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by. Children - Death - Psychological aspects, Bereavement - Psychological aspects, Parent and child, Death - Psychological aspects, Bereavement - Psychological aspects, Children - Death - Psychological aspects, Death - Psychological aspects, Parent and child. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by ttscribe10. hongkong on October 13, 2018.

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Beyond Endurance book. No event is as traumatic as the death of a child. Details (if other): Cancel.

Ronald J. Knapp, Phd The author is a University professor emeritus of sociology who now lives at 11054 SW 69th Circle, Ocala, 34476. Dr. Knapp is the co-author of Motherhood and Mourning: Perinatal Death. Библиографические данные.

No event is as traumatic as the death of a child. Knapp has interviewed over 155 families who experienced such a loss to determine how they coped or failed to cope

No event is as traumatic as the death of a child. Knapp has interviewed over 155 families who experienced such a loss to determine how they coped or failed to cope.

Dr. Knapp examines three types of death: death occurring after a long illness, sudden or unexpected death, and death by murder. His poignant and compelling psychological descriptions. make this book absorbing reading. -The Boston Herald-BR-9

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Based on more than four hundred case studies, the author discusses ways in which surviving family members can cope with a child's death

Comments: (7)

Cherry The Countess
If you have lost a child this is the book.
There are other books that are very good but this book is the best.
Excellent... And I have lost a son 07-18-15.
I am a bereaved parent who lost his 19yr old son 4yrs ago, I was of the belief that no-one could understand the lifelong impact of this loss, unless you had lost a child yourself. Ronald J.Knapp has proved me wrong, this is an outstanding collection of facts, observations and recollections. I found this text very helpful.
It is a gravely needed to be addressed subject but the print is horrible-not quite italic-- format is not good. For the quality it is over-priced. Was disappointed because I purchased a copy as a gift-- and now have to apologize for the quality of the book.
I first bought this book in 1989 after my son died of cystic fibrosis at age 18 in 1986. I bought and read several books, but this one was the most helpful. I recently reread it and would echo all of the other comments. I noticed that only one of them is a recent review, Nov 2015.

If you have lost a child for any reason, or of any age, I believe this book will be helpful to you as you journey from inconsolable grief to bearable sorry.
I first read this book in 1985 when my best friend committed suicide. I was combing the library shelves for something that was not a bunch of crap about how I wasn't supposed to feel guilty, etc. Well, this book was the one book that actually said something real about grief. Unfortunately, I had several friends have children die and I gave them this book. All of them commented on how much it helped them. I gave my copy away at some point and am so glad it is back in print. My father died last summer and this is the book I need. I recommend it to anyone who is facing grief. The material is real, not a bunch of greeting card junk strung together.
In 1983 I lost 4 members of my family in a fire. After reading just about everything on the subject of death and dying, grief, and survival this was the only book that really spoke to me. Over the years I have loaned it to several family members and friends who have lost a child and everyone has had the same response. It's a terrible shame this book is out of print.
This book helped me more than anything I was able to do when our 18 year old son died in an accident 1985. The author, Ronald Knapp, wisely covers a broad range of circumstances and gives a clear and compassionate set of guidelines for those who mourn or those who wish to help mourners when a child dies, regardless of the circumstances or their values and beliefs. I will always remain grateful to him for writing the book, and I deeply regret that it is out of print. I loaned my copy to a friend several years ago, and it has since been passed on to many. Now I need another copy, for it is a book that will always remain helpful and timely!
I'm so glad this book is back in print. After experiencing the loss of four family members in a fire in '82, this book helped me preserve my sanity. Of everything I read...and I read a LOT...this is the one book that really captured what I was feeling and showed me light at the end of the tunnel. Losing someone you love, especially a child, is never easy...but you CAN heal and you CAN go on with your life...and this book can help you.
Beyond Endurance download epub
Death & Grief
Author: ronald j. knapp
ISBN: 0805208232
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Death & Grief
Language: English
Publisher: Schocken (September 12, 1986)
Pages: 271 pages