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by Mel White

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James Melville "Mel" White (born July 26, 1940) is an American clergyman and author

James Melville "Mel" White (born July 26, 1940) is an American clergyman and author. White was a behind-the-scenes member of the Evangelical Protestant movement through the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, writing film and television specials and ghostwriting auto-biographies for televangelists such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham.

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Mel White has been a Christian minister, author, and filmmaker all his adult life . He announced during his first sermon, "I am gay. I am proud. Deceived: The Jonestown Tragedy (1979) 15. Tested by Fire (1979) 16. Lust, the Other Side of Love: Bible Stories not for Children (1978) 17.

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ISBN 10: 0800783670 ISBN 13: 9780800783679. Publisher: Spire Books, 1979.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) . Personal Name: White, Mel (DE-576)166940631. Publication, Distribution, etc.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 0800783670 0-8007-8367-0. Publication, Distribution, et. Old Tappan, . Spire Books, (c)1979.

Books under his own name. White, Mel (April 1995). Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America. White, Mel (September 2006). Religion Gone Bad: Hidden Dangers from the Christian Right. p. 325. 384. White, Mel (1978). Lust: The Other Side of Love. 191. White, Mel (1979). a b c "California Birth Index, 1905–1995".

Deceived -Jonestown Massacre (2 Shows) Jonestown Massacre – What We Must Not Forget! New book by Mel White. Mel & Gary’s Story & The Amazing Race.

Deceived -Jonestown Massacre (2 Shows). DECEIVED: The Jonestown Tragedy – A Documentary. DECEIVED: A Film Forum Live with Mel White. Charlie Churchman Series . Charlie Churchman: Youth Quake. Mel White Welcome RESIST EXTREMISM RESIST EXTREMISM Co-Founder of Soulforce,org HOW TO RESIST EXTREMISM Author Life, Equality, and Hope SEE MEL'S BOOKS! Film Director Award-Winning Documentaries SEE FILMS! Blogger I'm not quiet: I'm PLOTTING. Jonestown Massacre – What We Must Not Forget! New book by Mel White.

The Jonestown tragedy in the Guyana jungle and the macabre tale of death. An appalling demonstration of the way in which a leader can bend the minds of his followers with a devilish blend of professed altruism and psychological tyranny.

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Mel White's book about Jonestown and the Peoples Temple was published in 1979 shortly after November 18,1978 when 913 souls took their lives by choice or by force in Jonestown, Guyana. The book is a short revisit but from a Christian perspective. I was taken aback by the author's acknowledgement that the Peoples Temple did a lot for their community but there also another side that led to it's destruction.

Mel White spoke to Tim and Grace Stoen whose son, John Victor, was in a heated custody battle with Rev. Jim Jones who claimed to be the boy's father. Tim Stoen is actually heard but has been silent for years since the book's publication. There is also Al and Jeannie Mills of Berkeley, California (originally known as Elmer and Mrs. Mertle) who defected and led the concerned relatives group. They founded the human freedom center in Berkeley, California. Shortly after this book's initial publication, Al, Jeannie, and their teenage daughter Daphene were found murdered in their Berkeley home. The case to this day remains unsolved. I have read a lot about Jonestown and the Peoples Temple. I find it interesting that the author analyzes how Jones entered and took over so many lives.

While this book looks like a cheap buy, if you study Jonestown and the Peoples Temple then you will find it interesting. The book came out in a time when paperback books about the disaster occurred. This book has a focus on the religious aspect that Jones distained such as the Bible or God. Jones believed he was God and he wasn't. He was a man who wanted to be God and a few true believers believed in him. It's hard to believe that it's been over 30 years but it has been. Maybe now we'll understand what happened and why it happened, instead of just writing it off as crazies in the jungle.

The book has an appendix with Deborah Layton and Yolanda Crawford's affidavits regarding Jonestown and other documents.
This book is insightful into the mindsets of those who defected from Jonestown. While it is narrow in its scope (its target audience is the Evangelical Christian community), it provides valuable interviews that the author obtained immediately after the tragedy. Read along with other books (especially Michael Meiers' book "Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment? A Review of the Evidence") DECEIVED provides a valuable part of the puzzle that evolved into the tragedy of Jonestown.

If you can locate it, watch the author's documentary by the same title, as well as a follow-up documentary called DECEIVED II (1983) in which he provides reflections upon the assassination-deaths of some of those he had interviewd for DECEIVED I in 1979.

Jonestown must be understood as it continues to be a case in which truth and justice have yet to be served.
Good read that details how they were so easily deceived. Janice
Deceived download epub
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Author: Mel White
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