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by Dennis Schmidt

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Wayfarer, by Dennis Schmidt, (br) Voice of Youth Advocates Dec 1978. Bernhard the Conqueror, by Sam J. Lundwall, (br) Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide Nov 1973. FRIEDMAN, JERROLD DAVID (1944- ); see pseudonym David Gerrold.

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Prior to moving to Sydney in 2015, he taught at Binghamton University (1982-1994), Villanova University (1994-2003), and Penn State University (2003-2015).

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Comments: (6)

The book is a sci fi story with a Zen meditative "no mind" theme with martial arts stories and sword play. Good charactors and an interesting plot. There is suspense and the classic good versus evil. This is the first book in a 4 part series.
I really liked the first three but am having trouble getting the fourth book in the series at what I consider a fair price.
Why these books never became scifi classics I'll never know. Really great ideas, daring....
Zen set in space with martial arts.....
What ever became of Dennis Schmidt? His other books are great too.
Schmidt wraps a number of classic zen & martial arts stories
in a science fiction setting in a very interesting and enjoyable
manner. Although some of the finer details about the plot
might require a second reading to completely grasp, the story
is gripping enough to warrant the effort. I have actually
read the entire 4 book series through at least 3 times over
the last 12 years, and have read "The Way-Farer" at least
5 times.

The story centers around a pilgrimage from earth. They find
what seems to be a perfect planet, only to discover there is
something on the planet which drives people homicidally (sic)
insane. Once the population is decimated by 80%, the story
turns to more of the classic zen & martial arts vein, only
to dive back into the science fiction for the last third of
the book.

The book is well written, covers the zen aspects faithfully,
and presents the reader with not only a great story but an
interesting approach to zen.

If you have not already gathered, I highly recommend this book.
I have extra copies I get from the used book store, so start
I've read this series over and over. The negative reviews are likely written by people with no martial arts background, or appreciation of the classic sensei/student context. This is the absolute best telling of classic "nabe futa" or "kettle lid" training you'll find. Those who "get it" will love it. Those who don't, well, they don't understand "dojo."
I enjoyed reading this book - but did so only after finally finding it in a thrift store just this year (2012) - years after having read the 2nd and 3rd books in the series. Thus - my appreciation for the 1st book is tinged by the comparison of the much better writing quality that emerged in the 2nd and 3rd books.

To fans of the world of Kensho - this book is a necessity to understand and appreciate the nuances of what comes later.
This alleged book succeeds only in making me hate every character. I use this book as encouragement for all my friends who are aspiring authors; if someone will buy and publish this piece of crap, anyone can get a book deal.
Way Farer makes “The Eye of Argon” seem a literary tour-de-force, and the ineptitude of the lumbering plot is only outdone by the infantile shallowness of the players. The inner dialog of invertebrates is more lucid and would certainly be more enjoyable to read. Juvenile delinquents should be punished by being forced to read this book, but the DCFS wouldn’t allow it. I am confident the works of Mr Schmidt are being read over loudspeakers in hell.
Way-farer download epub
Science Fiction
Author: Dennis Schmidt
ISBN: 0441876269
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Ace; 1st edition (November 1, 1981)