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by Deborah Hughes-Hallett,Andrew M. Gleason

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Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew M. Gleason, William G. McCallum, David O. Lomen, David Lovelock, Jeff Tecosky-Feldman, Thomas W. Tucker, Daniel E. Flath, Joseph Thrash, Karen R. Rhea, Andrew Pasquale, Sheldon P. Gordon, Douglas Quinney, Patti Frazer Lock. Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Patti Frazer Lock, Andrew M. Gleason, Daniel E. Flath, Sheldon P. Gordon, David O. Lomen, David Lovelock, William G. McCallum, Brad G. Osgood, Andrew Pasquale, Jeff Tecosky-Feldman, Joseph Thrash, Karen R. Rhea, Thomas W. Tucker. Deborah Hughes-Hallett.

Deborah Hughes-Hallett. University of Arizona

Deborah Hughes-Hallett. University of Arizona. Calculus: Multivariable. Calculus: Single and Multivariable. 1,244 Pages·2012·30 Calculus: Single and Multivariable.

The program includes a variety of problems and examples from the physical, health, and biological sciences, engineering and economics; emphasizing the connection between calculus and other fields.

We dedicate this book to Andrew M. Gleason. Deb Hughes Hallett for the Calculus Consortium. Deborah Hughes-Hallett University of Arizona. His brilliance and the extraordinary kindness and dignity with which he treated others made an enormous difference to us, and to many, many people. Andy brought out the best in everyone. William G. McCallum University of Arizona.

Content This content represents our vision of how calculus can be taught. It is flexible enough to accommodate indi- vidual course needs and requirements.

book by Andrew M. This innovative book funded by National Science Foundation, was developed as part of the calculus reform movement. It is problem driven and features exceptional exercises based on applications.

Deborah Hughes-Hallett’s most popular book is Calculus, Single and Multivariable. Showing 30 distinct works. previous 1 2 3 4 5 next .

Eric Connally, Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew M. Gleason, Philip Cheifetz, Ann Davidian, Daniel E. Flath, Selin Kalayciouglu, Brigitte Lahme, Patti . Download (PDF). Читать. Flath, Selin Kalayciouglu, Brigitte Lahme, Patti Frazer Lock, William G. McCallum, Jerry Morris, Karen R. Rhea, Ellen Schmierer, Pat Shure, Adam H. Spiegler.

Designed to promote an actual understanding of calculus as well as a real sense of how math is used in our technological age. At every stage it stresses the meaning in practical, graphical or numerical terms of the symbols students are using and the main concepts of calculus are described in plain English. Differential equations, exponential functions, the definite integral and its applications are among the topics covered. Includes problem sets, many of which are open-ended.
Calculus - Preliminary Edition download epub
Author: Deborah Hughes-Hallett,Andrew M. Gleason
ISBN: 0471577235
Category: Science & Math
Subcategory: Mathematics
Language: English
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Preliminary edition (August 21, 1992)
Pages: 679 pages