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by Fred Saberhagen

Epub Book: 1936 kb. | Fb2 Book: 1915 kb.

Theseus is a young man sentenced to be sacrificed to the gods. Start by marking Ariadne's Web (Book of the Gods, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Theseus is a young man sentenced to be sacrificed to the gods.

4 The Books of the Gods. Boris Brazil: The Space Force Chronicles. Pilgrim, the Flying Dutchman of Time. Volumes 1, 2 & 3 were later republished in a heavily revised omnibus version called Empire of the East (Ace October 1979). Main article: Books of Swords. The First Book of Swords (Tor March 1983). The Second Book of Swords (Tor November 1983). The Third Book of Swords (Tor August 1984). The three volumes were reprinted in an omnibus version called The Complete Book of Swords (SFBC/Nelson Doubleday January 1985), later called The First Swords (Tor February 1999). The Books of Lost Swords.

Saberhagen, continues the Book of the Gods series that began with The Face of Apollo. Saberhagen, continues the Book of the Gods series that began with The Face of Apollo. Shiva has overthrown the rightful King Minos of Crete and in his place put a minion of the gods of Death. Sacrifices are demanded. Theseus, a young hostage, and his companions are doomed, unless Princess Ariadne, her brother. Ariadne is the daughter of the King Minos.

Book of Swords 01 - First Book of Swords. Ariadne's Web. Saberhagen Fred. The Arms of Hercules (Book of the Gods, Volume 3). Fred Saberhagen.

Ariadne's Web, (Tor Jan. 2000). Volumes 1, 2 & 3 were reprinted in omnibus version The Books of the Gods, Part One, (SFBC Dec. The Arms of Hercules, (Tor Nov. God of the Golden Fleece, (Tor Aug. 2001). Gods of Fire and Thunder, (Tor Aug. 2002). 2000); Volumes 4 & 5 were reprinted in omnibus version The Books of the Gods, Part Two, (SFBC Oct.

Title: Ariadne's Web ( Book of the Gods, Vo.

Fred Thomas Saberhagen was an American Science fiction and Fantasy author, he was born on the 18th of May . The Arms of Hercules(2000). God of the Golden Fleece(2001). Gods of Fire and Thunder(2002).

Fred Thomas Saberhagen was an American Science fiction and Fantasy author, he was born on the 18th of May 1930, and he died on the 29th of June 2007. Saberhagen is best known for his Berserker series of science fiction stories.

List verified daily and newest books added immediately. Fred Saberhagen (1930-2007) was an American author of sci-fi/fantasy and best known for his Berserker series. His well known series include the Dracula series and the Book of Swords series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Saberhagen served in the . Air Force during the Korean War and worked as an technician for Motorola. (2000). The Arms of Hercules. God of the Golden Fleece. Gods of Fire and Thunder.

Theseus is a young man sentenced to be sacrificed to the gods. Ariadne is deeply in love with him. She conspires to save him from his grisly fate, but doesn't count on Dionysus stepping in to complicate matters. With mythical beasts and whimsical gods confronting them at every turn, Ariadne and Theseus must find their way through a maze of events that are as twisted as they are dangerous.

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As a fan of Fred's other works, I'd been waiting for the "Gods" series to debut on kindle for years. Sadly, they were out of print in paperback, which made the kindle versions that much more welcome.

Ariadne's web (and the gods series as a whole) incorporates many of the same power struggles we saw in the "swords" series, and might be considered a prequel of sorts. The biotech masks enable their wearers to take on the powers of the gods, both good and evil, and fred manages to weave their use into the history and mythos of the ancient world.

I'm not big on spoilers, so I'll just say this; In fred's tales, even the Gods have feet of clay. (They're only human, after all.)
Best Saberhagen series, in my opinion
Adrian's web, Now this wasn't the best Saberhagen book, the I have ever read, but don't get me wrong, it was still very good. Compared to the first book, Adrians web is less wonderous, but it is still just as strong in the writing and the flow of words. The imaginative aspect of fantasy books is there and while these is no "Lord of The Rings" it is still a very well crafted and interesting tale, that all should read
(I obtained a copy of this book from a book sale). I love the Greek myths! And I especially love the myths that have a strong heroine in them. And I loved the idea of a book centering on one of the strongest heroines in Greek mythology. But though this book has her name in the title, Ariadne wasn’t the starring character. That honor went to her brother, the narrative voice, and to Theseus, and even to Alex the Half-Nameless palace guard. Usually I avoid Fred Saberhagen books because a lot of the time (okay, of the two books I picked up in the past) they come off as being a bit sexist. And, sadly, this one is no exception. While Ariadne is strong in her convictions and not breaking under troubling times, most of the time she was doing her duty as damsel-in-distress and waiting around for someone to rescue her, and falling in love with practically everyone good-looking who so much as smiled in her direction. In fact, I really can’t put a finger to any of the women standing toe to toe with any of the male characters. And point of fact, there was absolutely no mention of any of the female gods who we know full well would have joined in the fight (like Athena and Artemis). I did love how the gods were portrayed in this with the unique perspective as a face that they put on and turn themselves into an avatar, sharing one body with the consciousness of a god. I loved that Dionysus, even though a god, had limitations and faults, making him all the more relatable and real, rather than just a mythical idea. And I did love the entourage of Dionysus. And I especially loved seeing Apollo and all the originality of his character being brought to life. I had picked this book up at a book sale, and it has made me very interested in getting my hands on the first book in the series with the introduction of Apollo’s avatar. I’m also dying to see where this story continues and if the Face of Zeus is ever found, and if there might be a continuation of the characters in this book. I’d also love to see the female goddesses brought to life with Faces. I thought it was imaginative that there was an idea that the sex of the avatar didn’t really matter and that the face of say Zeus could be picked up by a woman, though I have my doubts on the author being quite that progressive since the blurbs on the further books all looked like they focused on male gods and male demi-gods. As far as the book itself went, it did feel slow and long, which is why I’m not granting this a full 5. And I felt like I should start a drinking game each time the paragraph started with “I, Asterion, …” each time it started a paragraph from the minotaur’s point of view (it got to be laughable after awhile). But if you like Greek myths, it is a decent read and an interesting perspective on the Theseus and the Minotaur myth.
The second book in this series set in the world of Greek Mythology is a quick, entertaining read, but not as gripping as the first volume in the series, the Face of Apollo.

Character development is weaker than in the first volume, and the main character doesn't seem to have to struggle nearly as hard as the character who becomes Apollo did in the previous volume. Apollo makes an appearance in this volume, but his compatriots from the previous volume do not.
Love Me
I read the 1st book of the gods and though it was a mite slow at first, it soon gathered speed and was a really enjoyable book with lots of adventure and action. But the 2nd installment was too confined for way too long and I found myself wondering if I was even reading the same author that I know and love for many years. But I hung in there and it got better but just not great. When he writes about a person changing into a god and mixing with all of the others, thats when he's at his best and its real interesting. Apollo made a guest appearance and that was one of the shining moments in the book, but overall it kind of left me flat and wondering what was this all about?
i'll admit the book was a bit slow at first but as i progressed on the evolution of the chracters and their changing interactions gave me a sense of flow. i'm willing to forgive the fact that the ending was a bit weak, i'll admit even the most creative writers have trouble blending wildly opposite elements into a single continous thread but the fact that the book jumped around and hardly gave room for any of the lead characters to move past their pasts and accept the future disappointed me just a bit. given that nearing the end it seems that ariadne and dionysus/alex seem to accept their situations it all seemed lumped together. not the best sequel to a series but an acceptable book nontheless
Ariadne's Web ( Book of the Gods, Vol. II ) download epub
Author: Fred Saberhagen
ISBN: 0812590465
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Language: English
Publisher: Tor Fantasy; First Edition edition (January 15, 2001)