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by C. J. Cherryh

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The sixth novel in Cherryh’s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

The Foreigner universe is a fictional universe created by American writer C. J. Cherryh. The series centers on the descendants of a ship lost in transit from Earth en route to found a new space station. It consists of a series of semi-encapsulated trilogy arcs (or sequences) that focus on the life of Bren Cameron, the human paidhi, a translator-diplomat to the court of the ruling atevi race. Currently nineteen novels have been published between 1994 and 2018.

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The foreigner universe. DAW Book Collectors No. 941. DAW Books are distributed by Penguin Group (USA). All characters in this book are fictitious. Destroyer conspirator.

Explorer is the 6th Foreigner novel, and the 3rd book in the second subtrilogy.

Explorer is the 6th Foreigner novel, and the 3rd book in the second subtrilogy Читать весь отзыв.

the sixth book in the foreigner sequence

the sixth book in the foreigner sequence. Like what files Ramirez got out of the Archive-what books he read.

Fandoms: Foreigner Series - C. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. A meta-textual guide for the long, rambling multi-book epic that is the Foreigner series and all its confusing continuity changes and errors. Gen. Work in Progress.

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The sixth novel in Cherryh’s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences…It has been nearly ten years since the starship Phoenix returned to Alpha, the station orbiting the world of the atevi, which had been abandoned following a rift between a faction of the station's inhabitants and the spacers' Pilot's Guild. The unexpected return of the Phoenix has forever changed the lives of both atevi and Mospheirans, for over the ensuing decade, the captains of the Phoenix have brought both species into space. Their motivation seemed simple: Reunion Station, a human station in another sector of space, had been destroyed by aliens. But on his deathbed, the senior captain of the Phoenix admits that he lied to the crew—that Reunion was merely damaged, not destroyed, and many people may have survived. At this disclosure, the crew rebels and forces the Phoenix to undertake a rescue mission to Reunion. Onboard the rescue mission are Bren Cameron, brilliant human paidhi representing the atevi ruler Tabini-aiji, and Tabini's grandmother Ilisidi, a fearsome and ambitious atevi leader with an agenda of her own. Trapped in a distant star system with little fuel left, facing a bellicose alien ship, how can Bren help to avoid interspecies war when the notoriously secretive Pilot's Guild aboard Reunion Station refuse to cooperate, and may have kept the inhabitants of their own station ignorant of their true situation? The long-running Foreigner series can also be enjoyed by more casual genre readers in sub-trilogy installments. Explorer is the 6th Foreigner novel, and the 3rd book in the second subtrilogy.

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n this final volume of the current Foreigner trilogy, the Phoenix returns to the "scene of the crime" to tie up loose ends. A contingent of humans were left on a space station in a distant star system after their peregrine wanderings violated the territory of mysterious aliens who then apparently attacked the outpost. Why the aliens attacked is unclear. Even more unclear is why the captains of the Phoenix, including the deceased Rodriguez, left humans on the space station when they fled to the atevi world ten years earlier. The possibility that most worries the atevi and the Mosphiera humans is that the hostile aliens might attack the atevi home world after locating it from data on the station or captured humans. As the Phoenix nears the foreign star system, three overlapping but distinct agendas are clear: the atevi, the Mosphiera humans and the ship humans. The situation becomes even more complex when the Phoenix arrives to find that both the humans on the space station and the mysterious aliens have additional agendas. The autocratic Pilot's Guild is firmly in control of the station and clearly wants control of the Phoenix and later the atevi home world. The aliens lurk mysteriously. The question is who can negotiate the treacherous waters and avoid interstellar war? For fans of the series, Bren Cameron is the obvious answer. Peeling the complexity of the situation reveals layers of deception, including mischief by the late captain Rodriguez, that make a peaceful solution seem a near impossibility.
The good news for Foreigner fans is that after the dreary "Defender" novel, Cherryh returns to the strength of the series. Namely, the protagonist must get inside the minds of people about whom he knows virtually nothing. Success or death are the alternatives. The bad news is that the first three chapters are terribly tedious dialogue filling pages that lack any discernible action. Cherryh does shake the lethargy and finishes in fine fashion. Just plow through those first chapters and you'll find a worthwhile story.
Amazon very nicely had the book waiting for me on Friday afternoon; I managed to stay up most of the night to finish it. Explorer has enough intrigue, personal interactions, action, adventure, mystery, and bits of humor to satisfy everyone who has been waiting for #6. Some prior volume semi-heroes turn out to be semi-villians (Ramirez), and vice-versa (Sabin); Jase finally starts asserting himself; Gram'Sidi saves the day; and an Atevi child turns out to be startlingly similar to human children. It would be possible, barely, to read this book by itself, but for enjoyment, Defender and Precursor are necessary. For true immersement in the Atevi universe, start with Foreigner, Invader, and Inheretor. For those of us who think they could be a paidhi, there a enough NEW open plot lines to start another three books, which I hear Ms. Cherryh is planning. I will not review the plot since that can be done on Amazon's book-cover flaps. I just enjoyed visiting my old friends so much that thinking (in 3's, of course) how long until we meet again is painful.
NOTE: According to the DAW Publishers website newsletter, C.J.'s next writing project is the sequel to Cyteen, at long, long, last.
As the Foreigner series has become one of my top favorite sci-fi/fantasy saga, I just have to do my part, at least to rate the series 5 stars even if my review is not as comprehensive as others. I am not much into sci-fi but I picked up this series a month back as I was impressed with Cherryh's Fortress fantasy series. I was hooked from the first book (Foreigner) and had a most enjoyable 2 weeks finishing all 6 books in this intelligent and riveting saga embellished with amazing characters. Cherryh did a brilliant job in her characterization and relationships development among three different "beings", the enigmatic atevi, the humans in space and the humans who have settled on the alien world. Her main characters Bren, Illisidi and Jase are intelligently and vividly developed and all the side atevi characters are just as appealing. Cherryh also did a great job delineating the intimate relationship between Bren and Jago. The pace may be slow in the second and fifth book but the deep characterization and thought provoking plot more than made up for it. I hope Cherryh will continue with a third trilogy.
Bren and his Atevi bodyguards, (Atevi are a race of super tall dark-skinned aliens) travel to a distant space station to rescue some stranded humans. When they arrive they discover things at the space station aren't what they seem. Can Bren get to the bottom of the strange alien presence or will the delegation be caught inside a battle zone?

As usual, Cherryh writes an excellent sci-fi novel. Her world-building is extremely well done and each character is well articulated. I did get a bit tired of the `humans are to blame for everything' attitude that is an underlying theme in these novels. Only humans seem to make mistakes, and if there is a war or a problem it is doubtless the result of ignorant humans. Sometimes I'd like to see one catastrophe that humans WEREN'T responsible for. Also, at times the dowager is a bit of a mary-sue. I like the character, but not every book. Overall, this was a great book which had me on the edge of my seat. 5 stars.
Explorer (Foreigner) download epub
Science Fiction
Author: C. J. Cherryh
ISBN: 0756401313
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: DAW (November 4, 2003)