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Smith Dean Wesley, Rusch Kristine K.

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Smith Dean Wesley, Rusch Kristine Kathryn. Rusch, dean wesley smith kristine kathryn - treatys law 4TH in the day of honor series startrek b. Download (EPUB). Читать. Smith Dean Wesley, Rusch Kristine Kathryn. Rusch Kristine Kathryn. Download (TXT). 364 Kb, en. Crime Spells.

Dean Wesley Smith (born November 10, 1950) is an American writer of science fiction, mystery, and fantasy. Smith has published nearly 200 novels and hundreds of short stories

Dean Wesley Smith (born November 10, 1950) is an American writer of science fiction, mystery, and fantasy. Smith has published nearly 200 novels and hundreds of short stories. Smith has also written novels for licensed properties such as Star Trek, Spider-Man, X-Men, Men in Black, and many other gaming, television, and movie properties. Smith’s novel Laying the Music to Rest, was nominated for the 1990 Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel

Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith use the common pseudonym "Kathryn Wesley" for a part of their collaborative works. The Soldiers of Fear, 1996. Vectors: Double Helix 1999.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith use the common pseudonym "Kathryn Wesley" for a part of their collaborative works. The 10th Kingdom, 2000.

The Furies have returned in mighty warships, more powerful than before. To defeat them, and save the Federation, Picard must first conquer the darkest terrors of their unconscious minds. Fantastic Detectives. Fantastic detectives come in many forms, from dogs to elves to eggs.

Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch. You chose to come," he said. It was a bad decision. Then he gave her a compassionate look. If you stay in the Bajoran section, you'll be all right. And if I choose not to?" hat happens to yo. Why should I care what happens to me?" she asked. From what you say, I'm dead anyway. I have hope," he said, although his tone belied his words, "that someone will find a way to end this thing.

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Kathryn Dean, Jonathan Joseph, John Roberts, Colin Wight - Realism, Philosophy and Social Science.

Comments: (7)

Good story, well-written, with good pacing and good characterizations. One thing it does surprisingly well is that, being set in the early days of the Next Generation series, we see several characters (Gul Dukat, Kira Nerys, Quark, Rom, Nog, & Odo) at earlier points in their lives than we have in the Deep Space Nine series; it would have been very easy to either have those characters seem essentially the same as they were at later points in their lives (with Dukat, at least, there doesn't seem to be much change) or to have them have experiences here which should have changed them such that they would not have been who we saw later, experiences that they should have learned from lessons that we instead saw them learn for the first time later. Instead, the authors seem to have done a fine job of avoiding that pitfall, and instead have provided plausible early iterations of the characters, who could plausibly have developed into who we saw later from, in part, the lessons they learned here.

The other thing that they do well is that in spite of being book two of an ongoing series, this book is a reasonably complete story in and of itself; yes, the subplot involving the creator of the designer plagues is carried over from the first book, and Pulaski refers back to Crusher's cure of the first plague in book one while researching the cure for this one, but one could easily read this book without reading that one and not feel that one was missing anything important.
A mysterious villain known as The General has been releasing his biological agents across the Alpha Quadrant and testing his creations to see if they are the perfect killing machines. In the first book he released a plague that targeted subjects of mixed inheritance (parents of two different species) on a backwater Federation colony troubled with racial tensions. This time he has released a plague targeting two races: Cardassians and Bajorans on the backwater Cardassian space station Terek Nor, later known as Deep Space Nine.
The book shines a light on life on the space station when it was still occupied by Cardassians. We get to see the ruthless yet pragmatic Gul Dukat in charge as he tries to save his station, his career, and his very life. Quark and a newly arrived Rom and young Nog provide comic relief. While Kira, still in the Bajoran Resistance, has her second encounter with Odo.
The book even goes one step further by explaining the departure of Dr. Katherine Pulaski, who filled in for Dr. Crusher on the Enterprise-D for over a year. So we get to see the goodbye that was never shown as she leaves the ship to lead a small team (herself, Nurse Ogawa, two interns) on a dangerous unofficial mission to help her ex-husband, a brilliant and courageous Bajoran doctor, fight the plague. Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher also have memorable cameos that further the plot.
Nitpicks: 1) an Amazon reviewer pointed out that Kira got her facts about the Cardassian Occupation wrong, acting like she was born free when in fact her world had been occupied for over 80 years. 2) the Kira-Odo storyline seemed boring. 3) once again the ending was rushed.
The love-it-or-hate-it medical thriller aspect of the first book is toned down this time and turns into a more general DS9-style "station in peril" story. Although the first hints that a conspiracy is at work does finally appear. Overall, I really liked the book. Thought it was much better than the first one. The look at Terek Nor and Dr. Pulaski alone makes it worth reading.
This is the second of six books dealing with biological terrorism by an unknown foe. This installment takes place at the end of Kate Pulaski's tenure on the Enterprise and before DS9 begins, and Pulaski goes to Bajor to help her ex-husband solve a plague that is infecting the Bajorans and the Cardassians during the occupation. The Cardassians believe it is the Bajorans; the Bajorans think it is the Cardassians. Again, however, the plague has an 100% fatality rate.
I am not a hard core sci-fi reader, but I do like Star Wars and Star Trek. Pulaski's character is fine, as are the "new" characters that are introduced.
Gul Dukat is far too mature and Kira Nerys is far too trusting of the Federation. In fact, her involvement makes almost no sense considering her character at the start of the DS9 episodes. The story doesn't have the same solid medical workup as the first one in the series, and while the characterization isn't quite as good, it is also not as jarring.
I received no compensation, not even a free copy, in exchange for this review. I am not personal friends with the authors, but I do follow them on social media.
Double Helix: Vectors follows Dr. Kate Pulaski as she leaves the Enterprise, replaced by returning Beverly Crusher, at the end of TNG's second season, to Terok Nor (soon to become Deep Space 9) where a mysterious plague is killing both the Bajoran slaves & their Cardassian overseers. With the help of her Bajoran ex-husband, a dedicated Cardassian doctor, and a few Starfleet medical personnel, she works to find a cure, despite Gul Dukat's concern to protect his position. Kira Nerys, at this time a Bajoran freedom fighter, and Odo also take part. Quark, Rom, & Nog provide a little comic relief, & Picard & Crusher appear briefly. Again, the science is not too difficult for someone with little background to follow. This novel does borrow from the previous one to a small extent, but it can stand alone. Red Sector, next in the series, would appear to feature Ambassador Spock and Dr. McCoy. I enjoyed this book very much.
Vectors download epub
Science Fiction
Author: Kristine K. Rusch,Dean Wesley-Smith
ISBN: 0743421329
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Publisher: Pocket Books (June 1999)