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by Daniel Keys Moran

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And the reason is Trent.

And the reason is Trent.

Jacket art and design: DKM. The Star is a new short story set between the two novels, and is also included in the Quiet Vision printings of Emerald Eyes.

Daniel Keys Moran I have more ideas than I'll ever be able to write. Why this idea? Did a poll of my readers on FB. Gave them options of three novels I could write, an. oreI have more ideas than I'll ever be able to write. Gave them options of three novels I could write, and the first novel about Camber Tremodian is what they picked.

The Long Run. by Daniel Keys Moran.

Daniel Keys Moran (DKM) launches straight into the story, which I love. And once the story gets going there are very few breaks in the action. This book blew me away. Daniel Keys Moran had been recommended to me by a friend, who had only read The Last Dancer because the the rarity of the books. I had also seen his books pop up on "The top 100 SciFi" lists on the Internet. I read Armageddon Blues, and was disappointed. The writing style was a little rough.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Daniel Keys Moran - A Tale of the Continuing Time 02 - The Long Run. Moran Daniel Keys.

Daniel Keys Moran, Los Angeles. 453 beğenme · 24 kişi bunun hakkında konuşuyor. Daniel Keys Moran writes science fiction and other things.

Daniel Keys Moran BANTAM BOOKS. THE LONG RUN On July 3, 2062, the United Nations Peace Keeping Force, under the command of Peaceforcer Elite Sergeant Mohammed Vance, used tactical thermonuclear weapons to destroy a group of genetically engineered telepaths living at the Chandler Complex in lower Manhattan. Men and women who would not be slaves to the Peaceforcers.

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September 2001 : USA Hardback. February 2016 : USA Paperback.

The second volume in the science fiction epic Tales of the Continuing Time, The Long Run is set in 2069. Years after the massacre of the Castanaveras genies, Peaceforcer Elite Commander Mohammed Vance still searches for the survivors. Now the gene-altered children have come of age. Denice - the world's most powerful telepath - and Trent the Uncatchable - hacker, thief, and revolutionary - are about to come out of hiding. The world will never be the same

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Every bit as amazing as I remembered from reading it the first time as a teenager, back in the 1980s (I think). This book left an impression on me that lasted through decades of casual science-fiction reading, and when I stumbled across it in the Kindle store, I jumped on it immediately. It's a great near-future semi-dystopian Robin Hood story - with likable, believable characters all the way around. A wonderful story.
I'm so glad that Daniel Keys Moran's books are now on Kindle. I bought them back when they were first published, and I might still have them kicking around the house on one shelf or another.

The Long Run has such powerful, but relatable characters. His vision of the future: online Image software, radio networks, replicant AI's in the system - it's one we're seeing unfold in our time. It's easier to see the scarier bits, such as an enforced United Nations world government, coming true as well.

It's rare for a book to have a character such as Trent with a singular moral principal, and one that leads the outcomes of the story itself.

Trent believes that killing is wrong.

Humiliation is better anyway.
I have loved this book for many years. A friend had lent it to me shortly after high school, and we lost touch before I was able to return it. If I ever do get in touch with him again, I will return it, especially now that I have it on Kindle. I thought I would never be able to find a copy of my own since it was out of print, so continually searched used bookstores. Thank you to whomever converted it to Kindle format...I'm so happy!
This is the second in the Continuing Time series and I suggest reading them in sequence. I enjoyed this second novel even more than the first. Good character development and skilled writing. Engaging action.
I liked this book, it made me smile - but, are all women such a soft touch? Of course, read book 1 in the series first.
Trent, thought to be one of the Castanaveras telepaths that caused the Troubles and drove tens of thousands of people instantly crazy, is at the top of the U.N.'s most wanted list. The problem is, while genetically perfect, Trent is not a telepath, and just wants to live a quiet life as a master thief. Now that one of the U.N. Peacekeeper Elite cyborg officers is on his trail, Trent is forced to run and maybe, just maybe, pay the Peacekeepers back for the cold-blooded murder of everyone he knew and loved.

This book is fast paced, funny and occasionally thought provoking. It is a nice easy read. It is also my all time favorite. I actually own two copies, one is a limited edition hardcover. I have read this book easily over a dozen times.
The pacing is insistent, the characters becoming more and more real. Definitely worth moving on to the next book. Still a bit too much info-dumping but forgivable. Trent remind me a bit of Ender.
This is hands down the best book I've ever read. Best science fiction by a long shot, but it doesn't even need that qualifier. It is so exciting that you'll stay up way past your bedtime because you can't put it down, and Trent is so funny that you'll wake up your significant other by laughing while you should be sleeping. I cannot recommend this book enough, I've loaned my old out-of-print paperback out so many times that it is falling apart and everyone loves it.

If you haven't read any of the Continuing Time before, I actually suggest starting with this book, technically the second in the series. Emerald Eyes is a fine book in its own right, but reads more like a prequel, which I think you will enjoy much more once introduced to the characters at their finest.
The Long Run (Limited Edition) download epub
Science Fiction
Author: Daniel Keys Moran
ISBN: 1576465780
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Quiet Vision Pub; Limited edition (September 30, 2001)