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by Robert N. Oldale

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On Cape Cod, these events occurred within the last 25,000 years, and many can be dated by using radiocarbon techniques. Figure 2: The continental ice sheet advanced across Cape Cod to the islands about 23,000 years ago. Its maximum advance is marked today by gravel deposits on the continental shelf and by the outwash plains and moraines on the Islands. Figure 3. Moraines and heads of outwash plains on Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cape Cod mark positions of the ice front during retreat.

The geology of Cape Cod is astonishingly complex for a spit of land that seems so simple. Geology of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard. ISBN13: 9780940160538. Release Date: June 1992.

Cape Cod and the Islands: The Geologic Story Paperback

Cape Cod and the Islands: The Geologic Story Paperback. I've lived on Cape Cod for thirty two years and have long known the gist gist of how it was formed, but this little book really expanded on my knowledge and brought the story to life for me. It has given me a depth of understanding I was lacking. It is very easy to read and clear in laying out the story. I am happy to have found i. t was in the condition described and arrived very quickly. I look forward to giving it to my grandson someday.

1st ed. by Robert N. Published 1992 by Parnassus Imprints in East Orleans, Mass. Geology, Geomorphology, Glacial epoch. Cape Cod, Cape Cod Region, Capr Cod Region, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Nantucket Island. Includes bibliographical references.

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Oldale, Robert . us has several excellent illustrations of the primary succession process in ponds, and many others can be found by Googling aquatic succession, images. Orleans, MA, Parnassus Imprints,1992. Thorson, Robert . Beyond Walden: The Hidden History of America’s Kettle Lakes. New York, Walker & Company, 2009. Voshell, J. Reese J. A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America. Blacksburg, VA, The MacDonald & Woodward Publishing C. 2002. Introduction, pp. 9-56.

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by Robert N. Geologic Survey, Woods Hole Field Center, Massachusetts. The use of trade, product, or industry names in this report is for descriptive or location purposes only and does not constitute endorsement of products by the . Opinions and conclusions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the USGS. Web Page by Donna Newman.

Geology of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard.

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Good reference for Cape Cod geology.
To begin with, although the Amazon.com screen shows the 1992 edition published by Parnassus Imprints, that edition is no longer available, and Parnassus Imprints no longer has anything to do with Oldale's book; it is now sold in a completely revised and greatly improved edition, published in 2001 by On Cape Publications. If you want this book, you want the new edition.
There are three easily available books aimed at the general reader (rather than professional geologists) on the geology of Cape Cod; two of the three, including this one, also discuss Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. In my opinion, this one, by Robert N. Oldale, is by far the best of the three, although the other two are also worth reading by anyone seriously interested in the subject. Oldale has spent his long career with the US Geological Survey, and much of it has been devoted to research on the soils, geology, and geological history of Cape Cod and the Islands. As a result, he knows more about the subject than anyone else I know or know of. In this book he writes very clearly, for the general reader, and covers the subject thoroughly and with scrupulous accuracy. His discussion is clarified and improved by a large number of apt photographs, figures and sketch maps, most of which are new in this 2001 edition. I love this book.
The geology of Cape Cod is astonishingly complex for a spit of land that seems so simple. It would have been impossible for Oldale to describe all the details in a book of reasonable length. So for the seriously interested reader, the numerous references to other books, maps and monographs, in Appendices A, C, D and F are invaluable. Unfortunately, although most of the material referred to is easy to come by, some of it is not. In particular, the map which underlies Oldale's book (also largely prepared by Oldale) "Geologic Map of Cape Cod and the Islands, Massachusetts: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-1763" can be hard to find. But it can be bought by mail at a very modest price from the Geology Department of the University of Massachusetts. I recommend that anyone who plans to read more than one book on the geology of Cape Cod, or who intends to re-read Oldale's book, get this map. It illustrates admirirably many of the points made by Oldale in the book, and in addition contains a wealth of detail that supplements the book (but which might be hard for a non-professional to comprehend before reading the book.) The book and the map together provide wonderful coverage of a fascinating subject.
Cape Cod and the Islands: The Geologic Story download epub
Author: Robert N. Oldale
ISBN: 0940160536
Category: Science & Math
Language: English
Publisher: Parnassus Imprints; 1st edition (June 1, 1992)
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