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Into the Looking Glass book. This is military science fiction novel. Ringo adds some humor along with the science Into the Looking Glass by John Ringo is the first book in his Looking Glass series

Into the Looking Glass book. Ringo adds some humor along with the science Into the Looking Glass by John Ringo is the first book in his Looking Glass series. When an accident in a physics lab at University of Central Florida causes a huge explosion, physicist William (Bill) Weaver and Navy SEAL Command Master Chief Robert Miller are sent in to investigate.

Into the Looking Glass is an exciting adventure. It starts with an enormous mysterious explosion, quickly introduces many diverse characters, and brings the excitement and fighting that John Ringo does so well.

Into the Looking Glass by John Ringo. There are a few deliberate mistakes in the physics in this book (for reasons of security) and I’m sure there are some that are undeliberate. To Doc Travis, one hell of a physicist, without whom this book would have made exactly no sense. All mistakes, intentional or unintentional, should be laid upon my doorstep.

Into the Looking Glass is the first novel in the Looking Glass military hard science fiction series, written by American author John Ringo. The book was released in March 27, 2007 by Baen Books. The story involves travel through portals called looking glasses, the discovery of other worlds, and the aliens that inhabit them. The novel chronicles the events directly preceding Vorpal Blade (2008).

The Looking Glass War. PENGUIN BOOKS. John le Carré was born in 1931. His third novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, secured him a worldwide reputation, which was consolidated by the acclaim for his trilogy Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Honourable Schoolboy and Smiley’s People. His later novels include The Constant Gardener, Absolute Friends, The Mission Song and A Most Wanted Man.

John Ringo had visited 23 countries and attended 14 schools by the time he graduated high school. This left him with a wonderful appreciation of the oneness of humanity and a permanent aversion to foreign food. He chose to study marine biology and really liked it. Unfortunately the pay was for beans. So he turned to quality control database management, where the pay was much better. His highest hopes were to someday upgrade to SQL Server, at which point, he thought, his life would be complete.

INTO THE LOOKING GLASS John Ringo This is a work of fiction Into the looking glass, John Ringo.

INTO THE LOOKING GLASS John Ringo This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form. A Baen Books Original. Baen Publishing Enterprises . Box 1403 Riverdale, NY 10471 ww. aen. Cover Art Kurt Miller. First Hardcover printing, June 2005. Into the looking glass, John Ringo. p. cm. ISBN 0-7434-9880-1 (hc) 1. Human-alien encounters-Fiction. 2. Explosions-Fiction.

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WORST TWO OUT OF THREE When a 60 kiloton nuclear explosion destroys the University of Central Florida, terrorism is the. Books related to Into the Looking Glass.

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The experiment opened a gateway to the stars-and Hell's own spawn was on the other side. Science fiction adventure by the author of the New York Times best sellers When the Devil Dances and Hell's Faire.When a 60-kiloton explosion destroyed the University of Central Florida, and much of the surrounding countryside, the authorities first thought that terrorists had somehow obtained a nuclear weapon. But there was no radiation detected, and, when physicist Dr. William Weaver and Navy SEAL Command Master Chief Robert Miller were sent to investigate, they found that in the center of the destruction, where the University's physics department used to be, was an interdimensional gateway to... somewhere. An experiment in subatomic physics had produced a very unexpected effect. Furthermore, other gateways were appearing all over the world-and one of them immediately began disgorging demonic visitors intent on annihilating all life on Earth and replacing it with their own. Other, apparently less hostile, aliens emerged from other gateways, and informed Weaver and Miller that the demonic invaders-the name for them that humans could most easily pronounce was the "Dreen"-were a deadly blight across the galaxy, occupying planet after planet after wiping out all native life. Now it would be Earth's turn, unless Weaver and Miller could find a way to close the gateways. If they failed, the less belligerent aliens would face the regrettable necessity of annihilating the entire Earth to save their own worlds. . . .

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I actually enjoyed this book, but it was difficult to get in to, initially at least, for me.

I've read other reviews, and a lot of them stated that it started off great, a science experiment gone wrong, resulting in a near nuclear explosion that caused the death of only 150,000 people or so, in the heart of Florida. The explosion though, or something associated with the experiment, caused the opening of gates to other places, meaning not earth. This is soon followed by an alien invasion. To me, the start was not fantastic. The premise was decent, and in keeping with classic science fiction.

The invasion is fought initially by the available U.S. military units, starting with the national guard, and proceeding to regular army, and special forces units. Eventually, citizens that like guns get involved. From there, the U.S. government is trying to correct or contain the problem. But it keeps expanding. They call up on William Weaver. Doctor William, or Bill, Weaver is a scientist, who has multiple degrees, and an athletic background, that just so happens to work for a company that does military contracts, and because of that, he has top secret clearance.

There also happens to be a number of military personnel that know a lot more about science than would normally be expected. The ones that know the most, just happen to be science fiction fans. These people just happen to be at the right place at the right time. It must also be stated that the majority of the effective defenders and characters tend to be politically conservative in view point.

The gates, start appearing, at other locations. The U.S. Military is called upon several times to defend the country on its own soil. Dr. Weaver calls upon his company to release a Top Secret project to fight the threat of the invaders, a project that is basically mechanized battle armor.

There are a lot of stereotypical plots devices in Into the Looking Glass; science experiment gone wrong, teleportation gates, alien Invasion, seemingly larger than life hero, mechanized battle armor, and eventually what may be termed a deus ex machina to resolve the primary storyline. The battle sequences are not as well thought out as many other such sequences in other Ringo Works, and really tend to be much more like a video game than an actual battle, in this case something along the lines of DOOM or Duke Nukem. These are weaknesses to this story, in my opinion.

However, I think Ringo did a really good job in laying the groundwork, or at least some background, to his "Looking Glass" series. It is not truly necessary to read "Into the Looking Glass" to get into the series, but it was a moderately successful attempt at the reasoning, as well as a good introduction to at least one primary enemy.

This is basically a classic SF piece, hearkening back over the decades, whose primary audience is the Science Fiction community. It takes a number of stabs at Ringo's particular soapbox, liberal and/or progressive politicos, so if you hold those tendencies, you will feel insulted in several instances.

Overall, "Into the Looking Glass" is a decent work, and it opens a pretty good series. I think he has done better, and I think he has done worse.
Really different but interesting and exciting alternate history-type book and series. I really loved the whole concept and all the books. I hope there are more to come!
Into the Looking Glass is an exciting adventure. It starts with an enormous mysterious explosion, quickly introduces many diverse characters, and brings the excitement and fighting that John Ringo does so well. It is easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys - except for the Mree, and to get involved in the science! Some of the science is very "out there" but the Kindle dictionary and Wikipedia were helpful. It is a great baseline for the series.
Another Ringo classic! Extremely well written and sucks you in from the first page and then just keeps going. Personally I wish the author would pick the series up and run with it again as four books just isn't enough!
Great novel. Twists and turns galore. I buy it. Got sucked in as only John Ringo can do. And all I can say is MAGA JOHN RINGO. Semper fi.
I always enjoy John's work, his earlier publications have some proofreading errors that are absent in later issues. He keeps you anticipating what is going to happen next.
Light out of Fildon
Lays groundwork for the continuing story. Slow going to begin with , but picked up the pace as the plot developed. Look forward to the next book. Where the author will take the story.
Really enjoyed this work from one of my favorite authors. I read this a while back, and I enjoyed it just as much.
Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, Book 1) download epub
Science Fiction
Author: John Ringo
ISBN: 0743498801
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Baen (May 3, 2005)
Pages: 288 pages