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Schaum's Outline of Business Statistics Fourth Edition download epub

by Leonard Kazmier,Kazmier

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Professor Kazmier is a charter member of the Decision Sciences Institute, in which he has held several national elective offices.

Confused by business statistics? Problem solved.

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Items related to Schaum's Outline of Business Statistics Fourth. Leonard J. Kazmier, P. is professor emeritus in the College of Business at Arizona State University

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Comments: (7)

Sadaron above the Gods
This is an excellent workbook of beginning to intermediate business statistics that needs some refinement to be great. You do not need to know calculus (although it would help) to understand all the concepts in this book. I highly recommend this book as a statistics workbook for other statistics book such as "Statistics for People who Hate Statistics". This book does not cover advanced statistics that require strong knowledge of calculus.

Statistics is the principal language in business mathematics. Whenever there is a need to crunch a lot of data, statistics becomes central to the analysis of the data to make meaningful conclusions, decisions, and predictions. Because of exponential growth of data and data crunching capabilities brought on by the Information Technology revolution, the utility of statistics in the business world is greater than ever. If your organization utilizes data mining and analytics and Six Sigma, for example, your understanding of your business and your ability to make good strategic and tactical decisions will be greatly enhanced with the knowledge of statistics outlined in this book. Simply put, statistics is a powerful tool (not only for business).

The book covers the following concepts:

1)Analyzing Business Data
3)Descriptive Measures
6)Binomial, Normal, hypergeometric, and poission distribution
7)Sampling and confidence intervals
8)Hypotheses and testing them.
9)Chi Square
11)Regression and correlation
12)Business forecasting
13)Decision analysis
14)Statistical Process Control.

My main problem with this book is its usability. There are many typos. For example, on page 127, one of the equation states "(30)(0.20)=60" when the answer clearly should have been "6.0". In addition, many questions are unnecessarily cumbersome adding to the frustration of learning statistics. For example, in the Chapter 10 "Testing Hypothesis", question 10.11 refers to q 10.10 which refers to q 10.9 which refers to q 10.3 which refers to q 10.2 which finally refers to q 10.1. Trying to solve some of the problems on that chapter left me upset with the unnecessarily complex web of question referrals.

Overall, this is a very useful workbook on Business Statistics with decent explanations and good work problems.
Love Me
I wouldn’t of purchased this book otherwise. Did not find the text to be very helpful. Hardly ever referred to it. Great price though!
Really didn't find it useful or helpful, skip it.
It is exactly what is described.
This book was recommended for taking the Certified Quality Engineer Exam. I does provide lots of problems on statistical inference with teaching guidance on the material. You'll need that exposure if you want to survive that test. Also includes ANOVA and some SPC towards the end.
It is a great reference book that provides lots of problems to practice. It does what you would expect from any schaum book.
Statistics is a very difficult course and this is not a good book for a 6 week course. This book was not a good choice as such.
Great book. A lot of exercises to apply concepts. I would recommend it for people that don't have a mathematical background.
Schaum's Outline of Business Statistics Fourth Edition download epub
Author: Leonard Kazmier,Kazmier
ISBN: 0071410805
Category: Science & Math
Subcategory: Mathematics
Language: English
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 4 edition (September 19, 2003)
Pages: 432 pages