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by Gerald Durrell

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The aye-aye - part lemur, part rodent, the beast with the magic finger that . His books may have been written some time ago and mostly out of print, but never out of date.

The aye-aye - part lemur, part rodent, the beast with the magic finger that lurks in the forests of Madagascar - is one of the world's strangest creatures. Once thought to be extinct, the aye-aye is now found only in small colonies. Gerald Durrell's task was to capture some of the legendary Aye-aye, the beast with the magic finger that lurks in the forests of Madagascar, and bring them back to his famous Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust for breeding.

The aye aye and i, . 0. However, like most meetings in Madagascar, it did not come to pass Bruno took our Toyota and raced back to the rescue. The Aye-Aye and I, . However, like most meetings in Madagascar, it did not come to pass. The local people were, as usual, helpful and full of news about our friend. The living-cum-dining room was large, with thick poles as cross-beams on top of which you could see the frowsty bamboo thatch. The place was furnished with long, ancient tables made out of thick untreated planks, as were the long wooden trestles. Bruno took our Toyota and raced back to the rescue. They arrived exhausted: getting the vehicle out of the sand and water, heavily laden as she was, had proved a difficult task even with the winch.

The Aye-aye and I. PENGUIN BOOKS. The Aye-aye and I was a hugely significant book for Gerry and me in many ways. Foreword by Lee Durrell. First of all, Madagascar already had a special meaning for us. I had experienced this extraordinary country as a student well before I knew about Gerald Durrell.

The Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust decided to bring specimens back for breeding. This book tells of their quest.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. The largest ebook library. The Aye-aye and I: A Rescue Mission in Madagascar.

The Aye-Aye and I : A Rescue Journey to Save One of the World's Most Intriguing Creatures from Extinction.

ISBN 9780140012668 (978-0-14-001266-8) Softcover, Viking Pr, 1981. Find signed collectible books: 'The Bafut Beagles'. Coauthors & Alternates. Gerald Malcolm Durrell.

THE AYE-AYE AND I: A Rescue Mission in Madagascar. Пользовательский отзыв - Kirkus. Gerald Durrell was born in Jamshedpur, India, in 1925. He returned to England in 1928 before settling on the island of Corfu with his family. 280 printed pages. In 1990, Gerald Durrell; his wife, Lee; and a television crew embarked on a rescue mission to one of the most interesting places in the world: the island of Madagascar. It was there that they hoped to record and capture the endangered aye-aye, the world’s largest nocturnal primate. Recognizable by its big eyes and long fingers, the strange, rare aye-aye was an animal of incredible fascination.

An account of the adventures and events the author experienced on his expedition to Madagascar to capture the elusive aye-aye

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Gerald Durrell was a fine writer, and great conservationist. His stories of animals and their habitat still apply today...twenty-five years later. Conservation efforts and his observations remain ongoing. It's great to have the internet to see photos of all the animals he sees and describes so beautifully
Long time favorite author. There is no one like Gerald Durrell for those who love nature. One of the all time best authors about those animals that we seldom read about. His books may have been written some time ago and mostly out of print, but never out of date. I am glad he wrote so many, so that there is always one more to read.
Lonesome Orange Kid
I came to this book ignorant to the stellar reputation of author Gerald Durrell and his equally stellar rescue efforts for endangered species across the world. All I cared about was learning more about the elusive and, according to some, mystical lemuroid known as the Aye Aye. The Creature with the Magic Finger.

In this, the late Gerald Durrell chronicled his departure from Jersey in order to investigate Madagascar for not only the mythical Aye Aye, but also mouse lemurs of Lac Alaotra, the Fosa, golden brown river snakes and flat tailed tortoises. The problem I had with the book that knocked the book down to three wasn't an issue with the author's penchant for verbose language that sometimes veers into the hazardous territory of becoming bloviating. He was English, after all, and at least he was fortunate enough to suffer a vast vocabulary. No, my only significant trial with the book was waiting for the damned Aye Aye to show up, not at all unlike Gerald and his traveling band of biologists, zoologists and hunters.

Want to hazard a guess as to how long it takes for the Aye Aye to finally take center stage? If you guessed one hundred and thirty pages, you'd be correct. This is a problem considering the book, at least in paperback, is a mere one hundred and sixty seven pages. So, it's one of those tales that's more about the journey than the destination. I did feel that Durrell could have truncated some of his experiences in the villages and areas of Antanambaobe and Tamatave in order to establish a clearer path to the animal whose namesake graces the front cover.

Still, this is not a story for the express sake of telling a story. There is much wisdom in these pages that were meant as a call to arms to do something about the beautiful animals being ravaged and disappearing due to deforestation and illegal poaching. Durrell made animals his life's work. He was lucky enough to be able to write about that work. Bless him wherever the next journey carried him.
Great book, classic. in ok condition
Had never gotten hold of a copy before, so was all new to me. Well acquainted with the author and his life story. Loved it--nice low-cost reading copy, all pages intact. Excellent addition to my home library, delightful story.
Read this based on the delightful My Family and other Animals. The story of Durrell's childhood in Corfu, populated by the characters in his family and others, was a captivating tale wonderfully fold. The tale of the aye aye, while interesting and well told, just didn't do it do me.
Moderately entertaining account of the late Gerald Durrell's journey to the wilds of Madagascar in search of a few aye-ayes (an endangered species) to begin a breeding programme...not to mention 'gentle' lemurs ("anything but, as my and my keepers' scars will testify"); giant jumping rats and flat-tailed tortoises. Although I felt dubious about this to begin with, many of the animals were actually purchased from locals who would have killed or eaten them otherwise.
In the process, we learn something of the land and witness various amusing adventures. As the author says:
"Those of you who visit zoos and watch all sorts of exotic animals bouncing about their cages, spare a thought for the complexities that brought them there."
Not in the same league as 'My Family and Other Animals', but a pleasant-enough light read.
Gerald Durrell has written many books on nature including "The Overloaded Ark", "My Family and Other Animals", and "A Zoo in My Luggage". I've greatly enjoyed reading some of these and have found his writing entertaining, informative and very humorous. This book seemed to be a step down compared to his previous writings, not to say this is a bad book, but it's not quite as funny or engaging as his others.

Most of this book is an account of an expedition to collect some of the rare lemurs of the island of Madagascar including the rare and fabled Aye-Aye a creature with a strangely elongated finger used for hunting its insect prey. Durrell and crew travel across the country and relate both a travel journey and a biological description of the land. The Jersey Wildlife Perservation Trust is the organization behind this effort and Durrell shows us the difficulties and almost insurmountable obstacles that must be overcome to collect these rare animals and bring them back to the facilities in England where they can be breed , studied and kept safe until reintroduction into their home habitat once that is protected. Also included is a short section on the Islands of Mauritius and projects there.

Although this may not be as entertaining as his previous books it is still and important read for those that care about the fate of threatened species and the people that work so hard for their protection.
The Aye-Aye and I: A Rescue Expedition in Madagascar (Curley Large Print Books) download epub
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Author: Gerald Durrell
ISBN: 0792718267
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Publisher: Chivers North Amer (February 1, 1994)
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