 0263852938
Category: Romance
Language: English
Publisher: Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (February 2, 2007)