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by Robert J. Ringer

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Looking Out for book. Robert Ringer redefines self-interest

Winning Through Intimidation, Looking Out for Restoring the .

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In this timeless classic, Robert Ringer, the mentor to mentors, guides you .

Winning Through Intimidation, Looking Out for Ringer also self-published his second book, Looking Out for, in 1977, which, like his first book, became a New York Times bestseller.

Looking Out for Number 1. Ringer, Robert J. Published by Fawcett.

Looking Out for #1

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This is a book everyone should read. I was in my 40s when I read it the first time. It changed my life. I just sent this book to my 16 year old grandson, after asking his parents if it was OK. I have picked it up in used book stores every time I see it and give it to as many people as I can, recently downloaded to my Kindle too. The book is about a Turtle jumping the hurdles of life. It is funny, uplifting, and teaches that you don't have to conform to everyone else. It is written in short life lessons and very easy to read. Teaches you it's OK to be yourself, none of us are alike and that's OK.
I have read this book multiple times. My first copy was a $0.25 garage sale copy. That is the deal of a lifetime. The book is really about a personal and practical philosophy on how to lead your life. There are some recognizable libertarian themes throughout the book. That should give you a big hint about the style. I particularly recommend the book for the young. There is a lot of simple truth included that may not otherwise become apparent to you until later in life.
July 2018: Great classic life business book. Background is real estate, but provides a guide to all business transactions. Title seems in tune with Donald Trump, but the author simply talks about being forthright to win in business. And what to expect from others. Easy read. There is also a follow up book on the same topic by this author.

Amazon made it easy to buy this book used and have it automatically shipped to my RealEstate agent. Fun present.
This book is often misinterpreted as being for the selfish. On the contrary it cuts through the BS and tells you to think for yourself.
This is a really great book to get a different realistic viewpoint on my different everyday events. I have read this book 3 times. First when I was 23 years old, and my husband recommended it to me. It was hard to comprehend, but I read it again when I was 30 years old and totally understood it. Loved it and refer to it many times. When my husband passed away in 2005, I felt my life was off kilter and needed to find center, so I picked up this book again. This was the best thing I could have done. I love his writings, and laugh though out this book. Looking out for #1 is a vantastic book to read, but if you do not understand the point he is trying to make, read it again, and ponder on it. Open your eyes and your mind, then decide for your self what YOU want to believe. His point of view or the one that society tell us what we should believe. I have recommended this book to soo many friends.
Every Woman, Every Man, Every Entrepreneur should read this book... Especially Woman. As a Marketing Coach, I am consistently helping women place themselves #1 and ahead of others. When they do this 'selfish adult' habit, the world will begin to follow suit.
I'm not a libertarian - I find libertarian's views somewhat shallow and idealistic, if not pompous and self-righteous. Robert Ringer seems to be a classic libertarian. Nevertheless this book has some really worthwhile take-home points to consider. And it's not in the selfish way that the title would suggest
Robert Ringer is a writer who has studied Ayn Rand and Objectivism and has always put great stock in both. He is a libertarian and a free thinker. He believes in individualism.

When I first read this book some three decades ago I didn't know about Rand or Objectivism or really much about libertarians, with the capital L or without.

So re-reading it and now knowing about all of the above I enjoyed it even more than the first time and I believe strongly in everything he wrote.

I read a reviewer who said that it is not relevant today as we work in teams. We don't all work in teams. Most of us do not. And even if we do it has nothing at all to do with the fact we must look out for ourselves first.

This is a great book for anyone. It is as good today as it was thirty years ago.
Looking Out for #1 download epub
Personal Transformation
Author: Robert J. Ringer
ISBN: 1590770757
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Personal Transformation
Language: English
Publisher: M. Evans and Company; Revised edition (2005)
Pages: 256 pages

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